Flysurfer Outlaw

Flysurfer Outlaw

Color: yellow/black

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Price From: $1,049.00

We are pleased to announce to you a NEW addition to our FLYSURFER line-up. Just in time for the winter season we present to you our new OUTLAW.

The OUTLAW is the world's first high depower open-celled snow- and landkite made in premium FLYSURFER quality. A new design in our line-up with superb performance, handling and turning speed.


Innovations of the OUTLAWThe OUTLAW gives it’s a rider a stable and secure platform to perform his tricks on, without sacrificing handling. With its high turning speed and tight turning radius, climbing up the hill has never been so easy! Power per m2 is at a very high level, meaning you can easily take a size smaller than planned.The OUTLAW incorporates all the newest FLYSURFER technologies and features, bringing 3 new innovations in open-celled kite design to the market!

Total Depower System offers you more power and depower on demand! Creating the best depowering snow and landkite in the industry.

The patented Jet-Flap Technology has been build into the OUTLAW, contributing to a kite which gives
you even more power and stability.Jet-Flaps are a vital part in increasing lift and reducing stalls, enabling you to ride safer.

Auto Bleed Over control, adapted from its closed celled brothers, is a self cleaning system to automatically
remove sand, rain and debris from the kite.


Optimized and thin profiles combined with our Jet-Flap Technology creates a kite which hardly has any backstall, meaning insane pop for its rider combined with a serious portion of lift.
Shorter, Covered and Color coded left and right sides of the bridles make it easy to spot them in the snow. The self stabilizing profile, adopted from our water kites, helps in gusty mountain or inland conditions. Super low stretch materials in combination with an adjusted airfoil, gives the OUTLAW a great light, but direct bar feeling.
The already well known Hard/Soft Steering is continuously adjustable on the OUTLAW allowing riders to adjust according to individual desire. In this way, the rider can decide between extremely heavy or extremely light bar forces even up to 50% lighter than any other kite!



The OUTLAW comes standard with the Front Line Safety and included you will find a Backstall-Line for the OUTLAW bar to activate the Back Stall Safety (BSS), which is preferred by many snow- and landkite users. Through this combination the rider has a further developed and optimized safety, which combines a high safety level with the possibility of a re-launch!

The OUTLAW incorporates our renowned high level of durability, with its stiffened canopy, special cell walls and re-enforced internal structure, FLYSURFER backs this up with our 6-Month Free Repair Warrantee with the purchase of an OUTLAW.

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Type Foil
Summary We are pleased to announce to you a NEW addition to our FLYSURFER line-up. Just in time for the winter season we present to you our new OUTLAW.
Sales Call for sales and package deals
Included Items Kite, control bar, sheeting system, safety system, bag, instructions, repair kit.
Colors Available No
Manufacturer Flysurfer

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