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2014 Blade Mist Kite (kite only)

Color: yellow/black

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Price From: $1,099.00

We’re proud to introduce the 2014 Blade Mist, a true freestyle machine.


The 2014 Blade Mist is an action packed C-kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights and help take your riding to new levels. At the essence of the design are the Sharp Contoured Wingtips, which effectively minimize the bridle system, making the kite very reactive to user input, but highly stable and forgiving to unwanted forces. Another great combo feature for freestyle and wakestyle riders alike is the ability to give explosive pop, but also continuous pull throughout the trick. This helps with stabilizing yourself throughout the trick and more importantly to offer a controlled and smooth landing.

2014 Blade Mist Features

• Explosive and consistently powerful
• 5 rigid struts for added stability and control
• Designed for high-end performance in all conditions
• Solid construction to withstand extreme crashes
• Bridle reduction wingtips for direct steering

2014 Blade Mist Performance


2014 Blade Mist Construction


LE Closing Seam

The LE seam is sealed with three layers of stitching, double layered Insignia Tape reinforcement and a final protective Dacron seam!


Valve Reinforcements

Additional valve reinforcements were added to firmly fix the patch to the bladder. One from below and one from above. We also purposely designed a new bladder adhesive to suit the unique requirements of kite construction.

Molded LE Guards

Molded LE guards are lighter, more aerodynamic, and effectively protect the leading edge from all your outrageous wipeouts.

Insignia Tape

We know you like to ride hard. That’s why the Mist has 25% more Insignia Tape in the delicate areas surrounding the LE. You can be confident that this kite will endure even the toughest impacts.

Bridle Attachment Point

Internally constructed, the leading edge has twice as many reinforcement patches. That means LE impact loads and additional protection from the constant wear of abrasion to the ground.

Teijin Techno Force

Our top of the line Techno Force canopy material has been a mainstay of our product line for 4 years and has proven to be superior to anything else on the market.

Dacron 160HPE

Unique Dacron material used for the leading edge, struts and tips which is considerably lighter, but efficiently stronger - thanks to our tried-and-tested, innovative box threading design, which has a more rigid construction and allows for a tighter weave.

MAD 2 Air Flow System

The specially-designed valve pieces on the Trigger’s one-pump system are 100% foolproof. You’ll be pumped up and ready to strap on your board in no time!

2014 Blade Mist Indicator


2014 Blade Mist Specs


2014 Blade Mist Q  & A


2014 Blade Mist Sizes: 7 / 9 / 11 / 13

Additional Information

Type Freestyle / Wakestyle
Summary We’re proud to introduce the 2014 Blade Mist, a true freestyle machine.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2014 Blade Mist Kite
Manufacturer Blade

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