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If you need a rock bottom deal on some new kiteboarding gear then look no further than the Kite-Line clearance section. We've got the best kites, boards, harnesses and more from all the top brands like Cabrinha, Naish, Crazyfly, Slingshot, and many more. If you are looking to upgrade your board, kite, harness, or other accessories, or get started with kiteboarding, you can find some top of the line equipment at bottom of the barrel prices that keep you in the sky and your money in the bank. We are constantly updating the gear in our clearance section, so be sure to check back often so you don't miss a great deal on a top of the line piece of gear.

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  1. Kite Line 2015 Naish Park

    2015 Naish Park (Kite Only)

    Price From:


    Special Price: $525.00

    Designed with fun in mind, the 2015 Naish Park provides an easy ride, the power to boost and outstanding freeride and freestyle performance. The 2015 Naish Park is one kite that does it all for any rider, any style, in any condition. Its refined static bridle platform also improves forward flying, acceleration out of turns, and instant response while creating less pull in the harness. These characteristics are essential for unhooked riding.

    The 2015 Naish Park's powerful profile gives the rider outstanding low-end power and consistent pull over a wide range of wind speeds while the reduced leading edge taper and HD radial segmented arc provide a solid feel, extra stability and increased control. The Compact C outline and three-strut design create a stable and responsive kite. The Park uses just enough sweep to maximize depower and allow for easy re-launch.



    2015 Naish Park Highlights


    • NEW HD Radial segmented arc
    • NEW Canopy stabilizer
    • NEW Reduced leading edge taper
    • NEW High flow valve
    • Static bridle platform
    • Responsive handling
    • Easy water relaunch
    • Unmatched versatility


    2015 Naish Park Features



    2015 Naish Park Technology



    2015 Naish Park Range of Use



    2015 Naish Park Construction



    2015 Naish Park Sizes


    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


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  2. Kite Line 2016 Naish Custom LE

    2016 Naish Custom LE Surf Kiteboard


    Special Price: $659.75

    The 2016 Naish Custom LE refined rail flow increases response off bottom turns and allows for easy, precise edging. The overall flex has been increased to mimic a true polyester and wood stringer surfboard with a much lighter construction, adding snap off the lip and control when attempting sharp bottom turns. Built for high performance strapless riding, these cutting-edge surf shapes are ideal for experienced riders. The 2016 Naish Custom LE range features a high tail kick, deep single concave bottom and thinned-out rails for true surf performance. The slightly pulled-in tail creates a straighter outline in the tail section, which provides a stable platform with increased drive. 



    2016 Naish Custom LE Highlights


    • Honeycomb Core Fins = Lightweight + high flex
    • Refined Rail Flow = Increased response in bottom turns + easy edging
    • High Tail Kick = Tight & snappy turns off the lip
    • Thinned-out & Squared-off Rails in Tail = Superior control & grip when carving at speed
    • PU Core = Authentic surfboard technology
    • Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive
    • CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
    • 3D Double Density Stomp Pad = Traction + rear foot cushioning
    • Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top
    • Strapless Configuration = Pure surfing



    2016 Naish Custom LE Construction



    2016 Naish Custom LE Size


    Length Width Thickness
    5'7" / 170.2 cm 18" / 45.7 cm 2 1/8" / 5.4 cm
    5'10" / 177.8 cm 18 5/8" / 47.3 cm 2 1/4" / 5.7 cm
    6'0" / 182.9 cm 18 5/8" / 47.3 cm 2 1/4" / 5.7 cm


    2016 Naish Custom LE Accesories



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  3. Kite Line 2016 Naish Dub Kiteboard

    2016 Naish Dub Kiteboard


    Special Price: $390.00

    The 2016 Naish Dub Kiteboard offers riders the best of all worlds: superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle-inspired design. Ideal for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps, this board delivers insane drive, edging and pop. The new and improved rocker provides upwind performance and increased speed while maintaining a smooth ride—even in large chop. Its tapered rails reduce weight in the tips, defining the edges for increased grip and solid directional stability. In addition, the 3D bottom shaping utilizes center razor channels for increased edging performance and a flat center with increased V in the tips for controlled sliding.



    2016 Naish Dub Highlights


    • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/20 = Chop-eating & forgiving with aggressive pop + back foot directional stability
    • Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
    • Low Flex F32 = Ideal for medium speed riding
    • Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in axial & torsional axis + superior control
    • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip



    2016 Naish Dub Features



    2016 Naish Dub Construction



    2016 Naish Dub Bottom Shaping



    2016 Naish Dub Size


    132 x 41 - 134 x 42 - 136 x 43 - 138 x 43 - 140 x 42.5 - 142 x 43


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  4. Kite Line 2016 Naish Mega Kiteboard

    2016 Naish Mega Kiteboard


    Special Price: $682.00

    The 2016 Naish Mega Kiteboard rails gradually taper, providing lightweight tips and defined edges for outstanding grip and optimum flex. When paired with the quad razor channels, riders will experience unmatched edging, aggressive pop and a dynamic ride through both chop and flatwater conditions. The 2016 Naish Mega Kiteboard is designed for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board for speed and upwind performance. Thanks to its full carbon construction, a high-tension framework is created so shape and flex are never compromised. 



    2016 Naish Mega Highlights


    • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/10 = Powerful rocker for fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
    • Low Flex F27 = Ideal for medium-to-high speed riding
    • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip
    • Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
    • Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in both the axial and torsional axis + superior control
    • Supreme Pop Wood Core = Unmatched reflex characteristics
    • Off-axis Carbon X = Torsional stability + lightweight
    • Full-spread Toray® Tow Carbon = Extremely lightweight + exceptional flex characteristics + high strength-to-weight ratio
    • 3.5° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip + upwind performance



    2016 Naish Mega Features



    2016 Naish Mega Construction



    2016 Naish Mega Bottom Shaping



    2016 Naish Mega Size


    132 x 40 - 136 x 42


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  5. Kite Line 2016 Naish Monarch Kiteboard

    2016 Naish Monarch Kiteboard


    Special Price: $513.00

    The 2016 Naish Monarch Kiteboard delivers very direct power for upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand. Gradually tapering rails produce outstanding grip, powerful flex and directional stability. Lightweight, double-layer basalt fiber yields incredible strength-to-weight ratio and uniquely responsive flex—decreasing chances of distortion under the extreme loads of hard landings. Its 3D bottom shape provides increased tracking and phenomenal edging, while a reduced concave in the center section improves water entry and optimizes flex in between the rider’s feet. The 2016 Naish Monarch Kiteboard targets riders looking for cutting-edge design with energized freestyle performance.



    2016 Naish Monarch Highlights


    • NEW Double Basalt Fiber = Strong + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics
    • NEW Low Flex F25 = Ideal for medium-to-high speed riding + extreme pop
    • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/10 = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
    • Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
    • 6.5° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip
    • Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in axial & torsional axis + superior control
    • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip



    2016 Naish Monarch Features



    2016 Naish Monarch Construction



    2016 Naish Monarch Bottom Shaping



    2016 Naish Monarch Size


    130 x 40 - 132 x 41 - 134 x 42 - 136 x 42.5




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  6. Kite Line 2016 Naish Motion Kiteboard

    2016 Naish Motion Kiteboard


    Special Price: $367.00

    The 2016 Naish Motion Kiteboards surface area, full rocker, new beveled razor channel rails and responsive flex provide balanced power, superior edging, soft landings and a smooth ride in chop. The added fin beam in the tip section adds rigidity to the fin mounting area, thus increasing the edging ability of the board. Its solid pop and directional stability help riders of all abilities take their riding to the next level. The 2016 Naish Motion Kiteboard is for riders looking for unrivaled versatility in one “do-it-all” design. This board offers everything from freeride and freestyle performance to twin tip wave riding functionality. 



    2016 Naish Motion Highlights


    • Medium Flex F40 = Ideal for slow-to-medium speed riding
    • 3-Stage Rocker R7/3/20 = Chop-eating & forgiving rocker + back foot directional stability
    • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip
    • 4° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip




    2016 Naish Motion Features



    2016 Naish Motion Construction



    2016 Naish Motion Bottom Shaping



    2016 Naish Motion Size


    134 x 41 - 138 x 41.5 - 142 x 42


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  7. Kite Line 2016 Naish Skater Surf Kiteboard

    2016 Naish Skater Kiteboard


    Special Price: $711.00

    The 2016 Naish Skater has a durable honeycomb construction provides outstanding impact resistance in unison with the full deck pad. A pulled-in outline in the tail section and wider angled channel produce a tight turning radius and more snap—packing the maneuverability of a larger surfboard into a convenient, travel-friendly shape. The modern shape of the 2016 Naish Skater is perfect for beginner-to-advanced kiters ready to take their directional or strapless riding to new levels, in any surf condition, with the option of riding strapped.



    2016 Naish Skater Highlights


    • Honeycomb Core Fins = Lightweight + optimized flex
    • Triple Angled Channels = Increased flow to fins for extra grip & better turning
    • Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction
    • Lightweight Compact Shape = Ultimate control + balanced ride + convenient for travel
    • Honeycomb Impact Cell = Durability + lightweight + impact resistance + resists heel dents
    • Rail Dents on Deck = Optimized flex characteristics + easier grab & handling
    • Parallel Outlines = Stability + perfect balance + smooth in chop
    • Thinned Rails in Tail = Superior grip
    • CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
    • Double Concave Center = Soft landings + easy rail-to-rail transition
    • Surf Skin Bottom = Real surfboard feel on water + resilient + firm
    • Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top



    2016 Naish Skater Construction



    2016 Naish Skater Size


    Length Width Thickness
    4’10” / 147.3 cm 16 3/4” / 42.5 cm 1 13/16” / 4.6 cm
    5’2” / 157.5 cm 17 1/4” / 43.4 cm 1 7/8” / 4.8 cm
    5’6” / 167.6 cm 17 3/4” / 45.1 cm 2” / 5 cm


    2016 Naish Skater Accesories



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