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If you need a rock bottom deal on some new kiteboarding gear then look no further than the Kite-Line clearance section. We've got the best kites, boards, harnesses and more from all the top brands like Cabrinha, Naish, Crazyfly, Slingshot, and many more. If you are looking to upgrade your board, kite, harness, or other accessories, or get started with kiteboarding, you can find some top of the line equipment at bottom of the barrel prices that keep you in the sky and your money in the bank. We are constantly updating the gear in our clearance section, so be sure to check back often so you don't miss a great deal on a top of the line piece of gear.

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  1. Kite Line 2015 Axis Limited Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Limited Kiteboard


    Special Price: $759.20

    Sleek, sharp, sophisticated, powerful, responsive, and precise. We have combined these characteristics into our flagship freestyle board, the 2015 Axis Limited. The 2015 Axis Limited is all about performance. We threw in all the chips making this badboy. The care, precision, and knowledge used to design this board is apparent when riding. Only the best materials are sourced to give riders who demand the best the Axis Limited.



    We can’t tell you the magic formula of the 2015 Axis Limited composition, but we can tell you we have the perfect combination of a Paulownia wood core and 100% lightweight carbon fiber on top and bottom, to give the most responsive board in our range. Excelling with pads/straps or boots the Limited is our highest performance kiteboard. The 2015 Limited is the board to maximize your competitive heats, stay high in the box, spin, pass, grab or simply just roll with maximum steeze at the home spot.


     2015 Axis Limited Sizes


    132 x 40 - 134 x 41 - 136 x 42 - 138 x 42.5 - 140 x 43


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  2. Kite Line 2015 Axis Patrol Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Patrol Kiteboard


    Special Price: $599.20

    Make the most of every day kiting with the 2015 AXIS Patrol. Incredibly maneuverable, the Patrol has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, achieve more power from the kite and even allow freestyle riding in light winds. Enjoy the flat, butter smooth uncrowded water all to yourself. 



    The 2015 AXIS Patrol has maintained the construction and design details from its 2014 predecessor, while improved further on materials and manufacturing process. Light, strong, snappy and ready to pop in the lightest conditions. The 2015 AXIS Patrol is designed specifically for light wind conditions in two sizes. 144 x 45cm & 148 x 47cm. The Patrol has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave creating a faster board with less drag.


    2015 AXIS Patrol Size


    144 x 45 / 148 x 47



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  3. Kite Line 2015 Axis Ultra Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Ultra Kiteboard


    Special Price: $759.20

    The 2015 Axis Ultra Kiteboard has the same shape as the 2015 Patrol but lighter and more responsive thanks to BIAX Carbon upgrades giving the highest performance light wind twin tip in our AXIS kiteboarding range – probably across any other light wind board on the market.



    The 2015 Axis Ultra Kiteboard is available in two sizes, so regardless of wind or riders size, exceptional performance can be experienced, taking your riding to the next level even in light wind conditions. This is the only light wind freestyle board on the market. So don’t be fooled. You will be throwing down with this board, in the lightest possible conditions.


    2015 Axis Ultra Size


    144 x 45 / 148 x 47

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  4. Kite Line 2015 Axis Wood Pro Wave Surf Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Wood Pro Wave Surf Kiteboard


    Special Price: $599.20

    The 2015 Axis Wood Pro Wave is our performance surfboard and the choice of our pro riders when the surf gets large and heavy. The shape features a narrow square-tail and pronounced rocker which make it quick and ideal for aggressive pocket surfing. The turns are insane! Choose the Pro Wave for heavy and bigger waves, when control, performance, and the highest scores are needed.



    The 2015 Axis Wood Pro Wave comes with the rear EVA footpad already mounted with the option for you to mount the extended pre-drilled front pad or wax if you like the direct feel of a surfboard. The Pro Wave can be ridden with straps also and is suited for large powerful waves when you need a solid performance board you can depend on for critical surfing, solid carves and throwing buckets!


    2015 Axis Wood Pro Wave Size


    6'0" x 18.5"


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  5. Kite Line 2015 Axis Wood Wave Surf Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Wood Wave Surf Kiteboard


    Special Price: $599.20

    The 2015 Axis Pure wave is our dedicated surfboard shape for wave riding. We all love the idea of kitesurfing our shortboards, but alas we all know surfboards do not last long. So at Axis we created a strong durable board that has the flex and feel of our favourite surfboards, and gave them to the surf team to destroy. Through thorough testing we achieved a sweet balance of weight, durability and performance.



    The 2015 Axis Pure Wave boards come with the rear EVA footpad already mounted with the option for you to mount the pre-drilled front pad or wax if you like the direct feel of a surfboard. The Pure Wave has a surfboard leash plug and can be ridden with straps also. It is suited for waves up head height with good down the line speed and tight turns in the pocket.


    2015 Axis Pure Wave Size


    5'4" x 17.75" / 5'7" x 18.5" / 5'10" x 19.66"


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  6. Kite Line 2015 Axis Wooden Spud Surf Kiteboard

    2015 Axis Wooden Spud Surf Kiteboard


    Special Price: $599.20

    The 2015 Axis Wooden Spud (means potato in New Zealand)  is our specialist shape for anyone who does not live at the sideshore/crosshore turquoise firing surfbreak where you can see your kite through the clear lip while being barreled in the lovely tropical waters of never never land. That’s right, picture yourself making the most of small mushy onshore waves, surfing a lake, throwing down strapless airs, or racing sections for a bit of sideways slide hacks on small onshore mush!



    The 2015 Axis Wooden Spud started its life as the 5’0” model inspired by the Californian surfers and kitesurfers who revere this size and shape board when conditions are not perfect. AXIS team rider Alex Lewis-Hughes enjoyed the prototype board claiming its fun in crap conditions and began to work with shaper Adrian Roper to create 2 more sizes, the 5’3” and the 5’6”. Like all AXIS surfboards, the Wooden Spud comes with the rear EVA footpad already mounted with the option for you to mount the pre-drilled front pad or wax if you like the direct feel of a surfboard. The Wooden Spud has a surfboard leash plug and can be ridden with straps also. These boards are suited for smaller waves up head height with good speed, loose turns, and great shape for throwing around on the wave or in the air.


    2015 Axis Wooden Spud Size


    5'0" x 20.5" / 5'3" x 19.5" / 5'6" x 19.5"


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  7. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    Price From:


    Special Price: $951.75

    Why You Will Love your new 2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    • Podium proven competition performance
    • C-Shape arc for excellent freestyle and wakestyle performance
    • Engineered specifically for unhooked tricks
    • Carries power through turns for massive kiteloops
    • High aspect forward sitting kite that edges out well
    • Direct steering
    • Tuned profiles to quickly generate board speed


    With the 2015 Cabrinha Chaos, you can throw a kite loop with the tightest arc possible, and the kite will hit the zenith with plenty of time to cushion your landing.


    The 2015 Cabrinha Chaos freestyle kite is a highly technical freestyle / wakestyle kite capable of winning world class freestyle competitions. Everything put into this design is aimed at performing at the highest level of freestyle. This high aspect C shape is exactly what is needed for bursts of speed and the ability for the lines to slacken when unhooked. 


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Wind Range


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Technology

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  8. Kite Line 2015 CrazyFly Tango

    2015 CrazyFly Tango


    Special Price: $1,079.25

    As with all CrazyFly products, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango demonstrates the highest standards of quality both in materials and manufacture. It’s the perfect combination of great value, high quality and performance at a fantastic price. More experienced riders will benefit the most from the Nifty Bridle System, but the Tango can be comfortably used by almost any rider. With a four-line set up and very easy relaunch, this kite is a diverse power-house while being very user friendly. The Tango is a very unique kite with a revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly: the Nifty Bridle System. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango’s bridle very quickly and easily. 



    The different settings on the Nifty bridle system change the flight characteristics of the kite to the extent that it becomes better suited towards the chosen riding style. CrazyFly is the first company to introduce such a feature to the market that allows for three riding style settings on one kite. In the air, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango feels different on each setting. On the wave setup, the kite has very smooth turning and flight characteristics, and won’t backstall when you ride the wave out in front. It is very easy to control with soft power turns and feels very light in the air, flying with you down the waves to be there with power when you’re ready. This allows the rider to mostly feel the surf, as the Tango is very gentle on the wave set up. On the freeride/freestyle set up, the Tango kite is very dynamic. It turns quickly with perfect power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go.

    Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the 2015 CrazyFly Tango provides amazing upwind abilities on this setting. Last but not least is the wakestyle set up, where the Tango is extremely stable and provides the most power. When riding with the kite at forty-five degrees and going for a handle pass, the kite stays in the same position until the landing. In addition, this kite turns with loads of power in the wakestyle setting and offers strong power boosts for unhooked kiteloops.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Features


    Open-C Shape - The Future of C-Kites
    High speed turning C-kite feel with huge on the bar depower, so every rider can feel comfortable on this kite. 

    3 Struts Design - Reduces Weight, Increases Performance
    Reduces the weight of the kite and increases performance. Due to the shape and high quality of materials the kite is strong enough even with 3 struts only. 

    Nifty Bridle System - 3-in-1 - Wave, Wakestyle, and Freestyle
    The Nifty Bridle System is a very unique and revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango's bridle very quickly and easily. 

    Sick Bar - Simple and Clean
    CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Our Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm. The bar itself is a full carbon monococuqe tube with solid center for extremely light weight and lasting durability. It features a Sick click push away safety system, which can be quickly triggered as well as assembled. 

    Safety Certificate - International NF S52-503 Certificate
    The Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market. 

    Squared Wing Tips - Direct Feel, More Power
    Squared wingtips provide for a more direct feel of the kite and more power in the kite. This shape feature also increases the stability of the kite in strong winds. 

    Teijin Technoforce - Lasting Durability, Tear Resistant
    The most technologically advanced ripstop material for a kite canopy. This high density polyester yarn provides for ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability. 

    Easy Relaunch - More Riding, Less Swimming
    Just pull on one front line and the kite pops right back in the air. Every rider trying to learn new tricks will appreciate the simple and quick relaunch of the kite.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Specs



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  9. Kite Line 2015 Dakine Pyro Waist Harness

    2015 Dakine Pyro Waist Harness


    Special Price: $125.00

    The 2015 Dakine Pyro waist harness has a unique multiple panel outer shell allows shaping seams and variations in material to create the best fitting waist harness ever! The inner is specifically designed to give lumbar support and comfort with or without a wetsuit. The Power Clip buckle and separate hold down webbing keep the bar down and in place. The 2015 Dakine Pyro Harness waist harness is equipped with the fixed hook Hammerhead spreader bar and made from marine grade Marine Grade Vinyl.

    2015 Dakine Pyro Features

    • Power Clip Lock Buckle System
    • Hammerhead spreader bar
    • Freedon shape spreader bar pad
    • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
    • Dual blade hook knife
    • Pre-Curved P.E.B. inner support structure
    • Featherweight ES foam molder interior
    • spreader bar hold down webbing strap
    • Two side key / knife pockets with elastic loop
    • independant primary and secondary power belt
    • intergrated handle and leash attachment
    • Left or right side attachement ring



    2015 Dakine Pyro Sizes

    XS= 28-30" (71-76cm) - S= 30-32" (76-81cm) - M= 32-34" (81-86cm) - L= 34-36" (86-91cm) - XL= 36-38" (91-96cm)

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  10. Kite Line 2015 Naish Custom L E

    2015 Naish Custom L E Kite Surfboard


    Special Price: $659.75

    Naish’s proven Armor Frame Technology provides outstandig shock resistance and durability while its newly refined rail flow increases response off bottom turns and allows easy, precise edging. When combined with the added UD Carbon in the tail and bottom areas, riders will experience direct load transfer to the rails and overall flex characteristics for even sharper, controlled bottom turns and snap off the lip. The range features a high tail kick, deep single concave bottom and thinned out rails for true surf performance. The 2015 Naish Custom LE has state-of-the-art surf shapes for high performance, strapless riding.



    2015 Naish Custom L E Highlights


    • NEW Refined Rail Flow = Increased response in bottom turns + easy edging
    • NEW High Tail Kick = Tight & snappy turns off the lip
    • NEW Thinned Out & Squared Off Rails in Tail = Superior control & grip when carving at speed
    • NEW UD Carbon in Tail = Optimum load transfer to rails during turns
    • NEW UD Carbon on Bottom = Optimized flex characteristics
    • Armor Frame Technology = Outstanding shock & impact resistance
    • PU Core = Authentic surfboard technology
    • Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive
    • CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
    • 3D Double Density Stomp Pad = Traction + rear foot cushioning
    • Thruster Fin Set-up = Snappy + control + release off the top
    • Carbon Torsion Cross Fins = Lightweight + optimized flex
    • Strapless Configuration = Pure surfing



    2015 Naish Custom L E Construction



    2015 Naish Custom L E Sizes


    Length: 5’7” - Width: 18” - Thick: 2 ⅛”
    Length: 5'10" - Width: 18 ⅝ " - Thick: 2 ¼ " 
    Length: 6'0" - Width: 18 ⅝ " - Thick: 2 ¼ "


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  11. Kite Line 2015 Naish Monarch

    2015 Naish Monarch Kiteboard


    Special Price: $449.00

    The 2015 Naish Monarch features rails that gradually taper, providing lightweight tips and defined edges for outstanding grip, dynamic flex and directional stability. The new lightweight basalt fiber construction provides incredible strength-to-weight ratio and uniquely responsive flex, decreasing chances of distortion under the extreme loads of hard landings. Its 3D bottom shape, composed of new beveled razor channel rails and steep hexa tunnel tips, provides increased tracking and phenomenal edging. The further reduced concave in the center section also improves water entry and optimizes flex in between the rider’s feet. The 2015 Naish Monarch targets riders looking for a state-of-the-art design with energized freestyle performance. It delivers very direct power for upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand.


    2015 Naish Monarch Highlights


    • NEW 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/10 = Powerful rocker for fast riding, aggressive pop and a lively feel
    • NEW Low Flex F29 = Ideal for medium-to-high speed riding + extreme pop
    • NEW Basalt Fiber = Strength + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics
    • NEW Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
    • NEW 6.5° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip
    • Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in both the axial and torsional axis + superior control
    • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip


    2015 Naish Monarch Features


    2015 Naish Monarch Construction



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  12. Kite Line 2015 Naish Park

    2015 Naish Park (Kite Only)

    Price From:


    Special Price: $630.00

    Designed with fun in mind, the 2015 Naish Park provides an easy ride, the power to boost and outstanding freeride and freestyle performance. The 2015 Naish Park is one kite that does it all for any rider, any style, in any condition. Its refined static bridle platform also improves forward flying, acceleration out of turns, and instant response while creating less pull in the harness. These characteristics are essential for unhooked riding.

    The 2015 Naish Park's powerful profile gives the rider outstanding low-end power and consistent pull over a wide range of wind speeds while the reduced leading edge taper and HD radial segmented arc provide a solid feel, extra stability and increased control. The Compact C outline and three-strut design create a stable and responsive kite. The Park uses just enough sweep to maximize depower and allow for easy re-launch.



    2015 Naish Park Highlights


    • NEW HD Radial segmented arc
    • NEW Canopy stabilizer
    • NEW Reduced leading edge taper
    • NEW High flow valve
    • Static bridle platform
    • Responsive handling
    • Easy water relaunch
    • Unmatched versatility


    2015 Naish Park Features



    2015 Naish Park Technology



    2015 Naish Park Range of Use



    2015 Naish Park Construction



    2015 Naish Park Sizes


    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


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  13. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX

    2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX


    Special Price: $399.00

    The 2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX’s unique volume distribution features a narrow “truncated” nose and wide swallow tail delivering more performance without jeopardizing speed. While the double concave and subtle V spine allows the board to transition from edge to edge for a fun and agile ride. Utilizing the quad fin setup allows surfers to fine tune the performance of their board with either the two or quad fin set up.

    Whatever the wave, the 2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX will have you begging for one more ride. Inspired by the Ankle Biter and the T-Rex surfboard, the all new Alien Twister is undoubtedly the most progressive shape yet. Its short length enables it to fit perfectly into the pocket while the concave deck provides a skateboard feel, giving you more control and maneuverability.

    2015 Slingshot Alien Twister FX Features


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  14. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow

    2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow


    Special Price: $399.00

    The Angry Swallow also features the FCS II Fin Setup that allows for multiple fin setups to fit your conditions and riding style. The shorter board sizes make it easy to take with you to your favorite wave destination and fits in a wider variety of travel bags. Each of the sizes rides like a larger board without the weight and hassle. Our Fluid X Dampening System reduces vibration which improves feel. Also new this year, Slingshot is the first brand to incorporate the new FCSII fin system, no more tools… no more headaches!



    The 2015 Angry Swallow is proven to be the most unique surfboard shape in kiteboarding. The T-Rex design with a truncated nose significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central control point on the board — making airs, spins and flip tricks easier than any other board. The parallel outline reduces drag and increases water speed to get more upwind performance without jeopardizing stability. 


    2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow Features





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  15. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard

    2015 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard


    Special Price: $299.00

    Features for 2015 Slingshot Asylum Kiteboard include the industry’s only Atomic Wood Core with laser cut channels. Flex performance is magnified through our Future Response Technology, delivering massive pop and outstanding flex/ rebound characteristics. Precision laser cut channels offer all the drive you need for upwind performance as well as insane tracking through all water conditions. Engineered to ride with or without fins.


    However you choose to ride your 2015 Slingshot Asylum, rest assured you’ll be backed by Slingshot’s legendary construction and durability. The Asylum returns for 2015 as a top choice of elite pros and everyday core riders. The board’s unique blend of precision laser cut channels and aggressive rocker allows any riding style to excel.


    2015 Slingshot Features


    2015 Slingshot Sizes


    134 (Red) - 138 (Yellow) - (Blue) 141



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  16. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Ballistic Harness

    2015 Slingshot Ballistic Harness


    Special Price: $89.00

    The 2015 Slingshot Ballistic Harness has a unique 3-D thermo shaping conforms to the body allowing for maximum mobility without sacrificing support and comfort. The integrated Lock Down Spreader Bar and pad disperses the load and does not twist or ride up.The Fiberglass battens provide just the right amount of back support.The Flex Edge outline makes everything much more comfortable and helps to avoid chaffing.



    2015 Slingshot Ballistic Harness Features




    2015 Slingshot Ballistic Harness Specs



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  17. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard

    2015 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard


    Special Price: $249.00

    The 2015 Slingshot Crisis is ridden by leading pros such as Eric Rienstra and found in the hands of kiter’s new to our sport everywhere. The Crisis is incredibly versatile and user friendly making it an ideal Freeride board that you will never out grow. The 2015 Slingshot Crisis delivers dynamic feel, provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge-to-edge control and ultra-soft landings in all conditions. Its progressive shape is ideal for advanced Freeride tricks as well as riding and carving through the swell or chop. 

    2015 Slingshot Crisis Features

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  18. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Super Grom Kiteboard

    2015 Slingshot Super Grom Kiteboard


    Special Price: $249.00

    The future is bright, and it’s even brighter on the 2015 Super Grom. The 2015 Slingshot Super Grom is officially a hit, and with good reason! The sky is the limit for groms these days, which is why we built them a high performance board with flex technology and other great features to take their riding to the next level. The XL Slingshot Fusion Sidewalls help protect the board from impact and the ES base is designed to withstand the thousands of rail hits in the park. With the Future Response Technology the Super Grom gets bigger pop and smoother landings.


    2015 Slingshot Super Grom



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  19. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard

    2015 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard


    Special Price: $299.00

    Combining NACA TECH with our refined rocker line, the 2015 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard will maintain its place at the head of the class in freestyle boards. The 2015 Slingshot Vision Kiteboard returns for 2015 supercharged with new features like our super tough DURA-base to make it the ultimate freestyle kiteboard. We’ve stiffened the Vision’s flex pattern to increase pop and soften landings.

    Our proven outline and rails prevent spray by focusing the water down and away from the rider. Our laser cutting technology enables us to go where the competition can’t with the first ever NACA TECH* channel configuration on a full wood-core board. Like a vacuum, the NACA TECH channels water from the middle of the board to the tip, accelerating it through the channel and increasing the overall board speed and grip to the water. 

    2015 Slingshot Vision Features

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  20. Kite Line 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Division Kiteboard


    2016 Axis Division Kiteboard


    Read more on what Axis says about the 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard


    The 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard has a straighter outline in the middle and is more curved in the tips making it smooth and stable, instantly comfortable, and a blast to use. The bottom shape is less complicated than some of our more aggressive freestyle models but still provides a good grip. In addition, the new rocker line allows the 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard to glide over the water, which, coupled with the bottom shape, reduces the drag of the board, makes it faster, provides more upwind ability, and makes for some smooth, solid landings. The 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard outline, flex, and bottom shape allow this board to butter through chop and still deliver when it is pushed to the next level. On the smaller sizes the 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard has been highly revered by our younger riders and female riders because it is very light and has the correct amount of pop that lighter riders need to achieve their goals. The 2016 Axis Division Kiteboard is super comfortable to ride. Ride it for the first time, and it will feel like the best board ever.


    2016 Axis Division Kiteboard Sizes


    128 x 38 - 133 x 40 - 135 x 41 - 138 x 42


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  21. Kite Line 2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard


    2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard


    Read more on what Axis says about the 2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard


    AXIS' newest addition to the Vanguard family is this little ripper designed especially for your little rippers, the 2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard 115cm. Developed with a crew of frothers as young as 7 over in Safety Bay, West Australia, this board is a high performance freestyle Vanguard, just in a smaller package. We gave the 2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard graphics an extra splash of colour but underneath the skin is the same proven construction as the rest of the Vanguards. The 2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard also features our new FAT rail for a more stable, settled and balanced ride. Combined with our new Traction Small pads it’s a complete package designed for all the groms out there. Why should the big kids have all the fun? Speaking of fun, when the wind picks up and the kid isn’t using it, this little thing is the perfect big air tool.


    2016 Axis Grom Kiteboard Size


    115 x 37


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  22. Kite Line 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard


    2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard


    Read more on what Axis says about the 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard


    The 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams, if your dream is to get up and ride! The 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard is designed for beginners to intermediate riders. The 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboards soft, forgiving nature makes this the perfect board for entry-level kiters and people who require all-round performance. The construction is fiberglass and a Paulownia wood core, providing a great board at a competitive price. The 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboards flex allows you to cruise over chop and unforgiving water with ease. The flatter rocker line requires less power from the kite thus making it easier to get up and plane quickly. This advances the progression of new kiters and allows more advanced kiters to have speed on tap! The 2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard comes equipped with the bright colored (so you can see spot the board easier on the water) AXIS Universal Traction System footpads/straps, and the bright yellow AXIS fins which are the highest quality G10 we use across our complete product line. Get on the new Liberty and explore the freedom of kiteboarding!


    2016 Axis Liberty Kiteboard Sizes



    134 x 41 - 140 x 42 - 145 x 43 - 150 x 44



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  23. Kite Line 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard


    2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard


    Read more about what Axis says about the 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard


    The 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard is Sleek, sharp, sophisticated, powerful, responsive, and precise. We have combined these characteristics into our flagship freestyle board, the 2016 AXIS Limited, which has been completely redesigned for 2016. The 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard is top shelf. You know it is. Made like a sandwich of the most expensive stuff we could find in our pursuit of perfection. The 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard retains the outline, channels and rocker of the 2015 model, but we have radically redesigned the profile with our new FAT Rail. Thick and rounded in the centre and tapering to fine tips, the FAT Rail gives a more stable, settled and balanced ride, while dramatically increasing the strength of the board. Don’t be fooled by its milder manners on the water, this baby is ready to load and explode. Beneath the surface of the 100% biaxial carbon fibre top and bottom is a solid Paulownia wood core. A beefed up 12mm ABS wall makes for a stronger rail that tracks and releases beautifully, while carefully placed uni-directional carbon controls flex at the tips, becoming progressively stiffer towards the centre. The 2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard is our highest performance kiteboard. It’s the AXIS of awesome.


    2016 Axis Limited Kiteboard Sizes


    132 x 40 - 134 x 41 - 136 x 42 - 138 x 42.5 - 140 x 43


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  24. Kite Line 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard

    Price From: $779.00

    2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard


    Read more on what Axis says about the 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard


    The 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has been given an eye popping splash of yellow, but retains the proven construction and design details of its predecessors. Light, strong, snappy and ready to pop in the lightest conditions. The 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard is designed specifically for light wind conditions and comes in two sizes for riders of varying weight. The 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave creating a faster board with less drag. Don’t buy a bigger kite before you have tried this lightwind specific board. Incredibly maneuverable, the 2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, more power from the kite and makes freestyle riding possible even in light winds. These characteristics also make the board popular on the twin tip race circuit.


    Enjoy the flat, butter smooth uncrowded water all to yourself. Make the most of every day kiting with the 2016 AXIS Patrol.


    2016 Axis Patrol Kiteboard Sizes


    144 x 45 - 148 x 47


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  25. Kite Line 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard

    2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard


    2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard


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    Now in it’s third season, the 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard is a board we pioneered with our team rider Tamatoa Gillot to cater for his love of our sport and his desire to share it. Kiting is for everyone. The 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard is a great introduction to kiteboarding, and a perfect induction to lessons. Ideal for kite schools, the 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard puts the student right there on the board with the instructor to get a grip of the basics before setting out on their own. The 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard is a 148cm Vanguard, with inserts for two sets of pads and reinforcements in certain areas to address the additional weight and flex requirements of two riders. It also doubles as a great all round board for heavier kiters. Put a smile on you and your friend’s dials and share the stoke with the 2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard.


    2016 Axis Tandem Kiteboard Sizes


    148 x 46.5 - 152 x 49.5


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