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With several innovations in windsurfing, wakeboarding and other major sports, both Jeff and Tony Logosz founded the forward thinking Slingshot.  With four patents developed over the past ten years and licensing patents from other great innovators, Slingshot has dedicated themselves to making kiteboarding more safe and user friendly to ensure the success and evolution of their sport.


The Slingshot Fuel Kite stands with twelve years of design dedication, blood and sweat with its proven and timeless high performance platform.  For surf and free ride performance, the Slingshot Rally has been completely reengineered for improved rigidity and efficiency.  The open-C canopy of the Slingshot RPM pushes kite design in the three strut category with the aid of strenuous testing and years of rider feedback.  The spherical-C design of the Z kite offers consistent pull with stable power and uncanny versatility.  Slingshot's Key HD is a five strut kite that gives free riders unmatched range and unbelievable in flight stability.  Slingshot also offers the B2 and B3 Series trainer kites for those wanting an introduction to kiting sports.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Turbine

    2014 Slingshot Turbine


    The 2014 Slingshot Turbine has adopted our proven mini strut technology that makes it a full structured five strut kite. It eliminates battens while offering the same benefits seen with our reflex wingtip in our other Open Delta C kites. To enhance rider customization we have added three additional wingtip attachment points for the rear flying lines. The 2014 Slingshot Turbine should be part of every riders quiver.


    The 2014 Slingshot Turbines progressive Open Delta C design has been updated with a new bridle. We moved from last year’s 3 point LE attachment configuration to a new 5 point cascading bridle attachment system. This is critical for creating a more consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke when sheeting in and out with the bar. This gives you specific control over the power which significantly increases range on the low end and high end. Additional new improvements include a new lower aspect ratio that is combined with a LE diameter reduction of 9%. The two work together to create more grunt and power without sacrificing riding speed, efficiency or upwind performance. 



    Everyone knows that if you want to get on the water and have fun in 5 to 6 knots your kite has to be light. We agree, but if you want to go beyond just mowing the lawn you need a sophisticated kite. The 2014 Slingshot Turbine not only gets you on the water first, it provides a performance ride and lets you stay on the water even as the wind is picking up.



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Open C



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Wind



    2014 Slingshot Turbine Size





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  2. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board

    2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board

    Price From: $1,749.00

    The 2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board is the perfect combination of speed and stability. The Carbon Epoxy Sandwich construction is strong and lightweight.  Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Nitro is built with Carbon Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (CWVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability, flex and overall strength of the board without adding extra weight.



    The result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. Over the past 3 years countless hours have been spent refining the nose design into a ‘hatchet nose‘ that literally pierces the water to minimize drag and maximize glide. Couple that with an innovative double concave planning hull that optimizes stability and control, the result is pure speed. 


    2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board Features


    Breakthrough hull design that allows for independent foot stability and increased speed, control and stroke efficiency.


    Cuts and moves water clean to the sides for minimal drag and increased speed.


    The deck literally sheds water that may come over the nose, providing dry, open and efficient area that holds feet for buoy turns and drop backs.


    Minimizes friction by reducing contact with the water to essential hull surfaces producing less resistance and more speed. Releases the tail increasing the rocker at the rail line allowing for easier turns.


    Provides surface and planing area to maintain speed and lift. Allows for more pivotal turns.


    Comfortable, high density traction material with uniform support.


    Manually open and close vent plug to allow your board to ‘breath’, equalizing internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes.


    Allows for securing person items on the board. Bungee system sold separately.


    Designed with plenty of room to naturally fit the curve of your fingers, the flush mount carry handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry the board.




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  3. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite

    2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines

    Price From: $1,649.00

    The legendary 2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite didn’t just create a category, it created a sport! Born by champions, refined through experience for generations to come. The 2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite is a multi-World Championship icon in our sport, freestyle in its purest form. The ultimate performance C-kite in the world, and is the pro rider’s choice around the world for aggressive progressive wakestyle and freestyle. 



    The 2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite was the foundation for our designers to create a kite that let pro riders and the sports future stars stand up, stand out and be noticed. Extraordinary power, rock solid stability and incredible mega looping is what 14 years of refinement and innovation have delivered. Constructed using our state of the art manufacturing process combined with top of the line materials you can be assured your 2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite  will offer maximum durability with timeless performance. 



    The 2014 Fuel offers refined versions of original game-changing technologies like our patented One Pump inflation system, Splitstrut Airframe concept, Surf Tough Seams and Custom Fuel Injection attachment points. 


     2014 Slingshot Rally Kite uses the Compstick Control Bar


    2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite Features

    Consistent grunt and stability through the powerstroke. Boosts, loops and predictably recovers.


    Splitstrut integrates the strut and canopy into one rigid wing creating a lighter, stable and more durable kite. This construction is proven to enhance power delivery under heavy load and creates efficiency in the overall frame.


    Truly customized kite performance for riding style and conditions. Easily set to wake or freestyle settings to match your preferred preference.


    Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, and Neoprene. Individual scuff guards, strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimize durability.


    Sets the standard for minimizing and containing canopy tears. Now with improved, reinforced trailing edge durability.


    Long lasting durability and performance by using only the latest new high tech materials in our LE, canopy,bladders and finish trim materials.


    The trusted, original Slingshot patented single point inflation system to get you out faster and easier.

    Connect directly with our knowledgeable in house professional customer service department.

    2014 Slingshot Fuel Kite Wind Range



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  4. Kite Line 2014 Slinghsot RPM

    2014 Slingshot RPM Kite

    Price From: $1,539.00

    Top Pros and high performance riders world wide know the secret behind the 2014 Slingshot RPM kite!


    You can dominate freestyle or hardcore crossover with the 2014 RPM. The new 2014 Slingshot RPM kite builds on our proven legacy with a kite that rides faster, is more responsive, more crisp and more dialed in than ever before. Our new “Diamond Leech” technology improves air flow for “clean” air release off the trailing edge. This feature improves aerodynamics, and is a major part of why the kite is faster, and has a new crisp feel. The Diamond Leech improved the over all stability of the leach. This significantly helps with wear and tear or flutter. 


    The 2014 Slingshot RPM's open C platform allows for fast riding, explosive pop with the correct amount of boost, travel and drift. This allows for aggressive moves with fast and solid landings. Through years of testing and rider feedback, we have made new improvements and subtle refinements to set a new standard for performance and durability. The full suspension bridle was updated with a new anodized aluminum frictionless pulley. The design has reduced weight, and eliminated wear associated with mechanical pulleys.We added an 11M kite to our full range of sizes to help you create your perfect quiver. 2014 Slingshot RPM comes with the 2014 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar


    2014 Slingshot RPM Open C 


    2014 Slingshot RPM Wind Chart 



    2014 Slingshot RPM Size 

    4.5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 14


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  5. Kite Line 2014 Slingahot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board

    2014 Slingsot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board


    The 2014 Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board with its new features, dimensions and shape this board has become a true all around touring inflatable. The 2014 Crossbreed inflatable SUP Board is the best of both worlds. This 33” wide board is as stable and forgiving as they come. The pulled in displacement style nose and rocker line is designed to deliver excellent touring performance and all around user friendliness. Made with high quality PVC fabric that is fully wrapped with a second layer of material on the top and bottom of the board. This build creates a stiff and rigid structure making this board extremely durable and UV resistant.


    2014 Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board Features


    Minimum 7.5 PSI - Maximum 15 PSI.


    Comfortable, high-density traction material with uniform support. set-up


    High quality 6 inch thick drop Stitch PVC fabric. Extremely durable and UV resistant.


    Deluxe H3 valve - removable and replaceable


    For easy carrying


    Added safety and security in the surf

    4 D RINGS

    D rings on the front top of the board can be threaded with bungees for storage



    2014 Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board Dimensions

    Length: 11’
    Width: 33”
    Thickness: 6”
    Volume: 215L
    Rider Weight: 35 lbs – 250 lbs

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