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The Shinn freeride boards are all about creativity and exploration.  Newest in the lineup is the Dundee, replacing the Luigi.  The Monk was selected as Board of the Year by independent testers, so naturally, Shinn came out with the Monk Forever.  For less than ideal conditions, the King George board is an XL board made to keep you on the water no matter what.  For our ladies, we recommend the Toyboy, Shinn's kiteboard designed specifically with the female in mind.  For a fun on the beach, Shinn also offers the Waterbird, a skim board that can be used for strapless fun.


Shinn wake style boards compromise nothing in all conditions.  The Supershinn is a performance beast excelling in speed, control, pop, grip and drive.  The Street was designed as a mixture of the Monk and the Supershinn.  Ten years of kiteboarding and twenty five years of surf shaping has delivered the Duke, Shinn's surfboard.  Designed for strapped and strapless riding in all wind and water conditions, the Duke lets its owner connect with the water, not just ride it.  Shinn also released crossover boards with the Capri GT and Gintronic.  Designed to give performance riding in a variety of styles and conditions, these two boards can be found virtually anywhere.

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