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Whether you need a harness, bar system, bindings,wetsuits, bag, lines or safety gear, Kite-Line has you covered. Check out our wide assortment of kiteboarding accessories and get out in the wind today. Whatever you need for your kiteboarding adventures, Kite-Line is sure to have it. So gear up and get ready!

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  1. Kite Line Windflow Wind Meter

    Weatherflow Wind Meter


    Weatherflow Wind Meter Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all major Android devices. 

    The Weatherflow Wind Meter works with a FREE App for your mobile iOS or Android devices recording wind speed (average, lull, and gusts), wind direction, and location. Precision readings (+/- 0.5% or 0.1m/s at up to 15 degrees off axis) in m/s, mph, knots, km/h, and beaufort scales with range from 2mph to 125 mph. Not only does the WeatherFlow Wind Meter come in rugged eco-friendly packaging that doubles as a handy storage case, it fits in your pocket when not in use. When attached, you can share on-site reports with WeatherFlow, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, SMS, Email, or Facebook. 


    The Weatherflow Wind Meter is the first of its kind by a US-based manufacturer, having been engineered here then calibrated at the University of Florida's Aerospace Engineering Department. You know WeatherFlow from,, Wind Alert, SailFlow, and FishWeather. Needless to say, they've been around, they know windmeters, and this revolutionary product is no exception to their standard to view and share live-action weather. 


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  2. Kite Line Slingshot Kite Pump

    Slingshot Kite Pump


    Slingshot Jenna J Kite Pump


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  3. Kite Line Slingshot Folding Changing Mat

    Slingshot Folding Changing Mat


    Slingshot Folding Changing Mat - Making those roadside changes more comfortable

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  4. Kite Line Slingshot Beer Box Cooler

    Slingshot Beer Box Cooler


    Slingshot Beer Box Cooler - Store your favorite beverage in style

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  5. Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Bean Bag

    Slingshot Bean Bag

    Price From: $49.00

    Unlimited lounging. Kick your feet up or perfect for the little shredders. Beans not included.


    US — 37” W x 22” H

    CM — 93.98 W x 55.88 H


    US — 22” W x 22” H

    CM — 55.88 L x 55.88 H

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  6. Slingshot B3-Series Trainer Kite

    Slingshot B3-Series Trainer Kite


    The B3 is Slingshot's original 2-line foil light traction trainer kite. The B-3 is hands down one of the best light traction kites on the market.

    The B-3 kite is durable and has the right amount of pull to get you going.

    Features and Advantages:
    # B-3 kite
    # Lightweight aluminum control bar,
    # Compact storage bag
    # Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership
    tel. 1-509-427-4950 / email. riderhotline@slingshotsports.c

    View more on the 2010 Slingshot B3-Trainer Kite

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  7. Slingshot B2-Series Trainer Kite

    Slingshot B2-Series Trainer Kite


    The B2 is Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kite. The B-2 has a proven reputation as the best trainer kite ever produced and is easy to fly.

    The B-2 kite is durable, forgiving and give customers an edge in basic flying skills.

    The B2 is Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kite. The B-2 has a proven reputation as the best trainer kite ever produced and is easy to fly. The B-2 kite is durable, forgiving and give customers an edge in basic flying skills.

    Features and Advantages:
    # B-2 kite
    # Lightweight aluminum control bar
    # Compact storage bag
    # User DVD
    # Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership
    tel. 1-509-427-4950 / email.

    View more on the 2010 Slingshot B2-Trainer Kite

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  8. Kite Line Slingshot 4 Line Replacement Lines

    Slingshot 4 Line Replacement Lines

    Price From: $210.00

    Slingshot 4-line replacement set.  Fits model years (2010-2014)

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  9. Xplorer 3 Windmeter

    Skywatch Xplorer 3 Windmeter


    Xplorer 3 Windmeter is built in Switzerland. The Xplorer 3 Windmeter is a extremely accurate way to measure the wind and know exactly what size kite to rig up. Small and compact, the Xplorer 3 Windmeter is one of the easiest ways to know what the wind is doing before you hit the water.

     Xplorer 3 Windmeter Indicates
    -Maximum windspeed
    -Windchill factor
    -Digital compass
    -Dimension: 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.75 in, 2 oz. (41 x 93 x 17 mm, 50 g)
    -One button operation
    -EL Backlight
    -Completely sealed; internal sensors
    -Weatherproof (can be submerged 6 feet)
    -Replaceable Lithium battery (included and installed)
    -Stainless steel back
    -Auto-off after one minute (can be disabled to remain on)
    -Included lanyard
    -One year warranty
    -Designed in Switzerland

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  10. Kite Line Skywatch Xplorer 2 Windmeter

    Skywatch Explorer 2 Windmeter


    Skywatch Xplorer 2 Windmeter is designed in Switzerland and built to our demanding specifications, the Skywatch Xplorer series is engineered to provide a lifetime of accurate and dependable use. Press one button, and instant readings are at your fingertips. Skywatch Explorer 2 Windmeter is designed for consumer and professional use, the Xplorer 2 does not include complicated and seldom-used features such as downloading and storing. 


    Skywatch Xplorer 2 Series Measures:


    Wind Speed - current, maximum
    Ambient Temperature - current, windchill, maximum, minimum, water
    Bright EL Backlight - to view data in dim light
    Replaceable Impeller - factory replaceable
    Sealed and weatherproof - perfect for use around water
    Detailed Specifications:

    Skywatch Xplorer 2 Windspeed:


    Balanced impeller is integrated into wind meter
    The impeller is magnetized, producing a magnetic field when rotating which is measured internally
    Damage to the impeller is unlikely due to the small opening, but repair can be performed


    Internal thermometer is attached to the stainless steel back
    Temperature adjusts quickly, although drastic temperature changes may require several minutes for accuracy
    Temperature is read quickly by touching the back to an object of the same temperature
    Water temperature is read quickly by submerging the unit briefly


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  11. Kite Line Skywatch Explorer 1 Windmeter

    Skywatch Explorer 1 Windmeter


    Skywatch Explorer 1 Windmeter, the least expensive, lightest, and smallest digital windmeter! The Skywatch Explorer 1 Windmeter is accurate, waterprof, and has a long-life lithium battery. 

    • Explorer 1 is the smallest anemometer in the world
    • Durable, no frills, anemometer
    • Recommended for its value and simplicity
    • Great for all open-air sports where windspeed is an important factor
    • Lithium battery allows more than 1 million
    • Accurate 10 seconds measurements
    • Impeller housing can be rotated for full protection 
    • Waterproof
    • Manufactured in Switzerland
    • Reads in MPH, KPH, Knots, and m/sec 

    Skywatch Explorer 1 Windmeter Specifications:

    • ACCURACY: +/- 3% when aligned with the wind's axis
    • WINDSPEED: Up to 105 MPH (170 KPH / 60 m/s / 115 KNTS)
    • MEASURES: 1.2" x 3.28" x .38"
    • POWER: Lithium Battery good for 250,000 measurements
    • WEIGHS: 1 ounce
    • OPERATING TEMP: 14 - 122 F


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  12. Sensei Trainer

    Sensei Trainer

    Price From: $144.95

    The Sensei is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite that doesn't require the expense of a third line or anything else to relaunch. With The Sensei's relaunching abilities it saves you the time and energy of walking to and from when you crash the kite. The vents have been covered in mesh to prevent debris from entering the vents and hindering the relaunching of the Sensei.

    This mesh also keeps the leading edge foil of the kite in the designed shape which makes the kite very stable and smooth in flight. The Sensei is the most stable & smoothest flying trainer on the market today! The kite has self-cleaning vents on the trailing edge so any sand that gets in it will automatically be dumped out while flying. The Kite comes complete and ready to fly with: Spectra lines, trainer bar, and bag. The 3m also comes with a safety leash attached to the bar.

    When learning to kiteboard, 80% of the skills required to kiteboard are in controlling the kite. You need to learn to control your power source(the kite) before you can learn to ride the board successfully. Kiteboarding kites are too large and dangerous to attempt to fly on land. Trainer kites, like the Sensei are smaller renditions of the kiteboarding kites to allow you to safely learn kite control.

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  13. Kite Line Sensi Trainer Kite Lines

    Sensei 200 lbs. Trainer Kite Lines, 20M


    Sensei Trainer kite lines are 200 lbs. Prestretched Spectra with sleeved and sewn loops on both ends

    Sensei Trainer kite lines Specs:

    -200 lbs. test strength

    -20 Meters long

    -Pre-stretched Spectra

    -Sleeved and Sewn Loops on both ends

    -Available in sets of 2 lines. 

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  14. Kite Line PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor

    Self-Launch Sand Anchor


    The PKS Self-Launch Sand Anchor is another true innovation in the world of kiteboarding and self reliance. If you live in a place where you can't drive on the beach and there are no viable options to hook your self- launch to, this is the product for you. This Self-Launch Beach Anchor can be used to self-launch your kite with nothing around but sand or rocks. This is truly the best Sand Anchor you'll find, because you don't have to drill as with a stake and it folds up into nearly the size of your hand.


    Also, you can store it with your kite because there are not sharp points or edges to cut your gear unlike a dog stake!  Don't puncture your very expensive and important gear with harder-to-use and more expensive equipment. Tough and durable material (similar to sand-weight bag) will take a beating and heavy-duty webbing will take the load of your kite and then some. Combine with the Self-Launch Tool or Carabiner and you're all set to launch on any beach or lake shore anywhere!



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  15. SeaSpecs



    Extreme Kiteboarding Sunglasses....

    State of the art sunglasses for all water sports. 

    Polycarbonate lenses.
    100% UVA & UVB protection. 
    They Float!
    Serure Strap System prevents loss.
    Comfortable Soft Nose Cushion.

    Great for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Surfing and other water sports activities.




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  16. Q-Power 600lb 500ft. Spool

    Q-Power 600lb 500ft. Spool


    The best kite line available because of its linear spectra with braided spectra over sheath. The line can be cut to any length and tied without resleeving. It has a high strength to weight ratio and almost zero stretch. Available in 600 lb. test, 30M line sets or bulk spools. All Q lines are high visibility yellow. Learn More
  17. Progression - Beginner

    Progression - Beginner



    Progression Beginner

    by Fat Sand Productions

    All new 2nd Edition!!!
    165 minutes of all new footage!

    Fat Sand's acclaimed entry-level kiteboarding instructional DVD has just gotten a facelift! Now not only does Progression Beginner feature every step of the learning process in a clear, concise, and easily replicated way, but it is now completely upgraded with emphasis on all the latest equipment, technique, and safety developments of the last few years. This DVD has over 2 1/2 hours of in-depth content and analysis, covering every aspect of beginner kitesurfing from the technical basics to fundamental riding techinque.

    Contents include:

    Location & Conditions
    Understand your environment and become an observant and knowledgeable kiter.

    Kite Setup
    Detailed explanation of kite and bar setup, giving you confidence and independence.

    Body Dragging
    Flying the kite to give you the momentum needed to ride and recover your board.

    Waterstarts and First Runs
    Getting you up on the board and making those first crucial runs.

    Change of Direction - Sliding Turns
    Learn the steps to keep your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water.

    Please note that the first runs of the new 2nd edition DVD is English only, however, in the future the DVD will have narration in the following languages:

    English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

    Subjects covered in Progression: Beginner include:

    Location and Conditions
    Equipment and Terminology
    Kite Setup
    Launching and Landing
    Kite Flying
    Body Dragging
    Re-launch and Self Rescue
    Riding and Staying Upwind
    Change of Direction

    With over 2 1/2 hours of meticulous instruction, slow motion run-throughs, and common problem analysis, you’ll progress to intermediate level in no time! Don’t expect to watch the DVD from start to finish each time, just focus in on the sections that you are currently looking to improve upon.

    So many people learn to kite and then struggle for months or even years trying to move on and progress through to the areas of kitesurfing that excite people in the first place. With this DVD we aim to get you riding confidently, staying upwind, carving turns and jumping into the sky. Then you’ll be ready for the next steps – in Progression - Intermediate.

    Progression Beginner - $34.95

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  18. Kite Line PKS Tuff Bladder Strut Blanks

    PKS Tuff Bladder Strut Blanks

    Price From: $13.95

    PKS Tuff Bladders are unique compared to any other bladder on the market. Twice as strong, specifically developed to withstand the abuse of kiteboarding. Streatch is the big secret to our bladders. other bladders are rigid and tear easily, the tuff bladders stretch when put under then quickly go back to their original shape. Tuff bladders can be used in any kite when you want the toughest, most durable bladder available.

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  19. Kite Line Tough Bladder

    PKS Tough Bladder Leading Edge Blanks

    Price From: $47.00

    PKS Tuff Bladders are unique compared to any other bladder on the market. Twice as strong, specifically developed to withstand the abuse of kiteboarding. Streatch is the big secret to our bladders. other bladders are rigid and tear easily, the tuff bladders stretch when put under then quickly go back to their original shape. Tuff bladders can be used in any kite when you want the toughest, most durable bladder available.

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  20. Kite Line PKS Multi Option Valve

    PKS Multi Option Valve

    Price From: $11.95

    This valve gives you a variety of choices, it's the all in one valve needed for emergency replacements on any bladder. It can be used as a standard Inflate, or cut at specified location for options as a One-pump on almost any kite on the market with external One-pump system. As it comes, it’s a standard 9mm Valve with Check-flap. Cut off the flap for 9mm 2-way valve for Inflate/Deflate, or as 9mm One-pump valve with LARGE L-Stem (extra). Cut valve itself shorter at specified location and use the SMALL L-Stem (provided) to be a one-pump valve compatible to Cabrinha, North, F-One, Ozone, Slingshot, Airush, Liquid Force, Crazyfly, Best, Wainman, RRD, Globe Kites, Ocean Rodeo, Vari, Royal and more. 

    -Use as a standard 9mm Inflate 1-way valve by simply by putting on a bladder
    -Cut the check-flap off the bottom of valve, and now you have a 9mm 2-way valve that can be used as an inflate/deflate 9mm, or with LARGE L-stem fitting (sold separately) for 9mm One-pump.
    -To reduce height, use most common one-pump configuration:  with check-flap cut off of bottom, cut valve itself short at designated spot and use SMALL L-stem fitting (supplied with valve).

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  21. Kite Line PKS High Visibility Pro-Line Set

    PKS High Visibility Pro-Line Set

    Price From: $167.95

    PKS High Visibility Pro-Lines are available in 25M, 27M, or Custom-cut to lengths shorter than 27M, PKS High-Visibility Pro-Lines line sets are specifically designed for kitesurfing, and are the same quality as all the other top brands.  Why pay more for the same product?  These lines are great to have as a spare on a trip or at your local beach so you never miss out on a session because of a broken or damaged line.  Brightly colored red, blue, and gray, make visibility easy for both you and any bystanders.  There come in a complete set of 4 lines.

    PKS High Visibility Pro-Lines Features

    Set of 4 Dyneema lines

    -700 lbs. line

    -Sleeved with loops on all ends

    -Stiched loops


    -Coated to reduce fraying or twisting

    -High Visibility

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  22. Kite Line PKS Fix it Kit

    PKS Fix it Kit


    This kit is essential for any kiteboard trip. The kite repair kite includes everything you need to do an emergency repair.   

    Fix-Kit includes:

    -1-Bladder patch (6"x 3 1/4")
    -2 ft. 1" wide clear sail tape
    -1 ft 1" wide black sail tape
    -1 ft 2" wide clear sail tape
    -1 ft 1" wide white dacron tape (Leading edge)
    -1 ft 1" wide black dacron tape (Leading edge)

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  23. Kite Line Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite

    Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer Kite

    Price From: $209.00


    You don’t need to have any kiting experience to fly the Peter Lynn Impulse TR. It is very stable and flies easy in light winds, allowing any kite flier at any level or age to have fun with it and feel confident flying it. Discover the kite talent inside you! The design of the new Impulse TR has been further refined to improve handling, stability and overall flight characteristics. Furthermore we have added an extra size to accommodate the youngest flyers. This is your chance to develop your skills! The Impulse TR is the perfect 3-line trainer kite for anyone who wants to improve their flying skills before getting into any of the more extreme kite powered board sports. The Impulse TR is the perfect tool to introduce your kids, spouse, friends or family into the exciting world of traction kiting.


    Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite Characteristics

    • Ideal tool for schools and serious beginners
    • For an exciting day at the beach or in the park
    • For all ages and no experience needed
    • Superb control and good flying speed
    • Easy set-up with pre-attached lines
    • Easy handling, good power and stability
    • Effortless re-launch with 3rd line
    • Bomb-proof contruction for extra durability

    Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite Features

    • Pre-stretched, stitched Dyneema® bridle
    • Webbing reinforced air-intakes
    • Double stitched bridle points
    • Innovative cross-vents
    • Dirt channel & velcro dirt-outs
    • Extremely durable, high quality 40D Mirai ripstop nylon top & bottom skin and 70D Mirai ripstop nylon profiles


    Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite Infographics


    Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite Colors



    View More on the Peter Lynn Impulse TR Kite


    Learn More
  24. Kite Line Ozone Kitesurf Kite Lines

    Ozone Kitesurf Kite Lines

    Price From: $125.00

    Stretch resistance increases the performance and direct handling of the kite's power and is a crucial consideration when choosing your lines.

    To "lock" the line, all our line sets are sleeved, stitched and then uniquely re-stretched to 60% of the breaking strain at our factory. Because our lines are fully stretched before you get them, you won't need to adjust or re-stretch them after your first outing.

    Ozone line sets made to be used with all Ozone water (inflatable) kites and the Ozone Contact Water Control Bar.

    Made from the highest quality Dyneema, Ozone lines are super durable, woven with a tight, square braid, and treated with a special heating process to make the lines highly resistant to abrasion, water absorption, and stretching.

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  25. Ozone Kite Pump

    Ozone Kite Pump


    Ozones new and improved dual action kite pump, complete with PSI meter you can pump your kite to perfection. Ozone Kite Pump comes with leash and gauge.

    Learn More

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Kite-Line offers a full selection of kiteboarding accessories and other gear to satisfy all of your kiteboarding needs. We have a huge assortment of kiteboarding bags to hold all of your gear from Cabrinha, Naish, Liquid Force, Dakine, and more. We carry new bars and sheeting systems from top brands like Naish, North, NSI, Slingshot, and more. With bindings from Cabrinha, Dakine, Lite Wave, NSI, and others you can strap in and take to the wind. Don’t forget a kiteboarding harness to keep you strapped in and flying high. We offer both seat and waist harness set ups from Cabrinha, Dakine, Naish, Ocean Rodeo, and more. A full line of safety gear is also available from top brands from helmets, leashes, as well as wetsuits and drysuits to use while kitesurfing. Kite-Line also offers a range of training kites to get the newbies up and flying fast. No matter what you need, Kite-Line has you covered to offer the latest and greatest accessories and gear from the best brands in the industry.