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Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, or whatever you want to call it, is a fast growing extreme sport that combines aspects of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and more. Over the years, the sport has developed and evolved from attaching kites to canoes, skis, and iceskates in the 1980s, to strapping kite foils to windsurfing boards in 1990s. Soon after, specialized kites and boards were developed and the sport of Kiteboarding was born! In the sport’s short history, incredible advancements in technology have been made and each year better, lighter, more durable, and more reliable kiteboards, kites, and other kiteboarding gear have been made.

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  1. Kite Line PKS Compression Kite Bag

    Crazyfly Compression Kite Bag


    The Crazyfly Compression Kite Bag is large enough to fit most any kite.  It weighs less than the standard kite backpack to provide protection for your kite in travel while reducing weight and doubles as a convenient sandbag!

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  2. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest

    2015 Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest


    The Crazyfly Cooler holds 24 Cans or 12 Bottles with ease, so plenty of drinks or food to go around, and the color pattern makes it easy to identify while keeping it clean looking.  The extra pocket in front is great for storing bottle openers, corkscrews, keys, wallets, ID's, money, and much more.  Beat the heat with your own cold storage for food and drinks, and at a great price! New Crazyfly Cooler Bag is the perfect combination of thick heavy-duty insulation to keep 'em cold with space saving functionality.  The Crazyfly Cooler takes up less space in storage or transit than a standard hard cooler, but will take the abuse of constant use. 

    30 x 26 x 24 Inches  (76 x 66 x 61cm)  

    The 2015 Crazyfly Coller Ice Chest rubberized inner (same tough material used in Sand Weight Bags and Sand Anchors) is designed and constructed in a way that keeps the water inside as the ice melts, so no leaking through the bottom seams.  The 1+-inch insulation is 3 times the thickness of standard soft coolers to keep things colder longer.  The side handles and shoulder strap make it convenient to carry with 2 hands or hands-free, and the hang tag on the back makes hanging it up for storage a snap.


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  3. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Single Board Bag

    2015 Crazyfly Single Board Bag


    The 2015 Crazyfly Single Board Bags simple compact design makes travelling easy. Wide tips make it easy to slide your board in and out of the bag, completely set up with fins and straps still on, and the durable No. 10 Zipper and thick padded bag will last and keep your Crazyfly board or other kiteboard protected. The Crazyfly single-board bag also features the tarpaulin inner to keep water from leaking through. We've made the 2015 Crazy Fly single board bags in all grey with black this year to keep them cleaner than the beige of the past. They feature thick padding, shoulder strap, and durable design to keep your kiteboard looking new. No more scratches and dings from tossing your board in the back of your truck.



    2015 Crazyfly Single Board Bag Dimensions

    140 x 48cm
    155 x 52cm


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  4. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Surf Bag

    2015 Crazyfly Surf Bag


    Crazyfly hasn't had a surf bag in a few years and we say it's about time! So here it is. The size will easily fit any board in Crazyfly's line, or most any other standard-width surfboard up to 6'2". Crazyfly's new 2014 Surf Bag is designed to fit up to a 6'2" board with fins on and keep the dirt and heat off your beautiful board. It's got thick padding on all sides with super-tough rubberized padding on the nose to protect your most important point. The shoulder strap and carry handle add a touch of convenience to make it easy to get from the car to the beach.



    The colors are simple for a simple reason. You don't want wet sand to stain your bag too easily, but all black gets too hot. The neutral tones on one side help keep the dirt off. The full-reflective silver wall on the other side goes face-up to the sun to reflect those rays and heat away from your board, helping keep your wax on the board rather than melting all over the inside of the bag.


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  5. Kite Line 2015 Airline Roller Bag

    2015 Crazyfly Airline Roller Bag


    Extra compartments on top, heavy-duty wide wheels, compression straps on the sides, and top and side handles make it convenient in every aspect of use. The unique pattern helps you travel in style and easily identify your bag among the throngs of black bags, while the dark color keep it looking clean. Travel in style with the new CF Airline Roller. Small enough to fit in the overhead bin, but sturdy and durable to deal with the punishment of travel. 

    25x 14 x 10 Inches  (64 x 36 x 26cm)  -  sized for maximum space in allowable overhead bin dimensions!


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  6. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Gear Trunk

    2015 Carazyfly Gear Trunk


    Get your travel on! The new 2015 Crazyfly Gear Trunk is a duffle bag that goes the extra mile for you! Backpack straps, compression straps, Roof-rack Tie-Down loops, and plenty of room mean you'll be using this for all your storage and traveling needs.

    2015 Crazyfly Gear Trunk Highlights

    • -The water-resistant liner means you can throw in your wetsuit, towels, booties, etc. with no worry about getting your car all wet.
    • -The backpack straps means it's easy to transport whether putting on a plane, wandering around Europe, or just transporting from your car to the beach; and they tuck away inside the bag when you don't need them so they're not in the way.
    • -The compression straps mean that even though it's got a ton of room for plenty of gear, you can easily reduce its size if you only need half the space.
    • -Full thick padding on all sides will keep contents safe if knocking around into things.
    • -Re-Inforced thick Tie-Down loops on all bottom corners make it very convenient to tie-down onto a roof rack or trailer.
    • -Family sized to hold plenty of clothes etc. when traveling on longer trips or with more people.

    36 x 20 x 18 Inches (90 x 50 x 46cm) - space equivalent to a standard footlocker without the weight and bulk of a hard trunk.


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  7. 2015 Crazyfly Golf Bag

    2015 Crazyfly Golf Bag without Wheels


    Get the 2015 CrazyFly Golf bag without wheels and spend your money on the trip, not airline fees. Rising airport fees make keeping weight down a priority and we have designed the Crazyfly Golf Bag with this in mind.  No wheels saves an average of 5 lbs., letting you take that one extra trip-saving kite. Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available. Thicker 7mm padding on all sides keeps your gear safe while tightening cinch straps on every side make the Golf Bag super easy to strap down, shrink down, or carry through the airport on your next kiteboarding expedition.  



    Compression bag NOT included any longer.


    2015 Crazyfly Golf Bag without Wheels Dimensions 


    140 x 48 x 25 cm


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  8. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Golf Bag with wheels

    2015 Crazyfly Golf Bag with Wheels

    Price From: $179.95

    The Crazyfly Golf bag will easily fit 3 kites, one or two kiteboards, harnesses, a pump and all of your accessories. This version offers wheels on the bag, which means a little more weight, but ease of transport if you're doing a lot of moving around with the gear. Get the CrazyFly Golf bag with wheels and cut baggage costs at the airport and get around with ease. Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available. Thicker 7mm padding on all sides keeps your gear safe while tightening cinch straps on every side make the Golf Bag super easy to strap down, shrink down, or carry through the airport on your next kiteboarding expedition.



    Crazyfly Golg Bag with Wheels Dimensions 

    140cm x 48cm x 25cm
    155cm x 52cm x 25cm


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  9. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel

    2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel Bag


    A good surf roller is hard to find, but Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 is a great combination of size, padding on all sides, and light weight.  The tapered nose helps accomodate the surf board shape while decreasing overall material and therefore weight of the bag.  Quilted sides keep all the padding in place after all the moving around, and the dark colors and unique pattern help keep it looking clean while being very easy to identify.

    Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available. Thicker 7mm padding on all sides keeps your gear safe while tightening cinch straps on every side make the Wheeled Surf 190 super easy to strap down, shrink down, or carry through the airport on your next kiteboarding expedition.  Make transporting all your gear including surf boards a snap with the heavy-duty wheels on the bag.


    The NEW Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 bag is brand new for 2015.  Modeled after the very popular CrazyFly Golf Bags with all their great features and padding, but in a 190cm size to fit most kitesurf SURF and WAVE boards (6'0" and smaller).  This bag actually has Double-thick padding on nose to protect the tips, plus two internal flaps to separate boards, allowing space for 2 surf boards (with the fins off) plus other gear.  The flaps make three compartments, two for boards and one for kites, wetsuits, a twintip, or other extra gear.

    Dimensions: 190cm   x   50cm   x    25 cm

    Overview  -  Under 10 Lbs.!    9 lbs., 10 oz. to help reduce your weight so you can get more gear in the bag and be under the weight limit.

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  10. Kite Line 2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar Control Bar

    2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar



    The 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar is one of the safest bars on the market with one front line flag out which ensures 100% collapse of the kite. When the safety is triggered, the kite loses all power and falls down all the way immediately. On the 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar, we changed the traditional depower line for coated Dyneema®, and we enlarged and polished the center hole on the bar, all to radically reduce depower line wear. The bar ends, made from hi-tech engineered elastomer are super flexi, soft and safe. A simple Clam Cleat ® above the bar ensures comfortable and reliable depower trimming of the kite. The Sick bar is finished with high quality, long lasting, and almost-zero elongation Dyneema® flying lines made in Germany. The 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar has exactly the same quality flying lines as the 2013 version, but this year’s flying lines are dipped in black color to be easily visible for snowkiting. There is no comparison for the material quality, weight, simplicity, and durability of the Sick bar.



    The new CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Plus, the 2014 Sick bar conforms to the international safety norm NF S52-503. The bar itself is a full carbon monocoque tube with solid center for extremely light weight, superior strength, and lasting durability. This year, the 2014 Sick bar has seen a number of upgrades, while sticking to its main ideals of simplicity and safety. Starting with safety, the new quick release has a new stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easier to trigger. The quick release cover is now made from extremely strong and durable DuPont® plastic. We have also added a Rim on the top of the quick release for better grip when engaging the release.


    2014 Crazyfly Sick bar Features


    Safety Certificate

    International NF S52-503 Certificate 

    The 2014 Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market. 

     Made in Europe

    High Quality Hand Made Bar

    • The first and only bar made 100% in Europe

    • All materials and components are made in Europe

    Elastic Bar Ends

    Soft & Safe

    • Made from hi-tech engineered elastomer are super flexi

    • Soft and safe

     Dyneema Depower Line

    Coated Depowered Line Reduce Wear

    Brand new coated Dyneema® depower line, enlarged and shinned central hole on the bar all contribute to radically reduce depower line wear.

    Full Carbon

    Monocoque One Piece Bar 

    • Full carbon tube on the sides for light weight

    • High modulus aerospace carbon fibers

    • Extreme strength and durability

    • Ultra light weight

     Push Away Safety System

    Quick & Easy to Trigger

    New quick release has a new stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easier to trigger.

    • Easy and quick to trigger

    • 100% collapse of the kite

    • Easy and quick to assemble

    • Comes handy in deep water or troubles in waves



    2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar Highlights



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There are different styles of kiteboarding, from freeride or freestyle, wave-riding, and even course and speed racing. The freeride kiteboarding style is pretty much the “anything goes” approach and is the most popular. Most kiteboards sold today are freeride boards with twin tips. The freestyle style of riding is focused on getting big air and doing airborne tricks. Smaller boards and kites with good hang times are used. The wave-riding kiteboarding style is closest to surfing since it is done in a location with a wave break, which is why the sport is often referred to as kitesurfing. This style most often uses a single-point directional board, sometimes without footstraps, and some even use a standard surfboard. The wakestyle style of kiteboarding is most similar to wakeboarding and is focused on tricks and aerials and uses boards with bindings to keep riders strapped in. There are also course racing and speed racing kiteboarding styles which involve speed, skill, and strategy. Specially designed directional race boards with longer fins are used with the goal of outperforming the other kiters to come in first place.

No matter which style of kiteboarding you are interested in, Kite-Line is your one stop shop for all of your kiteboarding needs. We have all of the boards, kites, accessories, and other gear you need to get started, or upgrade your current set up. Kite-Line has all the latest kites, kiteboards, kiteboarding accessories, and DVDs to "wet" your appetite for the wind. Check out our variety of kiteboarding products by all the big names including Cabrinha, Flysurfer, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo,Ozone, Slingshot and many more!