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Kiteboarding can require a harness that can come in a seat style with leg loops, a waist type or a vest. With a spreader bar, the harness attaches the rider to the control bar. When the rider hooks in, the harness takes most of the kite's pull from the riders arms and spreads it to wear it is worn on the body. Riders are then free to perform jumps and other tricks while staying "hooked in" on the control bar. The most popular type of harness is the waist harness, worn by many advanced riders. Seat harnesses require less effort from the rider by design. Vest harnesses are often equipped with floatation and impact protection. While a kiteboarding harness may look like a windsurfing harness, they in fact much different. Ensure that you're using the finest harness from Dakine, North, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Naish or Ocean Rodeo as windsurfing harnesses tend to break very quickly when used in kiteboarding.

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  1. Kite Line 2013 Naish Mafia Waist Harness

    2014 Naish Mafia Waist Harness w/Bar & Pad


    The 2014 Naish Mafia Waist Harness is built around our revolutionary 3D internal plate, the 2014 Naish Mafia is intended for riders that need the foremost mobility, superior fit and support. The bar is made into the efficient bar pad with stabilizer strap to shield the rider. The handle pass leash traveler options dual-sided quick releases. currently with our exclusive FurTech for another comfort.


    Key Features:

    • Neoprene buckle covers
    • Grab handle
    • FurTech
    • Heavy-duty handle pass leash with quick release
    • Dual tension belt
    • Low-back support
    • Contoured side shape
    • Load-spreading patches
    • 3D-fit technology
    • Click-in spreader bar
    • Deluxe bar pad with stabilizer
    • 3D Internal Plate
    • Soft fabrics

    2013 Naish Mafia Shaping:


    2013 Naish Mafia Construction:


    2013 Naish Mafia Comfort:


    Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


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