Kite Line 2014 Blade 3rd Generation

2014 Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite (Kite Only)

Color: yellow/black

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2014 Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite is not just designed to keep you upwind, additionally its focused on letting you pull off your usual bag of tricks and shred on the water with a big smile on your face. Every one of Blade’s kites is designed to be ultra-responsive, fast and quick turning. The 3rd generation Fat Lady is by no means an exception. 

2014 Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite allows you to stop building sand castles and start ripping - light wind days should be just as fun as any other. Powerful and efficient, the Fat Lady has led the field in light wind kiteboarding. 

The Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite is perfect for experienced kite boarders who want to make an impression once they hit the skies over the bright blue water. The unique design of this kite aids avid participants of the sport to stay upwind for as long as possible. This ensures an enjoyable experience and, more importantly, makes it possible to pull off a ton of tricks. Whether you want to display your favorite tricks one more time or try a completely new one, this brilliant kite lets you do so.

Of course with this kite, you’ll be doing those tricks in style. The sleek look of the kite is brilliant. Looks may not mean everything, but they sure are a nice touch. With the Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite, not only do you get all the excellent performance traits you want and need, you gain an outstanding looking kite as well. Consider that a major plus!

The kite is designed to respond immediately to any movement you make, even slight ones. This way, turns are done quickly and without any delays, allowing you to perform in the desired manner. Again, this kite is a perfect one for those looking for an outstanding "X-Game's experience" in the great, grand outdoors.

The 3rd generation of the kite series comes with many outstanding improvements. The change in the shape of the wingtip combined with the deepening of the canopy airfoil contributes greatly to the ability of the kite to generate maximum power. This is all achieved with no loss to the kite's ability to turn swiftly and sharply without delay.

Even in light wind, the Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite delivers amazing performances. Are you someone with a deep love for kiteboarding? If you are, an investment in this particular model would be a wise decision.

Once you have it assembled, hit the water and let 'er rip.

Additional Information

Type Lightwind
Summary The 2014 Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite is designed to keep you upwind with a big smile on your face
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2014 Blade Fat Lady 3rd Generation Kite (Kite Only)
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Blade

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