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Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, or whatever you want to call it, is a fast growing extreme sport that combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and more. Over the years, the sport has developed and evolved from attaching kites to canoes, skis, and iceskates in the 1980s, to strapping kite foils to windsurfing boards in 1990s. Soon after, specialized kites and boards were developed and the sport of Kiteboarding was born! In the sport’s short history, incredible advancements in technology have been made and each year better, lighter, more durable, and more reliable kiteboards, kites, and other kiteboarding gear have been made.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Ozone Chrono Kite

    2014 Ozone Chrono Kite (Kite Only)

    Price From: $2,065.00

    The 2014 Ozone Chrono, is Ozone's newest creation and it will shatter the limits of light wind kiting on any surface whether water, land, ice or snow. The 2014 Ozone Chrono is a high performance, high aspect, water-relaunchable foil kite that will have you flying fast, cranking upwind, and boosting huge all year round.

    2014 Ozone Chrono Sizes

    12m, 15m, 18m

    More information coming soon so stay tuned!

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  2. Kite Line 2014 Ozone Chrono Kite

    2014 Ozone Chrono Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines

    Price From: $2,465.00

    The 2014 Ozone Chrono, is Ozone's newest creation and it will shatter the limits of light wind kiting on any surface whether water, land, ice or snow. The 2014 Ozone Chrono is a high performance, high aspect, water-relaunchable foil kite that will have you flying fast, cranking upwind, and boosting huge all year round.

    2014 Ozone Chrono Sizes

    12m, 15m, 18m

    More information coming soon so stay tuned!

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  3. Kite Line 2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite

    2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines


    There is no question that the new Zephyr is going to get you out there enjoying whatever aspect of kiting you prefer on the day.



    The new plan form, profile and sail tension help control the surfaces which gives the 2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite a more cohesive feel. All these performance enhancements make it perfect for practicing new school moves or just cruising, kite loops are made easy and the boost is impressive while floaty. Since introducing the Zephyr and more recently with the race scene explosion we have increased our knowledge and understanding of light wind kiting. During our R&D of the new 2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite we found that we could ride in incredibly light winds if we took a foil or race board. These styles of board have so much performance and so little drag that if you just get moving then the apparent speed the kite generates is simply mind blowing and you can be powering upwind in almost glass smooth conditions.



    The Zephyr was a ground breaking kite and without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the likes of which had never been seen before on such a big kite. Other brands witnessed the success of the Zephyr and followed with light wind specific kites but the 2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite remains the benchmark. We are now proud to bring you the next generation 2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite, which continues to set the standard for light wind riding. The all new Zephyr is a design that incorporates elements of the performance dominating Edge along with the ease of the previous Zephyr to fly and relaunch. The improvements are instantly noticeable for riders accustomed to the previous Zephyr. The new model has a crisp powerful feeling and a very direct positive bar feel, with instant power delivery compared to the previous model.


    2014 Ozone Zephyr Kite Features

    Design & Performance

    • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems)
    • Smooth power on demand
    • Direct and positive bar feel
    • Tight radius turn for great pop and fun
    • Huge wind range, 4 – 20 knots (4 knots with a Light wind specific board)
    • Easy re-launch
    • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup
    • High volume inflate/deflate valve
    • Colour coded and numbered fool proof line connectors


    • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials
    • Teijin Techno Force sail material
    • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the LE & Struts
    • Internal reinforcements for improved durability
    • Double stitched bonded seams
    • Dacron reinforced tip area for load distribution
    • Reinforced leading edge and struts in high stress areas
    • Reinforced trailing edge
    • Light weight low profile aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads
    • Unique bladder construction with double layer section in wear areas
    • Ozone warranty and back-up service guaranteed


    2014 Ozone Zephyr Range of Use


    2014 Ozone C4 Control System

    The C4 Control System has emerged from the feedback of our top riders. Perfectly suited for progressive unhooked riders pushing the limits, the C4 Control System includes a shorter de-power throw range coupled with the larger size PU chicken loop. It is available in only 45cm bar size and ships standard with new length 23m lines.

    We recommend the C4 Control System to be used with all sizes of C4. The C4 Control System offers a clean control bar design, simple safety and an easy-to-use trimming system. It exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards.

    Megatron Quick Release – The control system features Ozone’s proven Megatron quick release safety with total flag out of the kite. Easy re-assembly saves time and gets you back up and riding faster.

    Low Friction Centre Piece
     – The control bar features a low friction aluminum centre piece designed to reduce trim line wear.

    Auto Positioning Chicken Loop – Designed in conjunction with the bar centre piece, the Megatron spinning handle allows chicken loop auto positioning, offering easy unhooked riding and hooking back in.

    Magnetic trim handle – The Magnetic trim handle connects to a magnetic neoprene sock covering the clam cleat, to reduce tangles when the trimmer is de-powered.

    PU Covered trim line & cast stainless steel de-power ring
     – The tough PU covered trim significantly reduces wear when sheeting in and out, whilst the smooth running de-power ring also prevents trim line wear.

    Longer Foam Floats
     – The longer foam floats provide improved protection from the lines.

    2014 Ozone Control System Features

    • Megatron Quick Release chicken loop with larger sized loop
    • Auto positioning chickenloop for easier unhooked riding
    • Wide mouth loop for effortless unhooking and hooking back in
    • Easily untangle your middle lines using the spinning handle
    • Standard Flag Out or Expert riders leash connection ring
    • 45cm Bar with low friction centre piece
    • Lightly sanded EVA grip and ergonomic finger grip bumps give you the ultimate bar grip
    • Hideaway elastic line retainers
    • Clam cleat de-power trimmer with cast Stainless Steel de-power bracket
    • Magnetic trim handle system reduces tangles when trimmer is de-powered
    • Wear resistant PU covered trim line
    • Longer foam floats with internal back line trimming
    • In line bar stopper ball for flag out safety system
    • Colour coded leader lines & 23m 300kg flying lines
    • The system exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards


    Bar 45cm 50cm 55cm
    Cataylist 4,6,7 8,9,10,12 14
    REO  5,6,7 8,9,10,12  
    C4 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14    
    Edge 7 9,10,11 13,15,17,19
    Zephyr     17

    Checking and Maintaining your Control System Flying Lines

    Over time kite flying lines may stretch slightly, and we highly recommend that you check your Control System lines are set correctly to what we call “bar zero”.

    Checking and maintaining your Control System will ensure you get the most performance from your Ozone kite.

     A good quick read on Flying Line Maintenance 



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  4. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Turbine

    2014 Slingshot Turbine


    The 2014 Slingshot Turbine has adopted our proven mini strut technology that makes it a full structured five strut kite. It eliminates battens while offering the same benefits seen with our reflex wingtip in our other Open Delta C kites. To enhance rider customization we have added three additional wingtip attachment points for the rear flying lines. The 2014 Slingshot Turbine should be part of every riders quiver.


    The 2014 Slingshot Turbines progressive Open Delta C design has been updated with a new bridle. We moved from last year’s 3 point LE attachment configuration to a new 5 point cascading bridle attachment system. This is critical for creating a more consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke when sheeting in and out with the bar. This gives you specific control over the power which significantly increases range on the low end and high end. Additional new improvements include a new lower aspect ratio that is combined with a LE diameter reduction of 9%. The two work together to create more grunt and power without sacrificing riding speed, efficiency or upwind performance. 



    Everyone knows that if you want to get on the water and have fun in 5 to 6 knots your kite has to be light. We agree, but if you want to go beyond just mowing the lawn you need a sophisticated kite. The 2014 Slingshot Turbine not only gets you on the water first, it provides a performance ride and lets you stay on the water even as the wind is picking up.



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Open C



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Wind



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Size





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  5. Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe

    Flysurfer Speed 3.5 Deluxe

    Price From: $2,399.00


    Are you one of those customers who can’t get enough and wants to have it all? If so, we came up with the DELUXE-EDITION just for you!

    A DELUXE kite is a custom kite, completely pimped with all features we can possibly pimp on a FLYSURFER kite! All these features are now packed as a bundle and available at a very attractive price


    From now on it is possible to order every FLYSURFER Kite in DELUXE-EDITION giving you the following features:

        Silver Arrow cloth of the newest generation:
        The entire kite is manufactured from our high-quality Silver Arrow cloth, which is almost half the weight of our 'standard' kite cloth. The Silver Arrow cloth radically increases canopy stability, turning speed and light wind performance of every kite in our line! An additional benefit is the unbelievable compact pack dimension making your DELUXE kite the ideal travel partner. DELUXE kites also perform exceptionally well in gusty conditions.

        Each DELUXE-EDITION comes standard with the completely new developed INFINITY Bar to offer you the safest and best possible control bar out there. Regardless of how many rotations you jump, your lines will still untwist! The QR is slim and easy to activate on both sides. Ride safely with the 5th line (FDS ) safety or ride in suicide mode combining this with FDS . Furthermore the INFINITY Bar can be adjusted in length and has reduced bar thickness for even more comfort. INFINITY, pure safety!

    The successor to our performance champion is finally here. After 2 years of extensive development performance has been raised to a complete new level. The Flysurfer SPEED3 impresses with enormous depower, increased agility, awesome hangtime and jaw-dropping upwind and light wind performance. Any rider who is into racing, oldschool or lots of hangtime will not be able to pass by the Flysurfer SPEED3! Performance has just been redefined!

    Top priority was: The SPEED3 must be absolutely on par with the SPEED2 in lightwind performance, and gain significant ground in the areas of agility, depower and speed… It is our opinion that we have been successful without exception! The SPEED3 turns tighter and faster even in the lightest winds…

    Thanks to the “Triple Depower Technology“, contact to the kite is always available even when fully depowered. Numerous optimizations to the profile have resulted in a more effective and direct depower effect. The already large wind-use range has expanded again. The legendary hang-time has just gotten even sweeter with more jump height, and thanks to the increased agility, kiteloops now belong to the SPEED3’s repertoire. Whether old-school, big-air, racing or lightwind cruising - the SPEED3 sets new standards and redefines performance.

    Naturally, stability also had to be considerably enhanced in order to make the gains in agility and depower controllable – no easy task, which the FLYSURFER developers have fully realized and was successfully adopted to the SPEED3. The flag-out function of the kite also demanded a complete redesign to cover the increased wind range. The tapered front edge permits exceptional flagging out safety with only 4 lines ensuring good relaunch.

    Due to the unparalleled low-end of the SPEED2 in combination with its other renowned features, it was a giant hurdle to design a worthy successor to the SPEED2. The development team surrounding Armin Harich allowed for no setbacks in handling, depower or agility. The Speed 3 is designed for:

    Every kite sold with the Free repair warranty. All Flysurfer Kites are sold complete & Ready to Fly.

    View more on the Flysurfer Speed 3



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There are different styles of kiteboarding, from freeride or freestyle, wave-riding, and even course and speed racing. The freeride kiteboarding style is pretty much the “anything goes” approach and is the most popular. Most kiteboards sold today are freeride boards with twin tips. The freestyle style of riding is focused on getting big air and doing airborne tricks. Smaller boards and kites with good hang times are used. The wave-riding kiteboarding style is closest to surfing since it is done in a location with a wave break, which is why the sport is often referred to as kitesurfing. This style most often uses a single-point directional board, sometimes without footstraps, and some even use a standard surfboard. The wakestyle style of kiteboarding is most similar to wakeboarding and is focused on tricks and aerials and uses boards with bindings to keep riders strapped in. There are also course racing and speed racing kiteboarding styles which involve speed, skill, and strategy. Specially designed directional race boards with longer fins are used with the goal of outperforming the other kiters to come in first place.

No matter which style of kiteboarding you are interested in, Kite-Line is your one stop shop for all of your kiteboarding needs. We have all of the boards, kites, accessories, and other gear you need to get started, or upgrade your current set up. Kite-Line has all the latest kites, kiteboards, kiteboarding accessories, and DVDs to "wet" your appetite for the wind. Check out our variety of kiteboarding products by all the big names including Cabrinha, Flysurfer, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo,Ozone, Slingshot and many more!