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The Naish world consists of water, wind and waves.  Naish happily blends high tech materials and designs with extensive real world research and testing to ensure that their riders have the best experiences on a board possible.  At the forefront of the sport, Naish blazed a trail with the first modern four line inflated strut kites that were custom made for kitesurfing in 1999.  Many standard features on today’s kites were developed and implemented on Naish kites first. 


The Fly kite was designed for light wind rides without having to resort to a heavy racing kite with slow turning.  The Park kite is Naish’s most versatile kite, designed for any rider, style and condition.  For all around performance in freeriding, the Ride kite is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity.  For a state of the art C-Kite designed for competition freestyle, power free riding and unhooked wave riding, look to the Naish Torch.  For beginners looking for a ready to fly trainer kite package, Naish offers the Xeon in a budget conscious, user friendly package.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Naish Trip Kite

    <TRAVEL PACKAGE> - Naish Trip Kite, Universal Bar/Lines and Nobile NHP Split Board


    Special Price: $2,045.00

    This package will be a breeze to travel with as the Naish Trip packs up extremely small yet has a very large wind range. The Nobile NHP Split board splits in half and comes with it's own board bag. Both will fit easily in a piece of luggage.

     Simplicity is the best word for describing the innovative no strut design of the 2014 Naish Trip!!!

    For travelling, freeriding, wave riding and snow kiting the 2014 Naish Trip packs up 30% smaller than a kite with struts,  it's ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want one compact kite. The 2014 Naish Trip Kite has incredible low-end power and excellent bar feel for effortless jumping, wave riding, and cruising.

    2014 Naish Trip Features:

    2014 Naish Trip Kite Tech: 



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    The 2014 Nobile NHP Split Board is dedicated to travellers, freeriders and drifters – to anyone looking for smooth performance and the chance to make the most of their precious holidays. The increased flex pattern (the board is 20% softer then the regular NHP) provides extra comfort and a super relaxing ride. This 100% new 2014 Nobile NHP Split Board model opens the door to enjoying kiteboarding anywhere in the world with less travel expenses. Nobile's unique W-Connection system allows you to half the board in just few seconds and pack it into your standard luggage together with the rest of your travel gear. 


    2014 Nobile NHP Split Board Features

    • Performance oriented, all conditions freestyle machine
    • Massive POP, comfy landings, limitless grip
    • Excellent upwind and choppy water performance
    • Easy to assemble, travel friendly construction


    2014 Nobile NHP Split Board Sizes

    134 x 42 - 137 x 44


    Naish Universal Control System is a Performance 4-line Control System. The Naish Universal Control System features a reduced diameter bar with a new Memory Core for a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The new V2 Bar Center has been re-designed, providing smoother line entry to reduce wear and tear.The Vario Bar End Adjustment allows the rider to change the bar length from 18″ to 20″ (45 to 51 cm) to fine tune steering.  The Low-V swivel with an integrated pulley connects the front flying lines at the lowest configuration possible to keep lines straight and provide a front line flagging leash.

    Naish Universal Control System Key Features:

    • NEW Memory Core for comfortable, ergonomic grip

    • NEW V2 Bar Center provides smoother line entry to reduce wear & tear

    • Smart Loop with below-the-bar trim adjustment

    • Auto positioning Smart Loop

    • Graduated trimline marking

    • Low-V swivel front line connection

    • Through-the-bar flagging line

    • Premium safety leash with quick release

    • Back flying line adjustment under floaters

    • Powerflex bar ends & floaters

    • Vario Bar End Adjustment = 18″- 20″ (45-51 cm)


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  2. Kite Line 2014 Naish Fly Kite

    <Light Wind Package> - Naish Fly Kite w/bar/lines and Naish Orbit board w/Apex bindings


    Special Price: $1,999.00

    The 2014 Naish Fly Kite has amazing low-end power, and or its size is extreamly lightweight. This is primarily due to the 2014 Naish Fly Kites proven two-strut design provides superior turning and control easy-handling design. The 2014 Naish Fly Kite was designed for freeriding and freestyle in light to marginal wind conditions. The 2014 Naish Fly Kite utilizes swept back wingtip shaping, which improves water relaunching in light wind conditions.


    2014 Naish Fly Kite New Features:

    Two-strut design
    Exceptionally lightweight
    Amazing low-end power and wind range
    Superior turning and control
    Easy water relaunch in light winds
    6m extension lines included with kite



    2014 Naish Fly Kite Specs:



    2014 Naish Fly Tech:



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  3. Kite Line 2014/15 Naish Fly Kite

    2014/15 Naish Fly Kite


    The 2014/15 Naish Fly Kite is an exceptionally lightweight, freeride kite designed specifically to provide a smooth yet powerful ride in light to marginal wind conditions.


    The 2014/15 Naish Fly Kites new reduced leading edge taper adds rigidity to the wing tip, moving the axis of rotation closer to the center of the kite, resulting in sharper turning and a more precise bar feel. In addition, the 2014/15 Naish Fly Kite utilizes a swept back wingtip and anti-stiction window, improving water relaunch.

    The 2014/15 Naish Fly Kite has amazing low-end power due to its proven two-strut, easy-handling design, which also provides superior turning and control, allowing riders to practice their maneuvers no matter how light the wind is.


    Naish Fly Kite Features

    • NEW Reduced leading edge taper

    • Lightweight, two-strut design

    • Amazing low-end power

    • Superior turning and control

    • Easy water relaunch

    • 6m extension lines


    Naish Fly Kite Technology



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  4. Kite Line 2014/15 Naish Draft Kite

    2014/15 Naish Draft Kite

    Price From: $1,090.00

    The 2014/15 Naish Draft Kite is a high performance freeride kite that generates powerful lift for boosting big airs and long gliding jumps.


    The 2014/15 Naish Draft Kite has five struts on the 7, 9, 10.5, and 12 sizes for optimum performance and added control in strong winds & three struts on the 14 and 17 sizes for light wind performance, smooth power delivery, and faster turning.


    The 2014/15 Naish Draft Kite features a state-of-the-art airfoil design that excels at hooked-in riding, upwind performance, and competitive speed. The Draft’s new reduced leading edge taper adds rigidity to the wing tip, moving the axis of rotation closer to the center of the kite, resulting in sharper turning and a more precise bar feel.


    Naish Draft Features


    • NEW Reduced leading edge taper
    • Reduced diameter struts by 20%
    • Static bridle platform
    • Excels at upwind performance, hooked-in riding, and competitive speed
    • Powerful lift for boosting big airs and long gliding jumps

    Naish Draft Technology



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  5. Kite Line 2015 Naish Pivot Kite

    2015 Naish Pivot (Kite Only)

    Price From: $1,000.00

    The 2015 Naish Pivot emerges in the lineup as a smooth, all-around freeride/wave kite for a wide range of riders and styles. The 2015 Naish Pivot's overall structure and ability to pivot on a small axis of rotation provides quick and easy turning, intuitive steering and predictable power development. The 2015 Naish Pivot features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, a “sheet-in and go” feel, easy jumping and great upwind performance.


    Thanks to its ability to make precision turns on a small axis with minimum power increase in the turn, the 2015 Naish Pivot is also the perfect tool for smooth kiteloops. Aside from being a fantastic freeride kite, The 2015 Naish Pivot's characteristics also make it a great wave kite. Its lightweight design delivers smooth power, controlled turns and superior drifting in a variety of wind and wave conditions. The ABS bridle also helps decrease the amount of pull on the harness for forgiving strapless riding.

    • Precision turns on a small axis with minimum power increase in the turn
    • ABS bridle for consistent forward drive + maximum depower + no back-stalling
    • “Sheet-in and go” feel & easy jumping
    • Quick water relaunch
    • Natural drifting effect
    • Constant leading edge taper


    2015 Naish Pivot Technology



    2015 Naish Pivot Size

    5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 14 



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