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Being out in the middle of the water in the middle of the can make things difficult to sea. Beyond just being bright, active windsurfing can have gusts of air and sheets of water coming at your face, affecting vision even more. Kite-line is proud to offer another top product in SeaSpecs.

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  1. Kite Line Aqua Azul Watershades

    Aqua Azul Water Shades

    Price From: $38.95

    Aqua Azul Water Shades have Light-weight Polycarbonate frame ends in non-slip rubber arm tips. Combine this with the nose pads and adjustable elastic strap, and you've got the perfect shades for water wear and outdoor use. Each pair comes with a carrying pouch that doubles as a glass cleaning cloth, and soft zipper cases are available as well. The zipper cases have a hook on one end and loops on the back for easy attachment in many ways. Low cost pricing and all the protection and comfort of glasses 25% more! Aqua Azul watershades combine a nice snug fit and vented lenses into a cool but practical design. They feature extra-thick 1.1mm Polarized lenses with anti-impact protection for toughness and 100% UV protection for maximum outdoor clarity.


    Matte Black 


    Carring Case


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  2. SeaSpecs



    Extreme Kiteboarding Sunglasses....

    State of the art sunglasses for all water sports. 

    Polycarbonate lenses.
    100% UVA & UVB protection. 
    They Float!
    Serure Strap System prevents loss.
    Comfortable Soft Nose Cushion.

    Great for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Surfing and other water sports activities.




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SeaSpecs come in 9 different frames and can be fitted with prescription lenses. The frames can be used with different color polarized lenses or clear. SeaSpecs are designed for extreme conditions and come with a non-removable nose and bridge cushion. The patented Extreme Secure head strap is also non-removable, yet still fully adjustable to almost every size head, man, woman or child. The patented Full Wrap Around Frame provides COMPLETE coverage of your eyes, keeping water and sunlight out of your eyes in adverse conditions. The patented Injection Molded Nylon Frames and Hinges are ventilated for optimal clarity, lightweight for comfort, yet extremely strong. If you manage to bail so hard that the SeaSpecs come off (not likely), you'll find out that SeaSpecs FLOAT!