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Naish Kiteboarding

The Naish world consists of water, wind and waves.  Naish happily blends high tech materials and designs with extensive real world research and testing to ensure that their riders have the best experiences on a board possible.  At the forefront of the sport, Naish blazed a trail with the first modern four line inflated strut kites that were custom made for kitesurfing in 1999.  Many standard features on today’s kites were developed and implemented on Naish kites first. 


The Fly kite was designed for light wind rides without having to resort to a heavy racing kite with slow turning.  The Park kite is Naish’s most versatile kite, designed for any rider, style and condition.  For all around performance in freeriding, the Ride kite is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity.  For a state of the art C-Kite designed for competition freestyle, power free riding and unhooked wave riding, look to the Naish Torch.  For beginners looking for a ready to fly trainer kite package, Naish offers the Xeon in a budget conscious, user friendly package.

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