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Bar & Line Sets

At Kite-line, we offer kiteboarding bars from Cabrinha, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo and Sling shot. In kiteboarding, the control bar is a metal or composite bar that is attached to the kite with kite line. Riders grasp the bar and pull at the ends to control the kite, making the kite to rotate in either direction. A chicken loop is typically tied to the control bar and is attached to a hook or latch on a spreader bar on the kiteboarders harness. Most kiteboarding bars are also equipped with a quick-release safety-system and a control strap to manually change the kite's attack angle. While kite control bars are designed to be lightweight, they must also be very strong. Kite line is typically made heavier than water and "bar floats" usually made of foam fixed to the kiteboard lines just above the harness. These keep the bar from sinking when dropped in the water. Control bars are typically made for particular kite types and sizes and are not recommended for use with different kite types.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Cabrinha 1X Control Bar

    2014 Cabrinha Overdirve IX Control Bar


    Special Price: $447.00


    The 2014 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X control and security system is a compact joystick with loads of built in features. Our eternal quest for a simpler solution to control, handling and security, has produced our cleanest and most feature rich control system to date.



    2014 Cabrinha 1X Control Bar Features

    • 1X Security - Complete Kite Shut Down
    • Adjust Bar Length 8 CM in Seconds
    • Internalized Lines / Clutter Free
    • Depower On Demand
    • Removable Security Pin
    • Spinning Leash
    • Secondary Qr
    • Ergonomic Floating Bar Ends
    • Internal Swivel


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  2. Kite Line 2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar Control Bar

    2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar



    The 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar is one of the safest bars on the market with one front line flag out which ensures 100% collapse of the kite. When the safety is triggered, the kite loses all power and falls down all the way immediately. On the 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar, we changed the traditional depower line for coated Dyneema®, and we enlarged and polished the center hole on the bar, all to radically reduce depower line wear. The bar ends, made from hi-tech engineered elastomer are super flexi, soft and safe. A simple Clam Cleat ® above the bar ensures comfortable and reliable depower trimming of the kite. The Sick bar is finished with high quality, long lasting, and almost-zero elongation Dyneema® flying lines made in Germany. The 2014 Crazyfly Sick bar has exactly the same quality flying lines as the 2013 version, but this year’s flying lines are dipped in black color to be easily visible for snowkiting. There is no comparison for the material quality, weight, simplicity, and durability of the Sick bar.



    The new CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Plus, the 2014 Sick bar conforms to the international safety norm NF S52-503. The bar itself is a full carbon monocoque tube with solid center for extremely light weight, superior strength, and lasting durability. This year, the 2014 Sick bar has seen a number of upgrades, while sticking to its main ideals of simplicity and safety. Starting with safety, the new quick release has a new stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easier to trigger. The quick release cover is now made from extremely strong and durable DuPont® plastic. We have also added a Rim on the top of the quick release for better grip when engaging the release.


    2014 Crazyfly Sick bar Features


    Safety Certificate

    International NF S52-503 Certificate 

    The 2014 Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market. 

     Made in Europe

    High Quality Hand Made Bar

    • The first and only bar made 100% in Europe

    • All materials and components are made in Europe

    Elastic Bar Ends

    Soft & Safe

    • Made from hi-tech engineered elastomer are super flexi

    • Soft and safe

     Dyneema Depower Line

    Coated Depowered Line Reduce Wear

    Brand new coated Dyneema® depower line, enlarged and shinned central hole on the bar all contribute to radically reduce depower line wear.

    Full Carbon

    Monocoque One Piece Bar 

    • Full carbon tube on the sides for light weight

    • High modulus aerospace carbon fibers

    • Extreme strength and durability

    • Ultra light weight

     Push Away Safety System

    Quick & Easy to Trigger

    New quick release has a new stainless steel lever mechanism inside, which reduces pressure and makes the safety easier to trigger.

    • Easy and quick to trigger

    • 100% collapse of the kite

    • Easy and quick to assemble

    • Comes handy in deep water or troubles in waves



    2014 Crazyfly Sick Bar Highlights



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  3. Kite Line Naish Shift Control System

    2014 Naish Shift Control System

    Price From: $449.00

    Naish Shift Control System is a Pro Performance 5-line Control System. The Naish Shift Control System features a reduced diameter bar with a new Memory Core for a comfortable, ergonomic grip.  The new V2 Bar Center has been re-designed, providing smoother line entry to reduce wear and tear. The Shift System features a High-Y connection which incorporates an active 5th line for control over the leading edge arc, making it the perfect control system for hooked in and unhooked riding. It also features a single PU coated trimline to minimize wear and reduce excess bulk in the middle of the bar.  The Vario Bar End Adjustment allows the rider to change the bar length from 16”  to  18”  (40  to  45 cm) to fine tune steering.


    Naish Shift Control System Key Features:

    • NEW Memory Core for comfortable, ergonomic grip

    • NEW V2 Bar Center reduces line wear

    • Above-the-bar trim adjustment

    • Auto positioning Smart Loop

    • Single PU-coated trimline to minimize wear and reduce bulk

    • Through-the-bar flagging line

    • Premium safety leash with quick release

    • Back flying line adjustment under floaters

    • Powerflex bar ends & floaters

    • Vario Bar End Adjustment = 16”-18” (40-45 cm)


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  4. Kite Line 2014 Ozone Contact Water Control Bar

    2014 Ozone Contact Water Control Bar


    The 2014 Ozone Contact Water Control Bar offers the latest in safety features, a clean control bar design and a simple easy-to-use trimming system. The system exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards.


    2014 Ozone Contact Water Control Bar Features 

    Push Away Quick Release – The control system features a new Megatron pushaway quick release safety with total flag out of the kite. The release handle is ergonomic with positive release forces (under 8kg) allowing for quick and easy release. Simple re-assembly saves time and gets you back up and riding faster.

    Two Safety Modes – The Megatron offers riders a choice of two safety modes, the recommended standard safety or the optional Suicide safety.
    • The standard Flag out safety offers flag out in all situations by releasing the Megatron or letting go of the bar when un-hooked
    • The Suicide option offers flag out only when the Megatron is released whilst hooked in, allowing riders practicing handle passes to let go of the bar with out flagging the kites safety (not recommended)

    Anti-twist Flag Out Line – The flag out line running through the Megatron & safety leash attachment at the bottom keeps the leash tangle free when doing rotations and manually unwinding the center lines using the Spinning Handle.

    Low Friction Centre Piece – The control bar features a low friction aluminum center piece designed to reduce trim line wear.

    Auto Positioning Chicken Loop – Designed in conjunction with the bar center piece, the Megatron spinning handle allows chicken loop auto positioning, offering easy unhooked riding and hooking back in.

    Magnetic trim handle system – The Magnetic trim handle connects to a magnetic neoprene sock covering the clam cleat to reduce tangles when the trimmer is depowered.

    PU Covered trim line & cast stainless steel de-power ring – The tough PU covered trim significantly reduces wear when sheeting in and out, whilst the smooth running de-power ring also prevents trim line wear.

    The Contact-Water Control System bar sizes come in 45cm, 50cm and 55cm. The larger size PU chicken loop (sold separately) is perfect for riders with longer arms or for riders wanting even easier hooking in & out.

    2014 Ozone Contact Water Control Bar comes with 25m Flying Lines. Other Line sizes available are: 


    15m (-$60.00) - 20m (-$30.00) - 23m (-$15.00) - 27m (+$15.00) Please Specify when Ordering

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  5. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar

    2014/15 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar


    This new approach takes into account 3 specific areas, 1. Flight Control - Above the Bar, 2. Compstick - At the Bar, 3. Rider Control Center - Below the Bar. All three critical areas have been optimized to work in balanced harmony. As a complete system, the 2014 Slingshot Compstick blends the critical elements of safety, kite control, de-power, and convenience into a rider experience that is tested, trusted, simple, smooth, and intuitive.

    Today’s riders need to be at the center of control. Building on 4 consecutive World Championships, the new Slingshot Compstick with Flight Control and our patented Rider Control Center, is the safest, most comprehensive and intuitive control system available on the market today. We focused on the performance of three individual zones which work together to provide a world class rider-centric control system. 


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  6. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x

    2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x


    The all new 2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X security system now has a cleaner method to manage the 1X security line. The incredibly easy reconnection of the QuickLoop™ harness loop is now the new benchmark in the industry for simplicity. We have removed the external 8meters of security line to create a simplified lower V connection. The 1X line stopper is integrated into the centerline adjustment strap. The 2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X QuickLoop™ control system is a fully adjustable control bar featuring our all new QuickLoop™ opening harness loop.


    QuickLoop™ is an opening harness loop connection designed to work specifically with our 1X single line flagging security system. QuickLoop’s™ defining feature is its ridiculously simple operation of our 1X security system. Upon activation of 1X’s single line flagging system the power of a kite is immediately killed and it will rest motionless on the water or land. 



    2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Why You'll Love It

    • Depower on Demand
    • Internalized Lines
    • Low V
    • Soft EVA ends float entire bar
    • Recoil Trim Adjustment
    • Overdrive™ bar ends adjust a full 8cm in length
    • Incredibly simple activation and resetting of the QR



    2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Technology



    2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Size Info



    2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Inovations



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  7. 2015 Cabrinha Velocity Control System

    2015 Cabrinha Velocity

    Price From: $499.00


    The 2015 Cabrinha Velocity is available in 2 sizes, Packed full of features designed specifically for racers and use with the Velocity kite


    2015 Cabrinha Velocity Inovations



    2015 Cabrinha Velocity Size

    55cm Bar w/24m Lines

    65cm Bar w/27m Lines (_3m Extensions)


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  8. Kite Line F-One Complete Control Bar

    2015 F-One Monolith Control Bar/Line Set


    The 2014 F-One Complete Control Bar comes in 2 different sizes, 45cm or 52cm. 24m lines. Valid for Bandit and Trust Kite

    Includes: F-One Complete Bar Set includes Monolith Bar, Leader Lines, Top Front Lines (x2), Bottom Front Line, Back Lines (x2), Swivel,
    5th Line, Connector Depower Strap, Depower System, Clam Cleat, Chicken Loop, Safety Release, Finger, UPS, Kite Safety Leash, Handle Pass Loop, Floats.


    Bar Compatibility: Bandit 3/4/5/6/7 - Trust 1/2 and Volt 1/2

    Bar Sizes:

    • 45cm bar for kites between 4 and 10m2
    • 52cm bar for kites between 11 and 14m2


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  9. Kite Line 2015 Naish Fusion ATB Control System

    2015 Naish Fusion ATB Control System-18" - 20" (w/24m lines)


    The 2015 Naish Fusion ATB Control System is a 4-line system with above-the-bar trim adjustment for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding.



    The 2015 Naish Fusion ATB Control System is available with 24m flying lines.


    2015 Naish Fusion ATB Control System Features


    • NEW Lightweight Smart Loop with below-the-bar trim adjustment
    • NEW Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18”- 20” (45-51cm)
    • NEW Double Density EVA with Memory Core
    • NEW Replaceable Bar Center
    • NEW Heavy-duty safety leash with quick release
    • PU-coated trim line to eliminate wear and tear
    • Above-the-bar trim adjustment
    • Low-V swivel front line connection


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  10. Kite Line Blade Uni Control Bar 2nd Generation

    Blade Uni Control Bar 2nd Generation


    At the beginning of 2013 we were happy to have launched the Uni bar, which had been
    anticipated for quite a while. The Uni bar had been carefully designed and engineered for
    over 2 years, but the innovation did not end with its debut. Over the past year, we have been
    busy improving the quality and performance of the system, bringing  it to the next level.

    The 2nd generation Uni bar has many added benefits from its predecessor. Some of these
    improvements are in material, some in design and some are in new parts, but all of them
    are to ensure a comfortable, safe and long lasting bar. As you scroll down, you will see for
    yourself the added benefits of the next generation system. Enjoy


     With the help of experts in the field of kinesiology (the study of mechanical body behavior), we have given the Uni a supported diagonal cut on the outer half to promote comfortable, long-term riding. This tweak also allows for better leverage for increased turning speed. The inner half of the bar is still horizontal, which is perfect for freestyle riders who need horizontal leverage.
    • A unique kinetic profile design
    • Diagonal cut on outer half
    • Standard horizontal profile on inner half
     The Uni is designed to provide safety, dependability and worry-free riding. With that in mind the QR core is made from a strong nylon composite, similar to the material used to coat the shell. Smart engineering has provided line holes for easy replacement with any 6mm Spectra Lines.
    • Super-strength nylon core
    • Easily replaceable depower lines
     Having lines that are too thick may affect the kite's performance, while lines that are too thin and stretchy may do the same. Therefore the Uni is fitted with Austrian Teufelberger FL-14 and FL-10 series lines. The middle lines are fitted with the FL-14 model, which are slightly thicker but stretch 70% less than standard ones. The FL-10 is used for the outer lines, which lowers the overall weight and still maintains integrity.
    • Teufelberger FL series lines
     A large part of our design and testing processes focused on finding the perfect lightweight material, capable of contending with the extreme conditions associated with kiteboarding. Extensive research led to a solution found in airbag canisters. This special nylon formula has proven to work well in abrasive and prolonged ocean conditions. It increases the bar's rigidity without increasing its weight.
    • Special nylon coating
    • Rigid and strong, yet lightweight
    Custom fit construction keeps the entire chicken loop system rigid for easy rehook
     Specifically molded out of virtually indestructible TPE-X material, the chicken loop lock will never fail. It comes at a slightly offset angle as standard, so it's out of the way for unhooked riding but is easily fitted into the spreader bar for a freeride shredding session.
    • Indestructible TPE-X molded piece
    • Standard offset setting
    • Detachable
     A large part of our design and testing processes focused on finding the perfect lightweight material, capable of contending with the extreme conditions associated with kiteboarding. Extensive research led to a solution found in airbag canisters. This special nylon formula has proven to work well in abrasive and prolonged ocean conditions. It increases the bar's rigidity without increasing its weight.
    • Special nylon coating
    • Rigid and strong, yet lightweight
     The bar is fitted with a super-comfortable and strong grip pad. The embossing process provides a lightweight and durable outer layer. This has undoubtedly raised the standard in comfort and functionality.
    • Super comfortable
    • Durable
    • Non-slip, ribbed pattern
    Easily changeable bar length from 44cm to 52cm


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