2013 Naish Xeon Kite

2013 Naish Xeon Kite

Color: yellow/black

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The 2013 Naish Xeon Kite is for beginners looking for a simple, easy to use, ready-to-fly trainer kite package.

The 2013 Naish Xeon Kite does it all in an inexpensive, easy-to-use package. When it comes to learning the sport of kiteboarding, first time riders need to understand the basics of kite positioning, turning and control for launching and landing. 

Kite Line 2013 Naish Xeon Kite

2013 Naish Xeon Kite Sizes

1.3 - 2.0 

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Does kiteboarding look like one of those "X Game" activities you would like to try, but are not so sure you are cut out for? There is no reason to feel intimidated anymore. The Naish Xeon Kite is specifically designed for beginners. If you are just getting your feet wet (literally) and starting to become a bit airborne (also literally), this kiteboarding setup is perfect for you.

The design of the kite makes it very easy to use and you do not need a lot of experience in order to maneuver and handle one. The ready-to-fly kite package does not require a ton of assembly steps either. For anyone looking for a solid kite system for training, this just might be the perfect one to select.

Simplicity is a must when trying to learn how to kiteboard. Maintaining the proper kite positioning is a critical skill to master. The solid control bar connects to 20 full meters of flying line, and this further ensures excellent steering and control. Skills should be developed as early as possible, and having the right starter kite is a must to achieve results. The same could be said of developing the ability to launch and land a kite. The Naish Xeon Kite helps with all these important areas of training and performance and then some.

Impact should always be a concern when training and the mylar-reinforced nose helps reduce impact. The construction is brilliant as evidenced by the solid and durable bridle attachments, along with the excellent canopy with its excellent seams.

When training is done, you can pack up your kite and take it home with no hassles. An over-the-shoulder carrying case accompanies every kite package.

Does all this come with a high price tag? Not at all! The Naish Xeon Kite is affordable and fits many budgets, opening the door for beginners to give the sport a try.

Additional Information

Type Trainer
Summary The 2013 Naish Xeon Kite is for beginners looking for a simple, easy to use, ready-to-fly trainer kite package.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Discounts
Included Items 2013 Naish Xeon Kite - Bar and Carry Pack.
Colors Available No
Manufacturer Naish

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