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F-One Kiteboarding, kites, kiteboards, SUP and more.

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  1. Kite Line F-One Platinum Pads

    F-One Platinum Pads/Straps


    The F-One Platinum Pad has a unique process that allow to generate all possible forms while picking the best EVA foam density. Because a pad, it's those two essential things: a form and a foam. The F-ONE strap is fully adjustable to the size and shape of the foot and brings great comfort with a multilayer of different EVA density and its neoprene coating. The Straps Lock F-ONE facilitate the general installation because they are locked in independently from the strap. The straps lock are designed to give the strap the ideal angle and shape.   Probably the most comfortable combo Strap / Pad on the market. The F-One Platinum pads are in general difficult to design because they must fit all types of feet. They must ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel possible while riding, and absorb the impacts. With the straps, the pads must lock your feet in the ideal position. To obtain the highest quality pads, we have chosen an injected process that permits various forms and densities. 



    F-One Platinum Pad Technology Dual Density Foam - The upper layer is the softest, will absorb small impacts and will mold the pads to the exact shape of your foot. -The lower layer has a higher density and will absorb the strongest impacts.  Injected Foam: The choice of the density and its inner quality of memorizing its form are essential for the pad's comfort and its durability.  Hollow cones: To maximize the pad's cushioning and reduce its weight, we have placed holes where the pressure when riding permits.  


    F-One Platinum Pad Ergonomics Cant - Allows for the ankle to be positioned in the leg axis and to wedge the foot on the outside for the ideal riding position.  Anti-Forward Profile: The height under the front section is higher to prevent forward slipping  Anti-twist: The heel is clamped on the outside, thereby limiting the torque.


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  2. Kite Line F-One High Volume Kite Pump

    F-One High Volume Kite Pump


    F-One High Volume Kite Pump


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  3. Kite Line 2015 F-One Unik

    2015 F-One Unik


    2015 F-One Unik Features


    • Unrivaled freeride abilities
    • Combines performance and accessibility in all conditions
    • Light with high versatality
    • Highly effective and quick early planning
    • Impressive control



    2015 F-One Unik Size

    • 134x40.5 cm


    2015 F-One Unik Unibox Fins




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  4. Kite Line 2015 F-One Trust Kite

    2015 F-One Trust Kite (Kite Only)

    Price From: $1,019.00

    The 2015 F-One Trust Kite makes it easier to ride underpowered without stalling the kite with power constantly available and easy to regulate. In the high range, the TRUST doesn’t pull laterally and can be eased progressively to head higher into the wind in complete comfort and making upwind riding as easy as it can get. The bar feeling is more pressed for a more expressive feedback of information which will help the less experienced riders. The TRUST is designed to fly with complete control any kind of wind conditions. Its behavior is reassuring and will give you full confidence to improve and push your level.

    The 2015 F-One Trust Kite also benefits from new reinforcements and a more balanced distribution of the tensions across the canopy fabric. One Pump valves have been further optimized. Thanks to the new fabric, it was possible to improve significantly the kite profiles with some neat gains in performances and ease of use. Remaining incredibly intuitive and stable to steer, with excellent power control and speed, the kite still demonstrates the best relaunch capacities.

    With an incredible speed control, the 2015 F-One Trust Kite will make it easier for the riders to carve and dampen the waves and chop. Its exceptional upwind capabilities with flawless stability at 12 o’clock make it the perfect partner. The construction features a new fabric, the well known TECHNOFORCE™ double ripstop from TEIJIN. With superior resistance, robustness and more stability, this new fabric enables an unprecedented control of the canopy profiles.

    2015 F-One Trust Kite Technology



    2015 F-One Trust Kite Sizes


    2015 F-One Trust Kite Wind Range

    • 5m - 30+ kts
    • 6m - 28+ kts
    • 7m - 25+ kts
    • 8m - 20 > 35 kts
    • 9m - 15 > 30 kts
    • 11m - 11 > 24 kts
    • 13m - 9 > 18 kts


    2015 F-One Trust Kite Colors (please specify color when ordering)


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  5. Kite Line 2015 F-One Trax HRD Kiteboard

    2015 F-One Trax HRD Series


    The 2015 F-One Trax HRD Series is a state of the art Freestyle board providing futuristic sensations! The 2015 F-One Trax HRD delivers unmatched smooth riding, incredible drive, Earlier Planning (planing), better upwind skills (performance) It also has a new revolutionary Helical Rail Design. Superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort, forgiving


    2015 F-One Trax HRD Series Features

    • New reinforced flat deck shape feet area > more resistance

    • New bi-axial glass construction > increased comfort and control

    • Impressive Shape > unmatched smooth riding, incredible drive, earlier planning, better upwind ability

    • Revolutionary Helical Rail Design > superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort, forgiving, easier landing

    • Bi color sidewall


    2015 F-One Trax HRD Series Sizes

    • 135 x 39 cm

    • 136 x 40.5 cm

    • 137 x 42 cm



    2015 F-One Trax HRD Series Unibox Fins


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  6. Kite Line 2015 Trax HRD Carbon Series Kiteboard

    2015 F-One TRAX HRD Carbon Series


    2015 F-One Trax Carbon Series Kiteboard Features


    • New reinforced flat deck shape on feet area > more resistance
    • New carbon construction, new layup > maximum strength/weight ratio
    • Impressive Shape > unmatched smooth riding, incredible drive, earlier planning, better upwind ability
    • Revolutionary Helical Rail Design > superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort, forgiving, easier landing
    • Bi-color sidewall

    2015 F-One Trax Carbon Series Kiteboard Sizes

    • 135 x 39 cm
    • 136 x 40.5 cm
    • 137 x 42 cm
    • 140 x 45 cm (LW)


    2015 F-One Trax Carbon Series Kiteboard Unibox Fins




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  7. Kite Line 2015 F-One Spicy Wakestyle Kiteboard

    2015 F-One Spicy Wakestyle


    2015 F-One Spicy Wakestyle Kiteboard with G-10 Wakestyle Fins


    • Uncompromised wakestyle board
    • Unique shape developed for bindings
    • Perfect speed control
    • Ultra-soft landing
    • Outstanding flex
    • Forgiving with superior durability



    2015 F-One Spicy Wakestyle Kiteboard Size


    • 138x42 cm




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  8. Kite Line 2015 F-One Signature Series Surfboard

    2015 F-One Signature Series

    Price From: $1,029.00

    2015 F-One Signature Series Surfboard Features


    • New HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE construction
    • New rocker line
    • New round tail outline
    • Lighter weight
    • More versatality
    • Smoother
    • Better balanced
    • Better rail to rail transition
    • Carving machine
    • New width on the 6'0" : 47.5 cm


    2015 F-One Signature Series Surfboard Sizes


    • 6'0" 182 x 47.5 cm 24 L 3.45 kg
    • 5"10" 177 x 46 cm 23 L 3.3 kg




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  9. Kite Line 2015 F-One Pro Mitu Foliboard Convertible

    2015 F-One Pro Mitu - Foilboard Convertible


    The Surf pro model MITU MONTEIRO in 5’6’’ /5’8’’ / 5’10’’ will also be offered in its “convertible” version: equipped with a KF-BOX. The concave on the board allows it to accelerate and to lift off easily and the rocker and outline of the pro model MITU MONTEIRO make the transitions and progression easy when theyare done on the water. With its very efficient and all around shape combined with the new construction HDFOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, tough and light, the surf MITU MONTEIRO Convertible is the perfect board to not miss a session without loading your quiver.



    2015 F-One Pro Mitu Foilboard Convertible Construction





    • New size 5’6’’ x 46.5 cm

    • Width reduced by 1 cm on all sizes

    • New nose channel

    • New front pad kick

    • Redesigned compact grab rail

    • Lighter weight

    • Increased versatility

    • Amazing feeling !!


    2015 F-One Pro Mitu Foilboard Convertible Technology



    2015 F-One Pro Mitu Foilboard Convertible Equipment


    • Full pads
    • FUTURES® fins
    • FUTURES® box
    • K.F BOX (+ box shutter)
    • F-ONE surf straps (optional)


    2015 F-One Pro Mitu Foilboard Convertible Sizes


    • 5’10’’ - 176.5 x 48.5 cm - 21 L - 3.750 kg*
    • 5’8’’ - 171.5 x 47 cm - 20 L - 3.670 kg*
    • 5’6’’ - 166.5 x 46.5 cm - 19 L - 3.450 kg*
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  10. Kite Line 2015 F-One Next Series

    2015 F-One Next Series


    2015 F-One Next Series Kiteboard with Unibox Fins Features


    • Freeride perfect weapon
    • Very comfortable & forgiving
    • Early planning
    • Great upwind performance
    • Incredible control and stability



    2015 F-One Next Series Kiteboard Sizes

    • 138x40 cm
    • 140x42 cm



    2015 F-One Next Series Kiteboard with Unibox Fins

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  11. Kite Line 2015 F-One Next Light Wind

    2015 F-One Next Light Wind (LW)


    2015 F-One Next Light Wind Kiteboard with Unibox Fins Features


    • Unmatched performance in light wind
    • Very comfortable & forgiving
    • Early planning
    • Great upwind performance
    • Incredible control and stability



    2015 F-One Next Light Wind Kiteboard Sizes

    • 148x45 cm
    • 150x48 cm



    2015 F-One Next Light Wind Kiteboard with Unibox Fins

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  12. Kite Line F-One Complete Control Bar

    2015 F-One Monolith Control Bar/Line Set


    The 2014 F-One Complete Control Bar comes in 2 different sizes, 45cm or 52cm. 24m lines. Valid for Bandit and Trust Kite

    Includes: F-One Complete Bar Set includes Monolith Bar, Leader Lines, Top Front Lines (x2), Bottom Front Line, Back Lines (x2), Swivel,
    5th Line, Connector Depower Strap, Depower System, Clam Cleat, Chicken Loop, Safety Release, Finger, UPS, Kite Safety Leash, Handle Pass Loop, Floats.


    Bar Compatibility: Bandit 3/4/5/6/7 - Trust 1/2 and Volt 1/2

    Bar Sizes:

    • 45cm bar for kites between 4 and 10m2
    • 52cm bar for kites between 11 and 14m2


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  13. Kite Line 2015 F-One Mitu Pro Series

    2015 F-One Mitu Pro Series

    Price From: $999.00

    F-One 2015 Pro Model Mitu Monteiro Strapless Series


    F-One 2015 Mitu Pro Features


    •  New HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE construction
    •  New size 5'6" x 46.5 cm
    • Width reduced by 1 cm on all sizes
    •  New nose channel
    •  New front kick pad
    •  Redesigned compact grab rail
    •  Lighter weight
    •  Increased versatility
    •  Amazing feeling !!


    F-One 2015 Mitu Pro Specifications

    • 5'6" 166.5 x 46.5 cm 19 L 3.15 kg
    • 5'8" 171.5 x 47 cm 20 L 3.3 kg
    • 5'10" 176.5 x 48.5 cm 21 L 3.45 kg
    • 6'0" 182.5 x 50 cm 22 L 3.6 kg

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  14. Kite Line 2015 F-One Freerdide  Hydrofoil Kite Foil

    2015 F-One Freeride Foil


    Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-ONE kitefoil has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.



    With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE’s in-house naval architect and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.



    Using the patented “Fast Connection Device”, the F-ONE kitefoil can be assembled in minimum time using one single screw. Saving time, this system also saves you space as the complete foil can be split into three separate parts which all fit within convenient space for traveling. Less parts, less volume, less hassle! Yet, the most user-friendly aspect of the FCD system is that it guarantees the perfect alignment of your wings and profiles over time, session after session.



    No tuning is ever required, just plug the parts together and go riding with complete peace of mind. Building from the best available materials and technologies is not only key to the top performances but is also proving critical to provide a package fit for learning efficiently. Made of compression molded Pre-preg and Forged Carbon, the F-ONE kitefoil makes the most of the best technologies to offer a truly innovative and top of the range product.


    F-ONE 88 cm Mast

    With a depth of 88 cm, the mast offers great performances and comfort without being intimidating or proving too long when starting off in onshore winds or shallower waters.

    Using a specific profile promoting laminar flow to reduce friction, the mast keeps a thickness of 12 mm all along its bottom half to ensure minimum drag. The profile thickness then increases rapidly towards the top of the mast for more stiffness. Torsion and bending motions are locked by its elaborate one shot construction to make the mast super stiff.
    The mast is fitted with the proven KF-BOX equipped with two fixing screws for more reliability.




    F-ONE Freeride Wing 595 cm²

    We wanted to design a wing that was truly versatile and progressive. When we realized that even the most experienced within our team loved to ride with the wing we had developed for novice riders, we knew we had succeeded. With a span of 58 cm and a surface area of 595 cm² this blade has enough grunt to lift you out of the water effortlessly even in marginal conditions but will remain easy and fluid to handle even at pace thanks to its refined profile. Built using Pre-preg carbon over a Forged Carbon central core, the stiffness of the blades has been finely tuned to make it as stable and predictable as possible.

    With great directional control and plenty of surface area to rely on, the F-ONE freeride wing can be pressed hard to reach higher speeds if this is what you’re after and will be the key to successfully mastering air jibes and other flying maneuvers.



    F-ONE Freeride Stabilizer 305 cm²

    The one-part stabilizer and fuselage unit fits directly into the FCD bottom of the mast, plug and play, no fiddling around, it’s as simple as that. Built entirely out of forged carbon, the freeride stabilizer is rock solid and thanks to the FCD system, we were able to extend the fuselage way back for maximum stability without compromising its transportability. Equipped with generous winglets, the stabilizer blade offers fantastic control with enough surface area to provide full confidence when learning. Its profile and angle of attack were tuned to achieve a more intuitive balance which will help you get your foiling maneuvers in more easily.




    Made in France

    After checking with our usual factories and others in Asia, we realized that we needed a factory that was very specialized and close to us. This brought our production back to France.  Our foils will be made in France using “Pre-preg” technology while certain parts will be made out of “Forged Carbon”, a technology emanating from the aeronautical and military industries.



    Fast Connection Device (FCD)

    We have developed and patented a brand new concept for the assembly of the mast, fuselage and wings because this is a critical aspect of the kitefoil. It drives the reliability and ease of use for assembling and taking the foil apart for transportation, as much as the repeatability of the trim between the front and rear wings. The main benefit of the system is the one and only screw that maintains all the parts together: mast, fuselage, front wing and stabilizer. This screw is placed longitudinally and is therefore only stressed in tension instead of shear or bending. The whole foil can be tightened up with everything working in a sound mechanical way. To gain some precision, robustness and packed-up volume, the screw is combined with a squared, conical assembling system, which has been proven as the best mechanical setup to lock any motion or degree of freedom between the parts, while also contributing greatly to tensional resistance.


    • 1 Longitudinal screw
    • 2 Front Wing
    • 3 Mast
    • 4 Stabilizer
    • 5 Squared & conical assembling system



    PrePreg and Forged Carbon Construction

    With Pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin by its manufacturer; this guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the highest quality process. The material is stored in cooled rooms and catalyzes at 120° C in a mold. The Pre-preg fibers must travel in refrigerated trucks and be stored frozen. The refined ratio between carbon fiber and epoxy resin provides the lightest weight with the best mechanical properties of carbon fiber.

    The forged Carbon technology takes advantage of the same principles as standard Pre-preg but uses a different type of fiber which is better suited to mold small parts with complex shapes. It allows us to build accurately smaller sized parts that are very reliable. The advantages of these two technologies are their high end mechanical properties, but also their fast production cycle which allows us to work with a faster and more rational construction process. (1h to cure a Pre-preg mast and about 10 minutes for a Forged Carbon part). This is crucial for delivering a high quality product made in France.


    • 1    KF-BOX male end
    • 2    Pre-impregnated, multi-axial carbon layers
    • 3    Forged Carbon



    KF Box

    F-ONE kitefoils are equipped with the fully conical KF-BOX. Its shape makes it easy to connect and fits well with the thickness of the kite boards due to its moderate height. The KF-BOX offers a perfect, tight support and is compatible with all F-ONE and KETOS foils.


    • 1    KF-BOX male end


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  15. Kite Line 2015 F-One Foilboard 5'1"

    2015 F-One Foilboard 5'1"


    The 2015 F-One Foilboard was created to be a 100% dedicated foil board with the characteristics that are required for practicing this new discipline. With its large volume and large tail it is very well adapted to beginners. It generates enough float at low speeds and gives a lot of flexibility in footstrap placements.Compact in design do reduce drag from the wind, the top deck is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom deck is shaped in a triple V contour with a precisely tuned concave, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down. The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board “taps” the water while edging hard upwind. Equipped with multiple strap attachment points to facilitate tuning, it is also equipped with the KF-BOX.


    2015 F-One Foilboard Technology



    2015 F-One Foilboard Size


    • 5’1’’ - 156 x 51 cm - 30 L - 3.5 kg*


    2015 F-One Foilboard Equiptment


    • Full pads
    • K.F BOX
    • F-ONE surf straps (optional)
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