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Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, or whatever you want to call it, is a fast growing extreme sport that combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and more. Over the years, the sport has developed and evolved from attaching kites to canoes, skis, and iceskates in the 1980s, to strapping kite foils to windsurfing boards in 1990s. Soon after, specialized kites and boards were developed and the sport of Kiteboarding was born! In the sport’s short history, incredible advancements in technology have been made and each year better, lighter, more durable, and more reliable kiteboards, kites, and other kiteboarding gear have been made.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Dakine Chameleon Harness

    2014 Dakine Chameleon Harness


    2014 Dakine Chameleon Harness




    • Power Clip Lock Buckle System
    • Removable seat harness attachment
    • Stainless steel spreader bar
    • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
    • Dual blade hook knife
    • Pre-Curved P.E.B. inner support structure
    • Featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad
    • Removable handle and leash attachment
    • Single overlap power belt
    • Dual sport design
    • Maniac spreader bar compatible
    • Leverlock spreader bar compatible



    XXS= 26-28″ [ 66-71cm ] SB = 8″ [20cm ]
    XS= 28-30″ [ 71-76cm ] SB = 8″ [ 20cm ]
    S= 30-32″ [ 76-81cm ] SB = 10″ [ 25cm ]
    M= 32-34″ [ 81-86cm ] SB = 10″ [ 30cm ]
    L= 34-36″ [ 86-91cm ] SB = 10″ [ 30cm ]
    XL= 36-38″ [ 91-96cm ] SB = 12″ [ 35cm ]




    Marine Grade Vinyl

    Color (Please Specify Color when Ordering)


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  2. Kite Line 2014 Dakine Nitrous HD Kite Shorts

    2014 Dakine Nitrous HD Kite Shorts


    The 2014 Nitrous HD Kite shorts integrate years of harness development and technology with the styling and comfort of boardshorts.

    2014 Dakine Nitrous Features

    • Hammerhead spreader bar
    • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
    • Dual blade hook knife
    • Adjustable waist buckle
    • Lightweight, quick-dry fabric
    • 8-Point load dispersion system
    • Removable handle and leash attachment
    • Ultra comfortable, internal leg straps
    • Compatible with Maniac and Leverlock spreader bars


    2014 Dakine Nitrous Size


    30" with 10" Spreader Bar / 32" with 10" Spreader Bar / 34" with 10" Spreader Bar / 36" with 10" Spreader Bar / 38" with 12" Spreader Bar


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  3. Kite Line Dakine Club Wagon Bag

    Dakine Club Wagon Bag


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Features:

    • Golf inspired design for easy travel
    • 3/8" [ 12mm ] surrounds the bottom, front and back
    • Heavy duty urethane wheels
    • Internal gear compression straps
    • Full length duffle style lockable zipper top
    • Heavy duty handles
    • Exterior I.D. pocket


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Specs:


    140 x 40 x 25cm 8 lbs [ 3.6kg ] 
    155 x 40 x 25cm 8.5 lbs [ 4kg ] 
    190 x 40 x 25cm 11 lbs [ 5kg ]


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Materials:


    600D Polyester


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  4. Kite Line 2014 Dakine Kiters Duffle Bag

    Dakine Kiters Duffle Bag



    • Super light golf inspired design

    • Oversized padded shoulder strap

    • Internal compression straps

    • Full length duffle style lockable zipper top

    • Carry handles


    140 x 38 x 23cm 4.7 lbs. [ 2.1kg ] 
    155 x 38 x 23cm 5 lbs. [ 2.2kg ]


    600D Polyester

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  5. Kite Line Dakine Wedge Bag

    Dakine Wedge Bag


    Dakine Wedge Bag Features:

    • Accommodates race or surf kite boards
    • 3/8" [ 12mm ] foam
    • Fin pocket
    • Added volume for extra gear
    • Store kites with struts blown up
    • Fully padded for light daily board protection
    • Webbing shoulder carry handle

    Dakine Wedge Bag Specs:

    190 x 70 x 20 x 10cm 
    3 lbs [ 1.3kg ]

    Dakine Wedge Bag Materials:



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// 5 Items //

There are different styles of kiteboarding, from freeride or freestyle, wave-riding, and even course and speed racing. The freeride kiteboarding style is pretty much the “anything goes” approach and is the most popular. Most kiteboards sold today are freeride boards with twin tips. The freestyle style of riding is focused on getting big air and doing airborne tricks. Smaller boards and kites with good hang times are used. The wave-riding kiteboarding style is closest to surfing since it is done in a location with a wave break, which is why the sport is often referred to as kitesurfing. This style most often uses a single-point directional board, sometimes without footstraps, and some even use a standard surfboard. The wakestyle style of kiteboarding is most similar to wakeboarding and is focused on tricks and aerials and uses boards with bindings to keep riders strapped in. There are also course racing and speed racing kiteboarding styles which involve speed, skill, and strategy. Specially designed directional race boards with longer fins are used with the goal of outperforming the other kiters to come in first place.

No matter which style of kiteboarding you are interested in, Kite-Line is your one stop shop for all of your kiteboarding needs. We have all of the boards, kites, accessories, and other gear you need to get started, or upgrade your current set up. Kite-Line has all the latest kites, kiteboards, kiteboarding accessories, and DVDs to "wet" your appetite for the wind. Check out our variety of kiteboarding products by all the big names including Cabrinha, Flysurfer, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo,Ozone, Slingshot and many more!