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Footstraps & Bindings

In general, most kiteboards come with some type of foot strap that allows riders to attach and detach from the board easily. While not always true, this is usually required if you're looking to do jumps and board off tricks. Bindings are usually used by wake style riders trying to perform wakeboarding tricks.

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  1. 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding

    2013 Litewave Sandal Binding


    2013 Litewave Sandal Binding

    Litewave Lace-up:

    The patent-pending Litewave Foot Lock System (FLS) Sandal is the best foot-to-board connection available period.  

    The 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding has a 6” wide lace-up section that covers more of your foot for more edge control than a footstrap. The 2013 Litewave Sandal Bindings connection at four points eliminates fore-aft rocking to give the rider more direct edge control. With the 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding when you press on your toes, 100% of the energy is transferred to the edge of the board.

    The 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding injection molded pad is soft and superbly contoured to keep your heel locked in, form-fit your arch, and a toe-shelf lets you really hang on with your toes. The 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding thermoformed grip insert redefines traction.

    The 2013 Litewave Sandal Bindings Lace-up strap part uniquely attaches to the footpad independently of the screw that holds only the pad down to the board.  This makes it super easy to attach and remove, much like a wake binding. 

    Kite Line 2013 Litewave Sandal Binding

    2013 Litewave Sandal Binding Sizes

    The FLS Sandal Binding is available in 2 sizes, USA 5-11 or USA 9-14.  The FLS comes standard on all Litewave twin-tip boards or is available separately

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  2. Kite Line 2014 Axis Traction Pro System

    2014 Axis Traction System Pro


    Look no further. AXIS Kiteboarding has you covered! The 2014 AXIS Traction System PRO footpads/straps are the ultimate connection for you and your board. Lightweight, incredibly comfortable, supportive and designed from kiters with many years of experience to provide the best possible experience for you on the water. 


    • Lightweight construction 
    • Wider strap system for ultimate lock and support. 
    • 4 different strap adjustments for maximum configuration for any style of riding and foot size.
    • One size strap fits all feet.
    • Dual PE Layers inside the straps, with 100% foam rebound. Incredibly lightweight and great support at the same time.
    • Thicker and extra soft neoprene with no wrinkles when arched.
    • Velcro straps are hidden under protective flap
    • Bright 396C color to easily locate on the water 
    • Exclusive for AXIS, each AXIS Pad features Poron XRD (r) technology offering extreme impact protection. Your ankles and knees will thank you, each time you land hard!



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  3. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Bolt-Ons

    2014 Slingshot Bolt-Ons


    The 2014 Slingshot Bolt-Ons were created to increase convenience, comfort, and improved performance with easy set up in mind. The Velcro locking adjustment strap is uniquely designed to fit directly to the pad’s super structure and then mounts directly onto the board for the most complete lock down and non-slip performance. The Bolt-Ons 5 is stock with all 2014 Slingshot boards but mounts seamlessly to a traditional insert pack as well. Performance and Support all in one package!



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  4. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha H1

    2015 Cabrinha H1 Hydra Series

    Price From: $133.99

    The 2015 Cabrinha H1 attaches to the board with minimal effort and allows for multiple stance options with duck and heel toe offset options. It sits on a super cushy footpad with arch support, toe grips, and generous heel coverage. The 2015 Cabrinha H1 is a one strap asymmetrical body shape which provides a positive fit for the rider looking for board control with ease of use. The 2015 Cabrinha H1 is supportive yet lightweight and flexible, the H1 can be used for all types of twin tip riding from freestyle to freeriding. 


    2015 Cabrinha H1 Tech


    2015 Cabrinha H1, Why You'll Love It


    • Single adjusting velcro strap
    • New pad shape for a smooth comfortable ride while providing lots of grip
    • Triple position duck adjustment for personalized stance
    • Available in both small and standard sizes
    • Industry standard 6” mounting pattern
    • M6x16 stainless steel mounting hardware included
    • Cabrinha multi tool


    2015 Cabrinha H1 Sizes


    STANDARD 9-14 US / 41-49 EUROPE

    SMALL < 9 US / < 41 EUROPE



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  5. Kite Line 2015 H2

    2015 Cabrinha H2 Hydra Series


    The H2’s tunable ultra soft footbed creates a perfect landing pad to keep your heels intact when dropping from the sky. The H2’s wider base and fuller coverage cradles the foot for more control and precision to create as much edge pressure as you need when busting huge freestyle tricks.  The H2 steps up the connection equation with a two strap, wide body backless binding.


    2015 Cabrinha H2 Tech


    2015 Cabrinha H2 Sizes


    STANDARD 9-14 US/ 41-49 EUROPE

    SMALL < 9 US / < 41 EUROPE


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  6. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Dully

    2015 Slingshot Dually


    The 2015 Slingshot Dually also offers 4 vertical points of adjustment for a customized fit to the contour of your foot. The possibilities for a custom fit are controlled exclusively by the rider for maximum comfort and control. In addition the Dually includes our new bolt-on baseplate. It mounts easily to your board and offers limitless duck and stance options.


    The 2015 Slingshot Dually pad and strap system is entirely new for 2015. It includes an advanced dual density ergonomic pad. Our new footstrap offers dual zonal technology with 4x4 micro adjustability. Micro adjustment can be used to customize the fore and aft positioning at 4 different points. 


    2015 Slingshot Dually Features




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  7. Kite Line F-One Platinum Pads

    F-One Platinum Pads/Straps


    The F-One Platinum Pad has a unique process that allow to generate all possible forms while picking the best EVA foam density. Because a pad, it's those two essential things: a form and a foam. The F-ONE strap is fully adjustable to the size and shape of the foot and brings great comfort with a multilayer of different EVA density and its neoprene coating. The Straps Lock F-ONE facilitate the general installation because they are locked in independently from the strap. The straps lock are designed to give the strap the ideal angle and shape.   Probably the most comfortable combo Strap / Pad on the market. The F-One Platinum pads are in general difficult to design because they must fit all types of feet. They must ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel possible while riding, and absorb the impacts. With the straps, the pads must lock your feet in the ideal position. To obtain the highest quality pads, we have chosen an injected process that permits various forms and densities. 



    F-One Platinum Pad Technology Dual Density Foam - The upper layer is the softest, will absorb small impacts and will mold the pads to the exact shape of your foot. -The lower layer has a higher density and will absorb the strongest impacts.  Injected Foam: The choice of the density and its inner quality of memorizing its form are essential for the pad's comfort and its durability.  Hollow cones: To maximize the pad's cushioning and reduce its weight, we have placed holes where the pressure when riding permits.  


    F-One Platinum Pad Ergonomics Cant - Allows for the ankle to be positioned in the leg axis and to wedge the foot on the outside for the ideal riding position.  Anti-Forward Profile: The height under the front section is higher to prevent forward slipping  Anti-twist: The heel is clamped on the outside, thereby limiting the torque.


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  8. Kite Line 2013 Naish Digit Binding

    Naish Digit Binding


    The Naish Digit Binding has a proven design that is user friendly and comfortable for any size foot. The Naish Digit Binding features multiple angle options and lateral support, which was developed with simplicity in mind.

    Naish Digit Binding Features:


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If you are a beginner or want a good all-round board, we suggest the slip-in binding. Wake style bindings can be difficult to take off and put on, especially while in the water. With one hand on the kite, this can make adjustments and removal quite difficult. Having a board strapped to your feet with a secure boot binding can also not be a good situation. The kite will keep going and the board might not always be in the best of positions. Slip in binding are a good compromise and allow you to spend more time riding instead of working on your equipment. As with all configurations, there are pros and cons to weigh out when selecting your bindings, so a little homework and research might be in order.

At kite-line, we offer bindings from Cabrinha, Litewave, North, NSI and Dakine. If you have any questions, let us know how we can clear things up.