Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Contra

2015 Cabrinha Contra

Color: yellow/black

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2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite


The 2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite is the light wind kite of choice for all, wanting to extend their time on the water and pushing their riding abilities to a maximum. Full of power, while maintaining the agility of a smaller kite, the 2015 Cabrinha Contra delivers sharp and precise turning. Perfect for freestyle, wave riding and wakestyle, the Contra gets you up and riding even in the lightest breeze.

Why You Will Love the 2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite
  • Designed to be a lightwind extension to any kite in your quiver
  • Fun to fly in lightwind conditions

  • Enhanced profiles optimize the low end power

  • Direct feel with great response

  • Fast turning for lightwind performance

  • Optimized lightwind construction

  • Light bar pressure

  • Easy relaunch



Whether you are riding freestyle, wakestyle, surf or just burning around, the 2015 Cabrinha Contra has the muscle to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water. The 2015 Cabrinha Contra performance light wind kite is specially designed to maximize the kite’s power production in light winds. The 2015 Cabrinha Contra is designed to be a light wind extension to any kite in our range.



The 2015 Cabrinha Contra delivers distinctly sharp and precise turning that makes generating power and speed a snap, while maintaining the agility of a smaller kite. It’s this type of performance that has widened the scope of what is possible in light winds. 


2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite Rider Profile: Any rider looking to extend their game into the light wind arena.



2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite Colors



2015 Cabrinha Contra Wind Range



2015 Cabrinha Contra Technology




Additional Information

Type Performance Lightwind
Summary The 2015 Cabrinha Contra has the muscle to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Cabrinha

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