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Wetsuits & Drysuits

Depending on the weather, a kite boarder may wear a wetsuit. Even in the warmest of climates and lightest of winds, a wetsuit provides ample protection from abrasions and even marine life. When kite boarding in cold water and high winds, a proper wetsuit will protect a rider from uncontrollable body heat loss. For these types of adverse conditions, we recommend a full wet suit, opting even for booties and a hood to keep every bit of heat you can hang on to. A "shortie" or spring suit is cut short in the arms and legs, providing warmth in more temperate climates.

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At Kite-line, we offer many variations of full wetsuits and shorties from Hyperflex and Ocean Rodeo to ensure that our riders have access to wetsuits with the most technical features and comfort. Also available are rash guards and wind guards, tops made to minimize wind chill and evaporative cooling effects as the sun goes down or in cooler climates.