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Safety Gear

At Kite-Line, we only offer the best in industry, so it should not come to any surprise that we only sell Q-Powerline. 39*Q-Powerline is the product of over five years of research and development focusing on creating a line specifically for the sports associated with traction kiting sports. The line is constructed with a unique core of high tenacity Spectra 2000 fiber, sheathed with and extremely tight braid of more Spectra 2000 fiber. We find that the line is the what traction kiting sports would find optimal. With virtually no stretch, there is very little time wasted making line adjustments. No sleeving is needed, making it easy to create sets to your personal preferences. Round cross sections minimize wind sucking drag, keeping the kite's forward speed at a maximum and response time to a minimum. With the tight external braid, dirt abrasion is minimized and made slightly stiffer than traditional lines, the lines are less prone to tangling.

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  1. NSI Reel Leash

    NSI Reel Leash


    A stronger, more durable version of the popular Reel Leash. The Reinforced Reel Leash is designed and tested to address the strong angular pulls and drags of beginners. The addition of a base plate and stainless steel eye bolts adds strength to the unit. All other aspects of this product is the same as the tried and true original Reel Leash. An added new feature is a durable, easy open stainless steel clip and an extension rope that attaches to the board.

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  2. Ocean Rodeo Go Joe

    Ocean Rodeo Go Joe


    After a successful introductory year the 2010 Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe is promising to be everything we ever needed. Stronger, better, lighter, and easier to use. A great idea and an innovative product that is moving from beginners to wave riders and mainstream users. If you don't have one it's worth to check it out.

    Traditional surfboard style leashes used to connect kiters with their boards have proven to be dangerous in both the water and on land. The GO – Joe™ is a new “leash free” tool to assist in the retrieval of your kiteboard without fear of being impacted or impeded by a leashed board. The GO – Joe™ is perfect for beginners and intermediates learning board recovery techniques. Advanced riders will appreciate the faster board recovery in extreme conditions or while learning new tricks.

    What is it?
    The GO – Joe™ is an inflatable tube structure attached to deck of the kiteboard that uses the natural forces of buoyancy distribution and wind to roll you kite board right side up and accelerate it down wind. These features combined with high visibility and additional floatation will make the use of surfboard style leashes in kiteboarding obsolete.

    Design details:
    1. The unique hour glass design of the inflatable tube structure places the self righting buoyancy at a high pivot point. This distribution of flotation will power roll your board right side up if it lands foot straps down in the water, (foot straps down create drag, slowing the boards drift)
    2. With the board right side up and foot strap resistance eliminated, the GO – Joe™ is positioned on the board forward of center allowing the wind to turn and sail the GO – Joe ™ down wind towards the rider. If the rider maintains their position with the kite at the zenith the board will simply sail downwind towards you.
    3. The hour glass shaped design of the GO – Joe™ fits comfortably between the riders feet and does not restrict mobility. The hour glass shape also eliminates drag caused by spray from the boards rails
    4. The GO – Joe™ is very light and durable using our proven manufacturing techniques.

    Construction and durability:
    1. The inflatable tubes are manufactured with the same techniques and materials used on our kite tubes. 110 micron PU inner bladder with HD Nylon outer cover. Bomber!
    2. Deck mounting plate uses the same construction as our foot pad deck plates.

    How to install the GO – Joe™
    1. Simply screw the GO – Joe™ into the grab handle inserts found on any board. Pump-up the GO – Joe™ tube, and you are ready to ride! Deflate the GO Joe™ for easy storage and transport.
    2. One size fits all; available in high visibility orange and yellow.

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The Reinforced Reel Leash by NSI was designed and tested to deal with the strong angular pulls and drags experienced riders. The base plate and stainless steel eye bolts adds strength to the unit. An added new feature of the reel leash is a rugged, easy open stainless steel clip and an extension rope that attaches to the board.

While traditional surfboard style leashes used by kite boarders have been shown to be dangerous in both the water and on land, the GO – Joe is an innovative “leash free” tool used to help retrieve board without the danger of being struck or tangled by a traditional leash. The GO – Joe is appropriate for beginners and intermediates learning how to recover their board. Advanced riders will be grateful for the faster recovery while learning new tricks or in adverse conditions.