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Kite-Line is your number one source for all of your kiteboarding gear needs from board to kite and everything in between. We carry an amazing selection from all of the top brands in the industry in order to offer our customers plenty of options at great prices. Even though kiteboarding is a relatively new sport, new and advanced gear is released every season, and we stay up on the latest and greatest offerings from each brand so you don’t have to. The kiteboarding experts at Kite-Line hand pick and field test all of the best gear offered on the site so you can rest assured you are making a good buying decision.

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  1. Kite Line Spleen Zone Waveboard

    Spleen Zone Waveboard


    The specially shaped top side of the Spleen Zone Waveboard shifts the standing position substantially lower than in conventional waveboards and thereby improves the control of the board significantly. The unique shape of the “Zone” boards allows you to shape the scoop-rocker-line by shifting your body. The rails with large radius and Tucked under Edge Shape in the center of the board prevent miscut at radically surfed turns. The new zones are produced in solid Snow-Board-Construction and therefore almost indestructible. Test the new Spleene Zones and enjoy the incomparable Ride.



    Spleen Zone Waveboard Features


    • Kiteloop-proof due to snowboard construction
    • Complete EVA top side
    • More control by lower stance
    • Adjustable scoop-rocker line
    • Super light
    • For large and for small waves
    • Prepared for hydrofoil with integrated inserts
    • Comes with G10 fins


    Spleen Zone Waveboard Differance from Previous Boards


    • Full EVA Deck: The complete top side is covered with EVA to give you maximum comfort and grip 
    • EVA Rail: The rails are shaped like a surfboard with volume for smooth riding



    Spleen Zone Waveboard Sizes


    5'3" - 160 x 49.5cm / 5'6" - 168 x 44cm


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  2. Kite Line 2013 Spleen Door High Tech Lightwind Kiteboard

    Spleene Door High Tech Lightwind Kiteboard

    Price From: $839.00

    The Spleene Door High Teck Lightwind Kiteboards shape detail is a double concave channel at the bottom of the boards. This allows for cleaner and earlier planing. When compared to a conventional double concave this underwater hull has got a parabolic cross section, specially designed by Spleene to provide significantly more grip due to the longitudinal guide of the sideways channel rails, even in choppy water. A development you can expect from Spleene. Only consistent development turns this concept into a Spleene High Tech Door. Compared to the previous models the new Door is now equipped with the Advanced Jet Bottom.


    The Spleene Door Kiteboard stands for a unit of design and technology, which can only be provided by the original Door. As the inventor of the Door we have got this unique head start, which can be noticed immediately, in any condition, by any kiteboarder. The 2013 Spleene Door Kiteboards sporty overall impression coupled with a high level of comfort result in this special riding experience. Upwind and low-end abilities have set standards in kiteboarding within the last 10 years. Its concave outline, large surface and flat rocker line are responsible for this performance. However, these features alone are not sufficient by far to create a kiteboard that meets your and our demands.

    The Design Features:

    • Advanced Jet Bottom Technology: This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the base side of the board.
    • Beveled Rail: lateral lifting of the rail for softer rides in choppy water.
    • Carbon Construction: The Spleene Boards receive their huge performance by the application of high-quality carbon in the laminate construction.
    • Concave Door Outline: The concave outline enables to ride at an extreme angle to the wind with all Doors.
    • Full Center Rail: The more solid edge in the centre of the board prevents effectively from miscutting.
    • Flat Scoop Rocker: For ultimate manoeuvrability and early planing ability at all Doors.
    • Stepless 3D Deck: Stepless 3D-Shape on top side. All transitions are without any step. This results simultaneously in a clear reduction of weight.
    • Twin 3D-Woodcore: All Spleene Boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore.

    2013 Spleen Door Kiteboard Sizes:

    • Door 49: 149 x 43cm
    • Door 59: 159 x 45cm
    • Monster-Door: 166 x 50cm
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Choosing the right kiteboard can be harder than it sounds since there are so many brands and so many options to choose from. Kite boards are made of wood, foam, or a composite. There are directional boards which are meant to be ridden one direction only more like a surf board. There are also wakeboard type boards that can be ridden both directions, and even hybrid boards. Twin tip boards are best for beginners since they are the easiest to learn on because they can be ridden in either direction. Kite-Line offers all types of boards from many different brands like Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Liquid Force, Litewave, Slingshot, and more to give our customers plenty of options to choose from. If you have any questions please contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.