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Considering your kiteboard, kites, gear and cost you a few million pretty pennies, it would be wise to invest in a good kiteboarding bag. Fortunately for you, here at Kite-line, we have several different bags that will suit your needs. Whether it's a quick trip for an afternoon on the water or you're packing for a plane trip for a month long kiting adventure, we carry bags from major manufacturers such as Crazyfly, Dakine, North, Naish, and NSI. When selecting a kiteboarding bag, ensure that there is enough protection to keep your precious cargo safe from drops, dings and dents with either a hard casing or major padding. Super light bags can also help you save money at the airport by shaving a pound or two from the cargo scale. Also available are compression stuff bags for your kites, day packs to hold your clothes and tackle box for your fins, lines, straps and tools.

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  1. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Surf Travel Bag

    2015 Cabrinha Surf Travel Bag


    2015 Cabrinha Surf Travel Bag Features


    • Fits 2 Surfboards, & 3 Kites
    • TPE Backed 600D Polyester
    • 10mm Foam Padding
    • Internal Fin Pockets
    • Internal and External Compression Straps
    • Ventilation Patch to Support Air Circulation
    • High Quality Wheels


    2015 Cabrinha Surf Travel Bag Size


    188 x 52 x 25 (cm) / 6'.5" x 33" x 8.5" (inches)

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  2. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Golf Bag

    2015 Cabrinha Golf Bag

    Price From: $299.00

    2015 Cabrinha Golf Bag Features

    • Airline friendly kiteboard bag resembles the shape of a golf travel bag
    • Fits 2 twintip boards and 3 kites
    • Internal Accessories
    • Tool pocket
    • High quality wheels


    2015 Cabrinha Golf Bag Size


    140 x 45 x 25 (cm) / 55.1" x 17.7" x 9.8" (inches)


    155 x 48 x 25 (cm) / 59" x 18.8" x 9.8" (inches)


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  3. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel

    2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel Bag


    A good surf roller is hard to find, but Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 is a great combination of size, padding on all sides, and light weight.  The tapered nose helps accomodate the surf board shape while decreasing overall material and therefore weight of the bag.  Quilted sides keep all the padding in place after all the moving around, and the dark colors and unique pattern help keep it looking clean while being very easy to identify.

    Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available. Thicker 7mm padding on all sides keeps your gear safe while tightening cinch straps on every side make the Wheeled Surf 190 super easy to strap down, shrink down, or carry through the airport on your next kiteboarding expedition.  Make transporting all your gear including surf boards a snap with the heavy-duty wheels on the bag.


    The NEW Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 bag is brand new for 2015.  Modeled after the very popular CrazyFly Golf Bags with all their great features and padding, but in a 190cm size to fit most kitesurf SURF and WAVE boards (6'0" and smaller).  This bag actually has Double-thick padding on nose to protect the tips, plus two internal flaps to separate boards, allowing space for 2 surf boards (with the fins off) plus other gear.  The flaps make three compartments, two for boards and one for kites, wetsuits, a twintip, or other extra gear.

    Dimensions: 190cm   x   50cm   x    25 cm

    Overview  -  Under 10 Lbs.!    9 lbs., 10 oz. to help reduce your weight so you can get more gear in the bag and be under the weight limit.

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  4. Kite Line Ozone Board Bag

    Ozone Board Bag 145cm


    The Ozone Board Bag has a large zip pocket on top of the bag makes it easy to access travel documents, maps or your wind-meter without having to open the main bag. All the buckles and straps can be tucked away when they are not in use to avoid any damage to them if they get caught during unwieldy airport baggage handing. Both tips are protected by the addition of extra scuff resistant material. This high quality durable bag will hold 2 boards and 2-3 kites with plenty of space for your bars and lines, harness, pump, wetsuit and travel clothes. There is a separate double padded section which will keep your board locked in place with straps to avoid movement and damage during travel. The massive kite and clothing section has three compression straps outside to keep the bag cinched to a minimum size. The zip pocket inside the top compartment keeps your fins and screws safe if you decide to remove them on long hauls.

    Ozone Board Bag Features


    • Super tough, tear resistant material
    • Length:145cm
    • 2 tough grab handles
    • Removable rucksack style carry straps
    • 2 zip pockets
    • Shoulder carry strap
    • Address label window
    • Extra Reinforced ends
    • EVA foam padding for ultimate board protection
    • A lightweight 2.5 kgs


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  5. Kite Line Dakine Club Wagon Bag

    Dakine Club Wagon Bag


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Features:

    • Golf inspired design for easy travel
    • 3/8" [ 12mm ] surrounds the bottom, front and back
    • Heavy duty urethane wheels
    • Internal gear compression straps
    • Full length duffle style lockable zipper top
    • Heavy duty handles
    • Exterior I.D. pocket


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Specs:


    140 x 40 x 25cm 8 lbs [ 3.6kg ] 
    155 x 40 x 25cm 8.5 lbs [ 4kg ] 
    190 x 40 x 25cm 11 lbs [ 5kg ]


    Dakine Club Wagon Bag Materials:


    600D Polyester


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