Kite Line 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour

2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour

Color: yellow/black

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Special Price: $650.00


The 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour is not suitable for all riders. It is aimed at pros and at advanced riders who are looking for a stiff board with explosive pop. If you know how to treat it though, it will repay you and take your kiting up to the next level: guaranteed!!!



The 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour also utilizes a superb technology from the composite materials industry. Spread Tow Carbon Fabric provides more strength at lighter weights than traditional carbon weaves, and spreading the carbon yarn into very thin tapes enables the fabric to be evenly stretched ensuring maximum and consistent strength throughout the board with less weight. We have been working with carbon material for well over 15 years and there is simply no substitute. It’s not all about strength though - our designers have also added a slight layer of aluminum powder on the carbon fabric giving it a fancy sparkle in the sun!



The 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour is a stiffer board with explosive pop, so that you can really commit and load it for new school freestyle tricks and nail them with ease and style. It offers wide stance options to provide extra stability in difficult landings, and the unique design of the SEC Pads and Straps provides maximum lock in. Complementing the package, Razor fins - with ultra thin profile - enhance speed and ensure early planning. The 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour is the freestyle machine in CrazyFly’s range. Every detail on this board is developed and designed with freestyle and aggressive riding in mind. Innovative materials of the highest quality are employed - such as Spread Tow Carbon and Kevlar reinforcements - and our focus is on perfectionism.


2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour Features


Yellow Bullet Proof Kevlar

Army Strong & Feather Light

Kevlar is a high strength and low weight composite material used in military and space industries. This high-tech material provides extra strength and pop for the boards, which are designed for freestyle and wakestyle.

Spread Tow Carbon

Performance Meets Endurance

A revolutionary innovation in carbon fabric manufacturing. This brand new carbon weave brings more strength and lighter weight compared to traditional carbon weave.


Wake Binding Compatible

More Options = More Fun

These boards are fully compatible with wake bindings and are designed to suit wakestyle riding.


SEC Pads & Straps

Simple - Easy - Comfortable

SEC Pads and Straps are Simple, Easy and Comfy. They provide maximum lock in, support and comfort. These bindings are suitable for beginners and especially for riders learning to go upwind, because the board does not slip away and you can really edge hard easily. The SEC bindings create a feeling of riding in wakeboard bindings, but still offer the possibility to pull out your feet in difficult situations.



2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour Style

2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour Specs

Size: 133 x 41 136 x 41 139 x 41
Weight: 2.5 kg 2.6 kg 2.7 kg
Stiffness: 1000 950 900
Stance: 42 / 46 / 50 cm
16.5 / 18.0 / 19.5 Inch

Additional Information

Type Freestyle
Summary The 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour is not suitable for all riders. It is aimed at pros and at advanced riders who are looking for a stiff board with explosive pop!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2014 Crazyfly Pro Tour Kiteboard - SEC footpads and Straps - Quick Fix II Mounting System - Razor Fins
Manufacturer Crazyfly

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