Concept of Motion

Concept of Motion

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Concept of Motion

Concept of Motion takes you there - snow kiting the best spots on Earth, the best waves ridden by the best riders in the world, plus whatever the land or sea has to offer. Concept of Motion isn't about the latest trick, it's about the love of the elements we play in.

From Raging Nation, producers of Fluid Revolution, Zero 3, and 13 Daze Concept contains all the riders you expect, with a heavy emphasis on wave riding.

This video won't be out of date when the next new handlepass trick comes along, i.e. tomorrow. With a solid slate of footage, including handlepass moves, board-offs, wake moves, snow kiting, and in particular, wave riding, this video will last. And a great "road trip" feel makes it an experience every one can relate to. Some highlights include the best Lanes (Maui) waveriding footage we've seen, ultra fun and perfect California wave riding, a unique Oregon Coast trip, and some awesome snowking from Mammoth and Lake Tahoe featuring 16mm film footage of Jason Slezak and Mark Doyle.

Other featured riders are Adam Koch, Robby Naish, Chris Gilbert, Elliott Leboe, Stav Narchos, Ben Meyer, Sky Solbach, Paul Macaj, Martin Vari, Mark Shinn, Peter Trow...okay, okay, you get it, good riders. But what we like the most about this video is the effort the producers put forth on all levels. It has some of the best editing, best graphics, best effects, best flow through the movie of anything we've seen, all without being over the top. Darren and Floyd from Raging Nation really stepped up for this one. It was worth the wait.

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Summary Concept of Motion isn't about the latest trick, it's about the love of the elements we play in.
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