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NSI Kiteboarding Accessories

Since NSI was known throughout the world as a leader in the windsurfing footpad market it was a natural transition into the kiteboarding market. Early custom board builders were crossing over from windsurfing boards to kite boards and using NSI padz on their kiteboards. NSI saw this new sport emerging and enthusiastically jumped on board. Again Hood River was a natural venue for early kiteboarders and industry inventors looking for a design house/manufacture to bring new products to market. NSI was well positioned to be that company. We had proven over the preceding ten years that we were a company that embraced new emerging markets and had the ability to design and produce quality products. We also had the ability to develop the distribution/dealer base to quickly and efficiently get these products to market.

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  1. Kite Line NSI SUp Rubber Plate w/Spectra Loop

    NSI SUP Rubber Plate w/Spectra Loop


    The NSI Rubber Plate w/Spectra Loop is a bomber adhesive plates allow paddlers to attach accessories to the deck or rails of any board. The Rubber Style Plate w/spectra loop is ideal for dry bags, coolers and other deck accessories and are sold as a set of 2. Be sure to see our Surface Mount Insert Plates also.



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  2. Kite Line NSI Sand/Rock Bag

    NSI Sand/Rock Bag Cylindrical


    A Very Durable NSI Sand/Rock Bag will Hold Your Kite With Confidence! This tough, heavy duty cylindrical shaped sand/rock bag holds your kites folded wing tip and easily rolls off for self launch.

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  3. Kite Line NSI Paddle Shaft Board Handle

    NSI SUP Paddle Shaft Board Handle


    We have all struggled carrying our board and paddle to the water? NSI Paddle Shaft Handle solves this by utilizing the paddle to carry your board! Our new Velcro, stick down board handle system allows you to securely attach your paddle on the top deck of your board and then use the shaft of the paddle as a handle to carry your board. Easy, secure for quick trips to and from the water.


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  4. Kite Line NSI SUP Board Handle

    NSI SUP Board Handle


    The NSI SUP Board Handle is ultra strong handle can be installed on the rail or front and rear deck to assist in carrying the board or for passengers (kids) to hold onto.


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  5. Kite Line NSI SUP Buddy

    NSI SUP Buddy


    The NSI SUP Buddy is a beverage holder and dashboard for your stand up paddle board, boat, or any other smooth hard surface you would like to secure items to. Simply clean the surface, mount the plate, open a beverage and slide it into your SUP BUDDY Koozie with Velcro loop adhered to the bottom, and you're off! Patent and trademark pending. The SUP BUDDY base has a bomber Velcro hook on the top and three super suction cups mounted to the bottom of the plate.

    NSI SUP Buddy Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.
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  6. Kite Line NSI Cam It SUP Accessory

    NSI SUP Cam It Deck Attachment


    NSI SUP Cam It Deck Attachment. Have you ever wanted to bring something extra on your next SUP adventure but your not sure how to keep it on the board? The NSI “Cam It” Deck Attachment is the most secure way to attach something to your board. The “Cam It” comes with two NSI bomber Rubber Plates with Spectra Loops that stick on the board. These plates are tested, and provide a reliable and strong hold on the board. Combined with a cam buckle and gripper webbing that runs through the plates, for a secure system to tightly attach anything to the deck.


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  7. Kite Line NSI SUP Doggie Pad

    NSI SUP Doggie Pad


    The new NSI Doggie Pad will give your dog a sense of belonging, enhance traction for your animal, and improve the overall feel of your board. With the superior traction of the pad, dogs will enjoy themselves more than they already do! The Doggie Pad is available in four color options: white, gray, black and snow camo and is made from 1/4’’ Flat EVA Foam. This is the same material used in most SUP pads and fastens to the board with the 3m self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

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  8. Kite Line NSI Deck Cooler

    NSI SUP Deck Cooler

    Price From: $31.95

    With the NSI Deck Cooler you can bring along plenty of water, beverages, food and other cooler items while Stand Up Paddling. Our modified nylon cooler easily mounts to the deck with our NSI’s Deck Mount Attachment System. Over the shoulder strap for off-board carrying convenience, and NSI Deck Coolers are equipped with a bottle opener. Available in two sizes: Small - 12 can size or Large - 24 can size (pictured). The small cooler is slightly different in features than the large pictured. Complete with two Rubber Mounting Plates with male/female buckles and webbing.

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  9. Kite Line NSI SUP Pocket

    NSI SUP Pocket


    Easy on and off the NSI SUP Pocket finally gives you a way to have your essentials with you during your stand up paddle board excurisions. With our patent pending design, your flip flops, rash guard, water bottle sun glasses suntan lotion and snacks are at your finger tips. SUPPocket is intended for use on calm water. Installation instructions and suction cups included inside.



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  10. NSI Ratchet Footstrap

    NSI Ratchet Footstrap


    The NEW trend in kiteboarding footstraps

    NSI, a true innovator in kiteboarding, has designed a foot strap that will "rule" the market and have the industry scrambling for a knock off.

    Built with the same consistent high quality materials as the popular Adam Koch Pro Kite Strap, the new design has an integrated ladder strap and ratchet buckle, This accommodates a HUGE range of adjustment that will completely cement your feet to your board with comfort and no hot spots. And easy on the water adjustment and you can change your foot wear and still use the same straps. Great in schools and for multiple users of a board.

    Specifiy color when ordering.
    (Black, Blue Camo, Green Camo)

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  11. NSI Proton Kite Strap (pair)

    NSI Proton Kite Strap (pair)


    NSI's original kite specific foot strap has morphed into the NEW NSI Proton Kite Strap. The NEW design offers all the comfort of the original Adam footstrap, with added convenience of NSI's unique cam buckle adjustment system for fast and easy customized size adjustment. Super lightweight performance, with a large adjustment range and easy "on the fly" adjustment. Four stainless steel washers included. Set of Two.

    NSI Proton Kite Strap Colors


    Blue Camo

    Green Camo

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  12. NSI Reel Leash

    NSI Reel Leash


    A stronger, more durable version of the popular Reel Leash. The Reinforced Reel Leash is designed and tested to address the strong angular pulls and drags of beginners. The addition of a base plate and stainless steel eye bolts adds strength to the unit. All other aspects of this product is the same as the tried and true original Reel Leash. An added new feature is a durable, easy open stainless steel clip and an extension rope that attaches to the board.

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  13. 2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad

    NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad


    Kite Line 2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo

    The 2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad lay-up is a contoured, multi density pad that is extra cushy. The 2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad lay-up features a new 1/2" firm, yet highly compliant, mini cell foam, offering the most shock resistance of any pad core material. The 2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad material lets your foot sink into the pad for superior retention. The heel area of the pad is elevated, enhancing rail-to-rail performance and the pad has a toe grab rib and arch support for increased comfort. Made with a new, softer and slightly thinner top traction material (only available in black).

    2013 NSI Ultra Crush Oreo Foot Pad Sizes

    S 8 - M 9-10 - L 10-11 - XL 12+

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  14. 2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad

    NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad


    Kite Line 2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Footpad

    The 2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad is just as the name implies—double stuffed with an extra thick, ultra cushy version of the Oreo lay-up. The 2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad increases the core layer to 3/4" thick, and the top traction layer is a unique black diamond material. The thick white layer between the black top and bottom makes the plate look like a Double Stuff Oreo. This 2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad  lay-up offers the most absorption of any production pads and allows the foot to "sink into" the pad and footstrap for massive foot retention. Great in choppy conditions, tired knees and aggressive freestyle riding on boards with stiffer flex. Made with a new, softer and slightly thinner top traction material, in black only, Your choice of Sandwich Plate, Production Plate or Wake-style Plate.

    2013 NSI Double Stuff Oreo Foot Pad Sizes

    S 8 - M 9-10 - L 10-11 - XL 12+

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  15. Kite Line NSI Inflatable PFD Belt Pack

    NSI Inflatable PFD Belt Pack


    The NSI Inflatable PFD Belt Pack is an Inflatable life jacket that inflates manually by pulling the inflation handle or by oral inflation. Belt pack allows for total freedom of movement, comfort, safety and peace of mind when, paddling, sailing, recreational boating and fishing. Zippered pocket for convenient storage of keys, cell phone, license, etc. 2 models available, standard (black) and SUP specific (gray). SUP model has a padded, wider belt. 

    * U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type V Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device PFD with Type III Performance

    • Universal size fits adults over 80 lbs. • Not approved for children under 16 years of age

    • Replaceable CO2 cartridge.



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  16. Kite Line NSI Fluid PFD Belt Pack

    NSI Fluid PFD Belt Pack


    The NSI Fluid PFD Belt Pack is designed to be the PFD you forget you're wearing. A belt pack PFD offering maximum mobility and freedom for Stand Up Paddlers. Pull the cord and the CO2 cartridge immediately activates, releasing a life jacket from the pouch. Just put it on over your head, it is tethered to the belt pack around your waist so it won't float away. Fold lines on bladder for easy repacking. Includes whistle. Soft polyester shell is soft against the skin, with built-in window to confirm its readiness. GREEN means GO - It's a PFD on demand!

    USCG: Type III Buoyancy: 26 lbs. 2 oz. Sizes: Adult Universal (30" - 52") User Weight: More than 80 lbs. Rearm Kit: Leland 24 Gram CO2 with Bayonet 



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  17. NSI Deceiver "Golf" Travel Bag

    NSI Deceiver "Golf" Travel Bag


    The original travel bag that saves you in excess baggage fees. 
    Are you tired of being discriminated against for your choice of sports? For over a decade the NSI Deceiver Pro has been the benchmark for getting you and your gear to far off destinations while saving you in baggage fees.Disguised as a travel golf bag, which doesn’t carry excess baggage fees, the Deceiver Pro sneaks your kiteboarding or wakeboarding equipment right under the nose of the airlines. One trip and this bag will pay for itself. 
    • 60” x (13” x 15”) Wheel end x (11” x 13.5”) Nose End 
    • Constructed of 1200D Polyester with PVC backing for strength and durability in wet conditions. 
    • 3.5” high profile solid rubber wheels with sealed ball bearings 
    • 12mm high density foam padding 
    • Locking #10 YKK zippers 
    • 2 external compression straps for keeping gear secure 1 internal compression strap keeps your board in place 
    • Heavy Duty carry handles and one drag/lift handle 
    • Solid stand feet on base for standing upright 
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