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Footstraps & Bindings

In general, most kiteboards come with some type of foot strap that allows riders to attach and detach from the board easily. While not always true, this is usually required if you're looking to do jumps and board off tricks. Bindings are usually used by wake style riders trying to perform wakeboarding tricks.

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  1. 2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System

    2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System


    Kite Line 2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System

    With more and more board manufactures not supplying pads and straps with their board….NSI steps in with another market first!! The 2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System incorporates a new, unique design footstrap with the popular NSI Double Stuff Plate Deck Pad. The strap has a foam top surface, which provides proper structure and a unique look. The strap underside has a special neoprene to foam lamination for ultimate comfort. Easy adjusting system utilizing NSI’s proven cam buckle, like our popular Proton Strap, this strap offers great rider to board connection. The same color foam that is used on the strap is used as the top, grip layer of our Deck Pad (6 -7¼” insert spread). With heal and toe ramps, arch support and a toe bar, this multi density, thick and soft pad is one of a kind. Mount the strap to the deck pad, mount the plate system to your board and go rip. Together these 2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System work and blend together, Chameleon style.

    Available in these colors: Black, White, Blue, Gray, Snow Camo and Blue Camo (Please Specify Color when Ordering)

    2013 NSI Chameleon Strap & Pad System Sizes

    Small-8 - Medium 9-10 - Large 10-11 - XL 12+

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If you are a beginner or want a good all-round board, we suggest the slip-in binding. Wake style bindings can be difficult to take off and put on, especially while in the water. With one hand on the kite, this can make adjustments and removal quite difficult. Having a board strapped to your feet with a secure boot binding can also not be a good situation. The kite will keep going and the board might not always be in the best of positions. Slip in binding are a good compromise and allow you to spend more time riding instead of working on your equipment. As with all configurations, there are pros and cons to weigh out when selecting your bindings, so a little homework and research might be in order.

At kite-line, we offer bindings from Cabrinha, Litewave, North, NSI and Dakine. If you have any questions, let us know how we can clear things up.