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Kite-Line has a ton of great back inventory for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snow kiting, and land boarding to help put money back in your pocket and your body back in the wind. With huge markdowns on great products from the best brands in the industry like Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Naish, Slingshot, F-One, and many more, there are always hidden gems in our clearance section for the price-minded individual to find. Find a new board, kite, harness, and other accessories at rock bottom prices that are priced to move! Any kite boarding enthusiast is sure to find something that catches their eye, at a price that keeps their wallet happy. Check back often because our clearance inventory is constantly changing. You wouldn’t want to miss the next best deal!

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  1. Kite Line 2015 CrazyFly Tango

    2015 CrazyFly Tango


    Special Price: $1,079.25

    As with all CrazyFly products, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango demonstrates the highest standards of quality both in materials and manufacture. It’s the perfect combination of great value, high quality and performance at a fantastic price. More experienced riders will benefit the most from the Nifty Bridle System, but the Tango can be comfortably used by almost any rider. With a four-line set up and very easy relaunch, this kite is a diverse power-house while being very user friendly. The Tango is a very unique kite with a revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly: the Nifty Bridle System. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango’s bridle very quickly and easily. 



    The different settings on the Nifty bridle system change the flight characteristics of the kite to the extent that it becomes better suited towards the chosen riding style. CrazyFly is the first company to introduce such a feature to the market that allows for three riding style settings on one kite. In the air, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango feels different on each setting. On the wave setup, the kite has very smooth turning and flight characteristics, and won’t backstall when you ride the wave out in front. It is very easy to control with soft power turns and feels very light in the air, flying with you down the waves to be there with power when you’re ready. This allows the rider to mostly feel the surf, as the Tango is very gentle on the wave set up. On the freeride/freestyle set up, the Tango kite is very dynamic. It turns quickly with perfect power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go.

    Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the 2015 CrazyFly Tango provides amazing upwind abilities on this setting. Last but not least is the wakestyle set up, where the Tango is extremely stable and provides the most power. When riding with the kite at forty-five degrees and going for a handle pass, the kite stays in the same position until the landing. In addition, this kite turns with loads of power in the wakestyle setting and offers strong power boosts for unhooked kiteloops.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Features


    Open-C Shape - The Future of C-Kites
    High speed turning C-kite feel with huge on the bar depower, so every rider can feel comfortable on this kite. 

    3 Struts Design - Reduces Weight, Increases Performance
    Reduces the weight of the kite and increases performance. Due to the shape and high quality of materials the kite is strong enough even with 3 struts only. 

    Nifty Bridle System - 3-in-1 - Wave, Wakestyle, and Freestyle
    The Nifty Bridle System is a very unique and revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango's bridle very quickly and easily. 

    Sick Bar - Simple and Clean
    CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Our Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm. The bar itself is a full carbon monococuqe tube with solid center for extremely light weight and lasting durability. It features a Sick click push away safety system, which can be quickly triggered as well as assembled. 

    Safety Certificate - International NF S52-503 Certificate
    The Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market. 

    Squared Wing Tips - Direct Feel, More Power
    Squared wingtips provide for a more direct feel of the kite and more power in the kite. This shape feature also increases the stability of the kite in strong winds. 

    Teijin Technoforce - Lasting Durability, Tear Resistant
    The most technologically advanced ripstop material for a kite canopy. This high density polyester yarn provides for ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability. 

    Easy Relaunch - More Riding, Less Swimming
    Just pull on one front line and the kite pops right back in the air. Every rider trying to learn new tricks will appreciate the simple and quick relaunch of the kite.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Specs



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  2. Kite Line 2016 Cabrinha Contra Kite

    2016 Cabrinha Contra Kite (Kite Only)

    Price From:


    Special Price: $1,207.20


    Get more days on the water with the 2016 Cabrinha Contra three strut lightwind kite. Designed
    to maximize power production in light winds, while ensuring effortless power
    control from our trademark depower-on-demand.



    The 2016 Cabrinha Contra Kite is able to execute sharp and precise turning. It has the power of a larger kite while maintaining the finesse of a smaller kite. Tuned to deliver the type of performance that will widen the scope of what you can do in light winds, the Contra is the perfect kite to extend your game into the lightwind arena. View 2016 Cabrinha Control Systems



    2016 Cabrinha Contra Features


    • The perfect lightwind extension to your quiver
    • Easy park and ride allows even advanced freestyle tricks in lightwind
    • Featherweight control ensures less work for a nimble,light in the hand effect
    • Works well with any board in your quiver
    • Easy relaunch
    • Light bar pressure



    2016 Cabrinha Contra Technology



    2016 Cabrinha Contra Specs.



    2016 Cabrinha Contra Colors (Please specify color when ordering)



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  3.  - 2015 Slingshot Rally Kite + 2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Board

    <Budget All-Around Package> - 2015 Slingshot Rally Kite + 2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Board


    Special Price: $1,723.40

    Slingshot Rally Kite + Crazyfly AllRound kiteboard package:

    Looking to get into the sport but don't want to end up with a "beginner" package when you get things figured out? Look no further... The Slingshot Rally is a top-of-the-line performance kite that is easy to learn and progress with yet is something the pros use to rip it up in the surf and freeriding. The Cabrinha Spectrum board is a great board in most any condition.

    Package includes: Slingshot Rally Kite, Slingshot Pump, Slingshot Compstick Bar/Lines, Cabrinha Spectrum with pads/straps/fins.

    The 2015 Slingshot Rally was the kite of choice for the Enable Passion transatlantic crossing. Slingshot’s legendary construction ensures maximum durability and performance. We use a state of the art manufacturing process and only top-of-the-line materials to ensure that you don’t ever miss a session. If you are into waves or freestyle or just want a kite that can handle anything you can throw at it, the 2015 Rally is the kite for you. 

    The 2015 Slingshot Rally Kite is still the most versatile kite ever produced, the 2015 Rally defines ‘confidence.’ Never before has one kite been able to accomplish so much for so many different styles of riding. The Rally delivers incredible wind range, maneuverability and low-end power. Quite simply it’s the most efficient and user friendly kite in the world.


    2015 Slingshot Rally Kite Features

    • NEW SIZES (5m + 11m), QUIVER BUILDER


    2015 Slingshot Rally Kite Details



    This new approach takes into account 3 specific areas, 1. Flight Control - Above the Bar, 2. Compstick - At the Bar, 3. Rider Control Center - Below the Bar. All three critical areas have been optimized to work in balanced harmony. As a complete system, the 2014 Slingshot Compstick blends the critical elements of safety, kite control, de-power, and convenience into a rider experience that is tested, trusted, simple, smooth, and intuitive.

    Today’s riders need to be at the center of control. Building on 4 consecutive World Championships, the new Slingshot Compstick with Flight Control and our patented Rider Control Center, is the safest, most comprehensive and intuitive control system available on the market today. We focused on the performance of three individual zones which work together to provide a world class rider-centric control system. 



    Rider Profile: For the rider who wants a versatile performance board that covers the whole SPECTRUM. 


    The 2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard is reengineered from the ground up with an all new design for 2016. As the name suggests, it really is designed to cover the whole spectrum of kiteboarding. It has an extremely wide range of use, in an extremely wide range of conditions. A new, thinner rail gives it clean water release for better upwind ability.



    The 2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard is much lighter weight design has a single to double concave bottom shape, which promotes water flow and upwind performance. The outline makes it excellent in choppy water and maintains enough surface area for great freestyle pop. Its fast rocker line gives you the sharp and responsive feel. Standing out in any crowd, this smooth and responsive board delivers excellent freeride/ freestyle characteristics. View 2016 Cabrinha Binding Systems.



    2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Features


    • All new design for 2016
    • Performs in a wide range of conditions
    • Dependable upwind tracking
    • Soft landings
    • Smooth and predictable board control
    • Includes 50mm fins, handle & mounting hardware



    2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Technology



    2016 Cabrinha Spectrum Size


    136 x 41 / 140 x 42 / 144 x 43 / 148 x 44


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  4. Kite Line Nobile 50Fifty Kite

    Nobile 50Fifty Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines

    Price From:


    Special Price: $1,104.15

    The Nobile 50Fifty is a powerful kite which will reward you with excellent lift and POP, combined with constant power while performing tricks.



    There is impressive speed and nice pull during the whole turning process, plus the stability, direct feeling and superb unhooked performance and easy relaunch make this the kite of choice for all of our freestyle and new school riders – guys like like Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madson… The Nobile 50Fifty is a hybrid C kite which perfectly combines the advantages of both C and bow kites. The 50Fifty features a superfast, thin profile, and in the middle of the kite you will find a floating strut. Not only is it lightweight, but it also absorbs the vibrations caused by sudden gusts of wind and eliminates fluttering. The kite is super-fast, yet the depower is out of this world, while the large surface wing tips improve the kite's agility and ensure intuitive feedback at the bar.



    Nobile 50Fifty Wind Chart

    Nobile 50Fifty Sizes


    5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 m



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