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At Flysurfer, every day is a kite day.  The kites made by Flysurfer show that Germans can engineer more than just perfect cars.  The passion Flysurfer products are made with allow riders to share their experiences and love for their sport.  No matter where you kite, what style you use, how old you are, what conditions you're in, Flysurfer knows that once you get introduced to the sport, kiting will positively infect you.


The Viron kite is Flysurfer's introduction kite that is perfect to infect new kite boarders that maximizes safety, simplicity, ease of use and effortless relaunch.  The Unity kite will provide mind blowing jumps in an unforgettable free ride session with a fast learning curve that earns it title by successfully replacing the Pulse2.  The Flysurfer Psycho4 was designed for to be a freestyle machine as well with its Triple Depower System.  Looking for a land and snowkite?  The Outlaw is Flysurfer's  offering that is the first high-depower land AND snow kite for boarders that proves that high-depower and open-cell kites can happily mingle.   The Speed3 is the "ultimate flying machine", able to let boarders race, freestyle and cruise in all wind conditions. 

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  1. Kite Line Flysurfer Speed4

    Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Complete

    Price From: $2,099.00

    Without exaggeration the Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus is the best performing kite that we have ever built. Whether in low end, turningspeed, relaunch, jumping characteristics or depower & hellip; Almost everywhere we have been able to set new limits. Yet it's performance is more accessible than ever for every rider. It starts when you pull up the Speed4: The kite inflates incredibly fast and provides security from the first moment onwards. Whether fully powered up or fully depowered, a Speed4 stays stable in the sky. And thanks to the balanced handling not only your jumps are much easier, but also their landings.


    Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus Features

    Unbelievable low-end


    The Speed4 Lotus reduces the minimum wind requirements considerably. Especially in combination with high-performance kite race boards and hydrofoils this advantages is very noticeable.

    Maximum performance


    The optimized and smoother profiles of the top and bottom sails as well as the reduced line drag effect, have a noticeable effect on the total performance of the wing. Thanks to these new technologies, a significant increase in performance has been achieved on the Speed4 Lotus.

    Lotus cloth


    Thanks to our new Lotus cloth water and dirt is repelled from the kite in an unprecedented fashion. The air tightness of this new cloth is second to none. The fabric is very sleek and makes for an extremely smooth top and bottom sail. The Lotus cloth material is 25 percent lighter than our popular deluxe cloth, this advantage is clearly noticeable: earlier flying, tighter turning and more stability, just to name a few.

    Reduced pack-size


    Because of the Lotus cloth, packing size is again significantly reduced, so your kite luggage will become even more compact.

    Optimized sizing


    The Speed4 Lotus sizing is divided in constant 3m² steps, which makes building your kite quiver even easier.

    High performance flying lines


    Thanks to new Dyneema core fibers, we could reduce the diameter of the new high-performance lines significantly, creating less drag, while retaining the same breaking loads of the lines.

    Uniform Bar setup


    The Speed4 Lotus Infinity 2.0 Control Bar uses the 1m long leader lines of the CRONIX. This allows the control bar to be used on both kites. It is only necessary to ensure that the stopper knot is set to the longest FLS position of the kite which is used.

    Optional 5th line safety


    By default, the Speed4 Lotus is equipped with a frontline safety (FLS). For fans and supporters of the fifth line safety system, we have developed a FDS upgrade-kit, which can be ordered in our online-shop or at a Flysurfer dealer near you.

    Quality of workmanship and durability


    The product-life and the value sustainability of our products is very important to us. The Lotus cloth has superb durability values despite its lightness, offering extreme performance even after many kite sessions.

    Infinity 2.0 Bar


    The Speed4 Lotus package is completed with our proven Infinity 2.0 Control Bar which has been impressing riders since its introduction to the market. Key features include our safe & dependable quick release and super smooth line untwisting function even after endless rotations.

    6 month Free Repair Warrantee by Flysurfer


    Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus Material

    At Flysurfer we have always set high standards on quality and durability. With the Speed4 Lotus we bring this philosophy to the next level. The highlight is use of a completely new type of cloth material with a so-called lotus effect, an industry first in kiteboarding. This material is not only extremely airtight and has excellent water- and stain-resistance, it is so smooth that we can not even print on the kite. The Lotus cloth is a staggering 25 percent lighter than our already very light deluxe cloth! This weight reduction means: the kite is flying even earlier, can be packed-up smaller, is easier than ever before to get out of the water and the cloth remains airtight even after countless hours of flight time – maintaining the same performance as the day you bought it.. For the Speed4 Lotus we are also introducing thinner, low-resistance flying lines. The new lines are even stiffer but much thinner, while retaining the same breaking loads as before. The Speed4 Lotus will use the Frontline Safety as the default safety system, however a 5th line safety (FDS) will be offered as an optional accessory. To round the complete package off, the Speed4 Lotus will be offered with the 6 month Free Repair Warrantee as well!


    Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus Sizes


    8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21


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  2. 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Complete

    Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Complete

    Price From: $1,699.00

    Kite Line Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite

    It has been a long wait for the first official sign that a new Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite is coming and now it is finally here. We are pleased and proud to present to you the next step or rather, jump, in Flysurfer development: the Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite – in sizes 8.0 and 10.0m²! First things first: The 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite in 8.0 and 10.0m² are unbelievably versatile. Despite the enormous performance potential, the Speed4 is still suitable for beginners in the lower wind ranges but still a true air-time machine in the upper wind range.

    Kite Line 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite

    The demand for other (bigger) sizes of the Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite is naturally justifiable. Still, it is not so simple to top an extraordinary product like the Speed3. So we still need some time and until then the Speed3 Colored Edition (CE) from 12.0m² upwards remain within the Speed series. However, we are certain that 2013 will be the release year for the additional Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite sizes (12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0m²).

    Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Highlights

    Without exaggeration: The Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite is the best performing kite that we have ever built. Whether in low end, turning speed, relaunch, jumping characteristics or depower… Almost everywhere we have been able to set new limits. Yet it’s performance is more accessible than ever – for every rider. It starts when you pull up the Speed4: The kite inflates incredibly fast and provides security from the first moment onwards. Whether fully powered up or fully depowered, a Speed4 stays stable in the sky. And thanks to the balanced handling not only your jumps are much easier, but also their landings.

    In the air

    There is so much that cannot be put into words, but instead has to be experienced. The 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kites flying feeling is one of those things. More direct and faster turning performance, a glide ratio that you only experience with Speeds, the now extremely short depower throw, the lift, the control…We needed six months just for the fine-tuning the Speed4 in order to reach this result: It just feels plain great to fly a Speed4.


    Our vision is not only to improve our kites, but to further shape the sport of kiting. What has remained is a simple and effective system. Lowest possible weight, smallest pack dimensions, quickest setup and stow-away and enormous durability … The 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite is more effective, lighter and more compact than anything else we have ever built. We were even able to achieve a bridle that is almost one-third lighter and remove an entire bridle row. This not only makes kiting easier, but results in even better performance.


    The Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite is a completely new development, based on a concept: A defined flex performance of the kite-profile. We achieved this with a new canopy construction and an extremely simplified bridle. Depowered, a reflexed trailing edge is formed with especially low lift and high stability. By pulling the bar down, the profiles bends and an enormous lift increase is created. This technology makes it possible to use a lighter construction with less drag, as well as creating highly effective depower and high stability while simultaneously maintaining short bar travel. The new construction is supplemented by a reinforcement of the leading edge for maximum flight stability in gusting winds and yet again-improved aerodynamics. The result is a kite that not only brings all the advantages of the Speed3 to the next level, but also steps up it’s freestyle performance.

    Kite Line 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite

    Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Technical Review

    Next to established technologies and features of the past like Little Connection Lines, Automatic Water/Dirt Drainage System, Triple Depower, etc. – we introduce the following technical features.

    Rigid Foil Technology by Gin - Reinforcement of the front leading edge profile for increased performance and stability.

    Smart Direct Airfoil - New flex-profile from extensive simulations for a shorter and more effective depower and quicker turning.

    Minimized bridle - Just three main levels (A,B & Z) and new connection points have created a much simpler line system, which is lighter and has less drag.

    Simplified mixer - Just one pulley per side makes for easiest trim tuning for everyone.

    Kite Line 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite

    2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Deluxe Cloth adds the following features

    • Flies in the lightest breeze (on water/land/snow)
    • Turns tighter and faster
    • More stability
    • Better low-end performance
    • Lighter traveling
    • Smaller packing dimensions

    Kite Line 2013 Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite

    Flysurfer Speed 4 Kite Sizes

    8 - 10

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  3. Kite Line Flysurfer Cronix Kite

    Flysurfer Cronix Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines

    Price From: $1,599.00

    The L.E.I. by Flysurfer

    Over the last ten years, Flysurfer made a name for itself as an innovator for the bridled ram-air kite system (foilkite) and has become a force to be reckoned with – especially in the niche markets. The addition of a leading edge inflatable kite to our product portfolio is probably a surprise to some, but the thought process behind it is rather simple: We want to push boundaries and evolve the best out of all systems! It has been almost two years since we made the decision to develop kites open to any system and newly position our brand. Now we present to you the first result of this decision: The Flysurfer Cronix.




    The Cronix – The beginning of a new era

    With the Cronix, we are once again breaking new ground. The Adaptive Airfoil System generates a considerable increase in low end power. The trailing edge bridle creates more lift through the curvature of the kite profile when powering up, simultaneously helping relaunch, whether by reverse start or by pulling a steering line. The effectiveness of the trailing edge bridle can be adjusted within seconds on the kite, just like the bar forces – so that every rider has the right kite to match his/her preferences.

    Allround Performance – Easy Handling


    Fast kiteloops, breathtaking freestyle tricks, hard cut-backs off the lip, sporty flight feeling and an enormous wind range…It is crystal clear: The adjustment features of the Cronix have enabled us to create a true allrounder, however it is not just a trusty companion for every kind of kitesurfing. The Cronix is a pleasantly smooth and uncomplicated kite to fly, with a lot of on-demand potential. Relaunching is easy for novices even in the lightest winds, cruisers will immediately feel at home with the Cronix and wake- & freestylers have the ultimate drug at their disposal with the Cronix. Last but not least – although the kite can hold its own in the waves with purebred wave kites, this does not mean that jumps have to take a back seat – the Cronix is a true allrounder.


    Flysurfer Quality


    Thanks to our X-GLOO division, we have gained years of experience in building and designing inflatable constructions. We put this experience to good use in the Cronix, likewise the past six months were pure testing and fine-tuning. With Flysurfer, you can be sure that only thoroughly tested materials make it into our end products – from each individual line to each small piece of cloth in the canopy. We have replaced pulleys on the front lines with maintenance-free, durable low-friction-rings. We put a lot of effort into the development of our Free Flow Valve, which means that pumping now requires much less effort than ever before – and we were even able to successfully optimize the pump!

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  4. Kite Line Flysurfer FlySplit

    Flysurfer FlySplit Lightwind Kiteboard


    The flysurfer flysplit can be split in half for easy transportation but by using the unique W shaped connection and braces it has the same rigidity as a one piece board. When you assemble the flysurfer flysplit you will notice that it is very light weight particularly for its generous width. One of the primary reasons it is easy to assemble is due to the wood-foam core that gives the flysurfer its strength and rigidity. The flysurfer flysplit also comes with a default “wide stance” which lets you get the greatest amount of stability possible for more control and super comfortable position in all conditions. The Flysurfer Flysplit L is the best way to travel and be able to enjoy light wind conditions. The Flysurfer Flysplit is being used by everyone from beginners to experts. It is sutable for all skill levels even for those trying out kiteboarding for the first time. We are looking at the all-new Flysurfer Flysplit board which is the perfect balance of stylish form and cutting edge function. 



    Flysurfer FlySplit Highlights


    • Split System: This system will let you split the board in two and then put it back together when you want to use it. The unique double W shape does not weaken the board at all because it has a huge connection area for maximum rigidity.
    • Easy to assemble: It simply snaps together with a retainer on each side and central brace so you will be up and riding in no time.
    • Light weight: The light weight design makes it the best travel board and adds to the high maneuverability of this all round kiteboard.
    • Wood - Foam Core: This design provides the maximum possible strength and dampening with the minimum weight.
    • Wide stance: A wider fully adjustable stance enables the board to conform to your needs while making it easier to balance and pull off tricks for total enjoyment.
    • Made in Europe: The high quality manufacturing available in Europe means a better crafted kiteboard for a longer life.



    Flysurfer FlySplit Color / Size / Rider Profile

    The new Flysurfer Flysplit comes in two sizes so you can match your needs perfectly. The flysplit L is not only wider and longer but has an additional full length centre fin for superb upwind performance.

    Style: Travel/ Lightwind

    Riding Level: All Levels

    Size: 160cm x 44cm




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  5. Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard

    Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard


    Kite Line Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard

    The new Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard is the only twintip racing board on the market and offers extreme lightwind and upwind performance, like you have never experienced before! Don’t waste time lugging your big race board to the beach and screwing 4 huge fins to your fragile directional board before every session. The Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard ensures fast and easy tacks and jibes.

    Kite Line Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard

    The Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard adjustable middle fin length, makes sure you have the perfect combination of fin length and control on every course. During its development phase, the Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard has proven itself to be very competitive in national and world class Course Racing and Long Distance competitions.

    Kite Line Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard

    Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard Technical Data

    Length 173 cm
    Width 48 cm
    Weight 6,2 kg
    Stance width (cm) 44 - 49 - 54
    Core Material Full Wood
    Rocker 4,5 cm
    Concave 3,6 mm
    Center Fin Length
    (efficient length in the water)
    34 cm G10
    Fins 6x 6cm G10

    Kite Line Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard

    Flysurfer FlyRace Kiteboard Size

    173 x 48

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