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Considering your kiteboard, kites, gear and cost you a few million pretty pennies, it would be wise to invest in a good kiteboarding bag. Fortunately for you, here at Kite-line, we have several different bags that will suit your needs. Whether it's a quick trip for an afternoon on the water or you're packing for a plane trip for a month long kiting adventure, we carry bags from major manufacturers such as Crazyfly, Dakine, North, Naish, and NSI. When selecting a kiteboarding bag, ensure that there is enough protection to keep your precious cargo safe from drops, dings and dents with either a hard casing or major padding. Super light bags can also help you save money at the airport by shaving a pound or two from the cargo scale. Also available are compression stuff bags for your kites, day packs to hold your clothes and tackle box for your fins, lines, straps and tools.

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  1. NSI Deceiver "Golf" Travel Bag

    NSI Deceiver "Golf" Travel Bag


    The Deceiver accommodates boards up to 147cm in length, three kites, wetsuits, harness and other accessories. Check out the prominently displayed logo...NSI PRO GOLF. Now you can just slide that gear right through at check in!

    **Due to the size of this item, shipping charges may be higher than normal.

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  2. Kite Line NSI Sand/Rock Bag

    NSI Sand/Rock Bag Cylindrical


    A Very Durable NSI Sand/Rock Bag will Hold Your Kite With Confidence! This tough, heavy duty cylindrical shaped sand/rock bag holds your kites folded wing tip and easily rolls off for self launch.

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  3. Kite Line 2013 NSI Sand Bag

    NSI Sand Bag


    Keep your kite down with ease as you rig your lines. Learn More

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