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Kite-Line is your number one source for all of your kiteboarding gear needs from board to kite and everything in between. We carry an amazing selection from all of the top brands in the industry in order to offer our customers plenty of options at great prices. Even though kiteboarding is a relatively new sport, new and advanced gear is released every season, and we stay up on the latest and greatest offerings from each brand so you don’t have to. The kiteboarding experts at Kite-Line hand pick and field test all of the best gear offered on the site so you can rest assured you are making a good buying decision.

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  1. Kite Line 2013 Litewave Carbon Kick

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick


    Special Price: $525.00

    The 2013 Litewave Carbon Kick has a bullet-proof core uses a vertically laminated Paulownia wood construction with a uni-directional  glass and Spread Tow-Carbon composite  to deliver the perfect blend of low weight and easily controllable flex that delivers huge load-and-pop capability. The three-stage rail outline,  three-stage rocker, and a deep tip-to-tip concave keep  the 2013 Litewave Carbon Kick upwind easily and responsive underfoot. Rounded tips keep the spray out of your face and initiate carving effortlessly.  Riding has never felt this smooth.


    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick Features

    • Freeride and Newschool
    • Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core
    • Litewave FLS Sandal Bindings included
    • Spread Tow carbon-composite for more pop
    • Inset ABS rail
    • Board Handle Included

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick Sizes


    Small 132 x 40 - Medium 135 x 43 - Large 139 x 44 - XLarge 144 x 46


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  2. Litewave DV8 Kiteboard

    Litewave DV8 Kiteboard


    Litewave DV8 Kiteboard with it's Flexy, recessed deck, full pad, strapped or strapless is sure to be a hit!!!

    Kite Line 2012 Litewave Dave DV8 Kiteboard

      Litewave DV8 Kiteboard Sizes 

    5'7" and 6'1"


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  3. Litewave Quad Surf

    Litewave Quad Surf


    Over a year of R&D in Mauritius, California, and Florida led Litewave to develop Quad Surf wave board. It is designed for the waves. A pulled in bat-tail outline and a faster-gun style rocker allows this board to really drive through and keep speed in the bottom turns, while the quad-fin configuration gives incredible grip for snappy off-the-lips.

    The quad fin also makes for a wave board with limitless top end speed yet very snappy and responsive feel unlike other thruster configurations which are slower.

    The Quad Surf has been built to really withstand the abuse that a kite rider will give it. Machined EPS core is wrapped with wood-veneer/glass/epoxy composite laminate to provide impact resistance and the optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

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  4. Litewave Wing Kiteboard

    Litewave Wing Kiteboard


    The Litewave Wing Kiteboard has evolved into the ultimate light wind machine! Riding in ultra light wind has never easier, even for the big guys. The Litewave Wing Kiteboard tip-to-tip radical concave smooths out chop and makes for a very positive carving feeling. The Litewave Wing Kiteboard tips are very thin and flexy with built-in torsion bars to maximize carving performance under load. This board is truly a "session saver".

    Kite Line Litewave Wing Kiteboard

    The Litewave Wing Kiteboard features wide tips and unique outline known as 'parabolic sidecut' enable planing and rocket you upwind. The wider tips give an unbelievable "load and pop" even in light condition. This 2013 Litewave Wing Kiteboard feels like snowboarding in bottomless powder. Our quality wood core and composite construction enhance riding properties as well as ensuring that your board will last for years to come.

    Kite Line Litewave Wing Kiteboard

    Litewave Wing Kiteboard Features

    • Laminated wood core
    • Light, strong, affordable
    • Wing Rocker
    • Fins Core
    • Engineered flex with 3D torsion-bar tips

    Litewave Wing Kiteboard Sizes

    146x45 - 153x45 - 161x45

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Choosing the right kiteboard can be harder than it sounds since there are so many brands and so many options to choose from. Kite boards are made of wood, foam, or a composite. There are directional boards which are meant to be ridden one direction only more like a surf board. There are also wakeboard type boards that can be ridden both directions, and even hybrid boards. Twin tip boards are best for beginners since they are the easiest to learn on because they can be ridden in either direction. Kite-Line offers all types of boards from many different brands like Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Liquid Force, Litewave, Slingshot, and more to give our customers plenty of options to choose from. If you have any questions please contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.