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CrazyFly believes in only using the finest quality materials and components to manufacture their products.  With crazy attention to detail, CrazyFly always strives for the best possible product build quality, making pulleys and bridle systems that are not only stronger, but safer. 


With the Sculp, Slash and Moowii kites, CrazyFly gives beginners and experts alike options that allow them to flex their creativity while they freeride and dominate competitions with superior technical handling.  The Sculp kite is a high performance kite that was designed with every rider in mind.  The 2013 Sculp was rebuilt from the ground up, giving kiteboarders added power, improved hang time and  better lift with an increased aspect ratio.  CrazyFly's classic C-Kite, Slash, isn't your grandpa's standard kite that allows riders to set up for their choice of either free style and wake style riding.  The Moowii is a perfect blend of performance and value that is great for riders just being introduced to the sport.

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  1. Kite Line PKS Compression Kite Bag

    Crazyfly Compression Kite Bag


    The Crazyfly Compression Kite Bag is large enough to fit most any kite.  It weighs less than the standard kite backpack to provide protection for your kite in travel while reducing weight and doubles as a convenient sandbag!

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  2. Kite Line 2015 CrazyFly Tango

    2015 CrazyFly Tango

    Price From: $1,159.00

    As with all CrazyFly products, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango demonstrates the highest standards of quality both in materials and manufacture. It’s the perfect combination of great value, high quality and performance at a fantastic price. More experienced riders will benefit the most from the Nifty Bridle System, but the Tango can be comfortably used by almost any rider. With a four-line set up and very easy relaunch, this kite is a diverse power-house while being very user friendly. The Tango is a very unique kite with a revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly: the Nifty Bridle System. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango’s bridle very quickly and easily. 



    The different settings on the Nifty bridle system change the flight characteristics of the kite to the extent that it becomes better suited towards the chosen riding style. CrazyFly is the first company to introduce such a feature to the market that allows for three riding style settings on one kite. In the air, the 2015 CrazyFly Tango feels different on each setting. On the wave setup, the kite has very smooth turning and flight characteristics, and won’t backstall when you ride the wave out in front. It is very easy to control with soft power turns and feels very light in the air, flying with you down the waves to be there with power when you’re ready. This allows the rider to mostly feel the surf, as the Tango is very gentle on the wave set up. On the freeride/freestyle set up, the Tango kite is very dynamic. It turns quickly with perfect power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go.

    Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the 2015 CrazyFly Tango provides amazing upwind abilities on this setting. Last but not least is the wakestyle set up, where the Tango is extremely stable and provides the most power. When riding with the kite at forty-five degrees and going for a handle pass, the kite stays in the same position until the landing. In addition, this kite turns with loads of power in the wakestyle setting and offers strong power boosts for unhooked kiteloops.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Features


    Open-C Shape - The Future of C-Kites
    High speed turning C-kite feel with huge on the bar depower, so every rider can feel comfortable on this kite. 

    3 Struts Design - Reduces Weight, Increases Performance
    Reduces the weight of the kite and increases performance. Due to the shape and high quality of materials the kite is strong enough even with 3 struts only. 

    Nifty Bridle System - 3-in-1 - Wave, Wakestyle, and Freestyle
    The Nifty Bridle System is a very unique and revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between three riding modes: wave, freeride/freestyle, and wakestyle. The Nifty allows for changes to be made directly on the Tango's bridle very quickly and easily. 

    Sick Bar - Simple and Clean
    CrazyFly Sick bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe from only European materials and components. Our Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm. The bar itself is a full carbon monococuqe tube with solid center for extremely light weight and lasting durability. It features a Sick click push away safety system, which can be quickly triggered as well as assembled. 

    Safety Certificate - International NF S52-503 Certificate
    The Sick bar has been certified according to the AFNOR NF S52-503 international safety norm and is one of the safest bars on the market. 

    Squared Wing Tips - Direct Feel, More Power
    Squared wingtips provide for a more direct feel of the kite and more power in the kite. This shape feature also increases the stability of the kite in strong winds. 

    Teijin Technoforce - Lasting Durability, Tear Resistant
    The most technologically advanced ripstop material for a kite canopy. This high density polyester yarn provides for ultra light weight, high tearing strength and long lasting durability. 

    Easy Relaunch - More Riding, Less Swimming
    Just pull on one front line and the kite pops right back in the air. Every rider trying to learn new tricks will appreciate the simple and quick relaunch of the kite.


    2015 CrazyFly Tango Specs



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  3. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel

    2015 Crazyfly Surf Travel Bag


    A good surf roller is hard to find, but Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 is a great combination of size, padding on all sides, and light weight.  The tapered nose helps accomodate the surf board shape while decreasing overall material and therefore weight of the bag.  Quilted sides keep all the padding in place after all the moving around, and the dark colors and unique pattern help keep it looking clean while being very easy to identify.

    Incredibly strong No. 10 coil zippers, a protective flap around the entire zipper, and a Cordura exterior with a tarpaulin interior make this the highest quality travel bag available. Thicker 7mm padding on all sides keeps your gear safe while tightening cinch straps on every side make the Wheeled Surf 190 super easy to strap down, shrink down, or carry through the airport on your next kiteboarding expedition.  Make transporting all your gear including surf boards a snap with the heavy-duty wheels on the bag.


    The NEW Crazyfly Wheeled Surf 190 bag is brand new for 2015.  Modeled after the very popular CrazyFly Golf Bags with all their great features and padding, but in a 190cm size to fit most kitesurf SURF and WAVE boards (6'0" and smaller).  This bag actually has Double-thick padding on nose to protect the tips, plus two internal flaps to separate boards, allowing space for 2 surf boards (with the fins off) plus other gear.  The flaps make three compartments, two for boards and one for kites, wetsuits, a twintip, or other extra gear.

    Dimensions: 190cm   x   50cm   x    25 cm

    Overview  -  Under 10 Lbs.!    9 lbs., 10 oz. to help reduce your weight so you can get more gear in the bag and be under the weight limit.

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  4. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Surf Bag

    2015 Crazyfly Surf Bag


    Crazyfly hasn't had a surf bag in a few years and we say it's about time! So here it is. The size will easily fit any board in Crazyfly's line, or most any other standard-width surfboard up to 6'2". Crazyfly's new 2014 Surf Bag is designed to fit up to a 6'2" board with fins on and keep the dirt and heat off your beautiful board. It's got thick padding on all sides with super-tough rubberized padding on the nose to protect your most important point. The shoulder strap and carry handle add a touch of convenience to make it easy to get from the car to the beach.



    The colors are simple for a simple reason. You don't want wet sand to stain your bag too easily, but all black gets too hot. The neutral tones on one side help keep the dirt off. The full-reflective silver wall on the other side goes face-up to the sun to reflect those rays and heat away from your board, helping keep your wax on the board rather than melting all over the inside of the bag.


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  5. Kite Line 2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard

    2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard (w/straps)


    The 2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard feels light, lively and is a lot of fun to ride no matter if the wind and waves are hauling or not. Pechi absolutely loves his new Strapless. The Strapless has a wide outline with the most volume in our range, yet it is also the lightest board in our range, which makes it perfectly suited for strapless airs. The volume, flatter rocker and thruster set up get this board up and going really early even in light wind conditions. With the lightest construction in the range this board actually has flex and works great for small waves. It will also not disappoint for surfing small waves. Completely new for 2015, the 2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard is designed for newschool freestyle strapless tricks, small waves and light wind conditions. This board was designed and developed with the strapless king of Aruba Petr Pechi Pechacek, who is one of the best in this discipline worldwide. All CrazyFly surfboards are made using the custom surfboard production process. Real surfboard rails tucked in under the edge and the latest Bamboo Tech construction provide superior surf feel. In addition, all CrazyFly surfboards come with high quality accessories: self-stick EVA footpads, surf straps, and original Futures® fins made in USA.



    2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard Construction



    2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard Range of Use



    2015 Crazyfly Strapless Surfboard Specs



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