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Trainer Kites

Kiteboarding is a relatively new sport gaining worldwide popularity, popping up over beaches, mountains and parks everywhere. With picturesque jumps, abundant and no-cost fuel, kite boarding has an appeal to the young and old, the men and women, and the boys and girls. Anyone with a shred of strength and coordination can learn to kite board.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Cabrinah Relaunch Trainer Kite

    2014 Cabrinah Relaunch Trainer Kite (Kite Only)


    The 2014 Cabrinah Relauch kite is a scaled down single strut inflatable kite, designed to show students how to use a fully functioning 4 line kite. Since the Relaunch is designed to be used with a standard Overdrive control system, the student will be familiar with all of the control and security features by the time they get on the water for their 1st lesson. As the name denotes, the 2014 Cabrinah Relauch will teach a rider the real world techniques of water launching an inflatable kite by pulling on the left or right leader lines. It will also teach a rider the important technique of operating a 1X security system. 

    2014 Cabrinah Relaunch Trainer Kite Highlights

    • Single strut
    • Simulates interactive depower
    • Water relaunch
    • Depower
    • Compatible with overdrive 1x security & control system / bar not included

    2014 Cabrinah Relaunch Trainer Kite Color


    2014 Cabrinah Relaunch Trainer Kite Features

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Here at Kite-line, we heavily recommend learning to fly and control a trainer kite designed by Slingshot, Sensei, Ocean Rodeo, HQ, Flysurfer, Ozone or Peter Lynn. Without proper control and technique taught by a qualified instructor to go over basics, weather conditions, setups and maneuvers, it would be easy to rip a brand new kite or even be dangerous. While we highly recommend getting instruction from a reliable school, we know you can have a lot of fun learning on trainer kite.

Trainer kites are typically made smaller than a standard kite. While larger kites are a bit more smooth, trainer kites can have sensitive controls and features that can ease the learning curve for new kiters. Other things to consider are the number of lines, the presence of a safety leash, wind range, and use of a harness loop.