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Land Boards

There are many types of land boards available for kite sports. Many boards tend to made of wood or other composite materials where factors such as strength and weight are concerned. Longer, wider boards tend to be favored by larger riders or beginners for their stability while lighter, narrow boards are typically used by riders attempting tricks. Several boards also utilize suspensions to improve ride characteristics and have similar features that kite boards tend to have.

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  1. MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard

    MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard


    Weve taken our super popular Comp 95, added a V5 brake kit and beefed it up for freeriding with 9" T2 tires giving it extra ground clearance and more forgiveness on rougher terrain, making it the ultimate freeride board. The Comp 95X comes with Matrix trucks, the cornerstone truck of mountainboarding and high speed land kiting, providing on the fly adjustability to find that sweet spot between maneuverability and stability at higher speeds. MBS™ V5 brake kit allows you to access steeper, more difficult terrain, single track trails and makes it ski resort compliant. This burly board is topped off with our fantastic F4 bindings!

    A classic MBS freeride-orientated scene complete with eagle, stag, pylon, and trees with roots running deep. The art is truly mixed-media; starting as a painting, added to with stencils & spraycan then enhanced digitally. A true (dark) 21st century mindscape.

    MBS Comp 95X Mountain Board Components

    Part Description - COMP 95X
    Rider Style - Expert Freeride
    Overall Weight - 9.1 (kg) / 20.0 (lb)
    Overall Length - 120.0 (c) / 47.2 (in)
    Axle to Axle Length - 96.0 (c) / 37.8 (in)
    Deck Construction - Powerlam (Maple / Fiberglass)
    Deck Stiffness - 3
    Graphic Material - TPU / SURLYN
    Grip Tape - 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
    Deck Tip Angle - 35
    Deck Length - 95.0 (c) / 37.4 (in)
    Deck Width - 23.0 (c) / 9.1 (in)
    Deck Weight - 2.2 (kg) / 4.8 (lb)
    Truck Type - Matrix
    Truck Material - Cold Forged 6061-T6 Alum Hanger; Cromoly axle; Nylon Top Truck
    Truck Color - Silver Anodized - MBS Print
    King Pin - M8 (Stainless)
    Suspension - Yellow Eggs
    Axle Width - 39.9 (c) / 15.7 (in)
    Axle Diameter - 12mm
    Hub Type - Tri-Spoke
    Color - Black
    Accepts Bearing Size (OD) - 28mm
    Bearing - 12x28mm
    Tire Type - T2 (9")
    Tire Color - Black
    Binding Type - F4 Ratchet - Black
    Hardware Type - Majority Stainless / ZP
    Grab Handle - Compatible
    Brake Compatible - Yes
    Brake Included? - Yes
    Assembly - Fully Assembled
    Overall Length with Matrix - 120 (c)

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At Kite-Line, we supply several MBS Landboards/mountain boards to suit the needs of beginners, enthusiasts and performance riders. The MBS Comp 95X Mountain board even comes with a brake and extra tall tires for additional ground clearance. Several other models come equipped with kite boarding features, extra strength materials and super sick graphics as if skateboarding down a mountain wouldn't get you enough looks already. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so that we can help you find yourself into a well suited land board.