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Bar & Line Sets

At Kite-line, we offer kiteboarding bars from Cabrinha, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo and Sling shot. In kiteboarding, the control bar is a metal or composite bar that is attached to the kite with kite line. Riders grasp the bar and pull at the ends to control the kite, making the kite to rotate in either direction. A chicken loop is typically tied to the control bar and is attached to a hook or latch on a spreader bar on the kiteboarders harness. Most kiteboarding bars are also equipped with a quick-release safety-system and a control strap to manually change the kite's attack angle. While kite control bars are designed to be lightweight, they must also be very strong. Kite line is typically made heavier than water and "bar floats" usually made of foam fixed to the kiteboard lines just above the harness. These keep the bar from sinking when dropped in the water. Control bars are typically made for particular kite types and sizes and are not recommended for use with different kite types.

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