Kite Line 2013 Spleene RIP Kiteboard

Spleene RIP High Tech Kiteboard

Color: yellow/black

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The Spleene RIP Kiteboard represents a clear idea of how a Kiteboard needs to be shaped. We benefit from more than 30 years of shaping experience when we develope our product. This is especially noticable on the Spleene RIP Kiteboard, were always motivated to improve the standards for this board. No one tells us what’s good and what’s not. No matter if it’s easy planing, upwind performance, pop for jumps or smoothness or riding, only the sum of all these features will result in the perfect kiteboard for you. The new Spleene High Tech Line RIPs provide clear proof that you don’t need to waive anything to have a perfect kite day.


The Design Features:

  • Advanced Jet Bottom Technology: This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the base side of the board.
  • Beveled Rail: lateral lifting of the rail for softer rides in choppy water.
  • Carbon Construction: The Spleene Boards receive their huge performance by the application of high-quality carbon in the laminate construction.
  • Dynamic Flex Control: The layers of the fibreglass are seperated in zones and decreasing towards the tips.
  • Full Center Rail: The more solid edge in the centre of the board prevents effectively from miscutting.
  • Progressive Scoop-Rocker: For really early planing and riding easily through lulls.
  • Stepless 3D Deck: Stepless 3D-Shape on top side. All transitions are without any step. This results simultaneously in a clear reduction of weight.
  • Twin 3D-Woodcore: All Spleene Boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore.

2013 Spleene RIP Kiteboard Sizes:

  • RIP 37: 137 x 42cm
  • RIP 40: 140 x 46cm
  • RIP 45: 145 x 46cm

Additional Information

Type Twin Tip
Summary The Spleen RIP Kiteboard represents a clear idea of how a Kiteboard needs to be shaped.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales.
Included Items Spleene RIP Kiteboard, fins, pads/straps
Manufacturer Spleene

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