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Pete Cabrinha is known around the world as a legendary surfer, windsurfer and kitesurfer.  Successful in all arenas he steps in, Pete Cabrina commands respect with his accolades in competition surfing, windsurfing and kite boarding, and his contributions to the progression of each respective sport. 


Cabrinha develops their world class kites in any and every combination of water and wind conditions out of their facility in Maui.  A subsidiary of the Hong Kong based Pryde Group, Cabrinha has been able to lead the kiteboarding industry with the same attitudes and philosophy that showed him success in the surfing industry.   Creating boards since 2000, Cabrinha is sold in over 40 countries worldwide and produces kites, boards and accessories.    With their willingness to adopt emerging technologies and embracing every style in the spectrum, Cabrinha easily finds themselves at the top of the industry, ensuring that their products are the forefront of kiteboarding performance and quality.

With the Switchblade, Drifter, Contra, Radar, Velocity, Relaunch and Chaos, Cabrinha has a kite for you.

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  1. 2015 Cabrinha Radar Kite

    <SAVE OVER 18%> 2015 Cabrinha Radar + Bar/Lines + Spectrum Board

    Price From:


    Special Price: $1,899.00

    Why You Will Love the 2015 Cabrinha Radar

    • Versatile crossover kite
    • Scaleable performance

    • Designed to maximize progression

    • Three strut simplicity

    • Swept leading edge for stability

    • Best relaunching kite to date

    • Park and ride stability


    The generously curved leading edge makes the kite roll into the relaunch position with very little input from the rider. The Radar excels as a crossover kite with legit skills in freeriding, freestyle, and surfing. The Radar is a full bodied, swept wing kite, meaning that you will not find an easier kite to relaunch when the kite hits the water. 


    The all new Radar kite intelligently combines raw performance with absolute simplicity. The Radar is a performance three strut kite with a park and ride power source. Any input given to the control system translates into an immediate response from the kite. 


    2015 Cabrinha Radar Rider ProfileA simple, versatile performance kite with incredible relaunch capabilities.

    2015 Cabrinha Radar Wind

    2015 Cabrinha Radar Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Radar Technology




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  2. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Alias

    2015 Cabrinha Alias


    The 2015 Cabrinha Alias, with its three fins will get you upwind in seconds. Once pointed off the wind, the 2015 Cabrinha Alias becomes one of the best downwind models for speed and maneuverability. It comes with a swept bi-elliptical tri-fin set. The 2015 Cabrinha Alias is a super efficient light wind board with no limit to its performance or usage. The Alias, when combined with our Contra light wind kite, can have you flying across the water in well under 10 knots. The hybrid design is a combination of a race board and freeride directional; you get the best of both worlds in one board. 


    Why You Will Love Your 2015 Cabrinha Alias

    • Increases the bottom end wind range of any kite quiver
    • Excellent light wind performance
    • Excellent for distance and downwinders
    • Internal grab handle
    • Ultralight Adjustable Footstraps
    • 3 GFk fins


    2015 Cabrinha Alias Rider Profile: A high volume directional board for light wind cruising, downwinders, or all round freeriding


    2015 Cabrinha Alias Technology


    2015 Cabrinha Alias Size Info

    174 59 39.2L


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  3. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Contra

    2015 Cabrinha Contra

    Price From: $1,439.00

    Why You Will Love the 2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite
    • Designed to be a lightwind extension to any kite in your quiver
    • Fun to fly in lightwind conditions

    • Enhanced profiles optimize the low end power

    • Direct feel with great response

    • Fast turning for lightwind performance

    • Optimized lightwind construction

    • Light bar pressure

    • Easy relaunch


    Whether you are riding freestyle, wakestyle, surf or just burning around, the 2015 Cabrinha Contra has the muscle to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water. The 2015 Cabrinha Contra performance light wind kite is specially designed to maximize the kite’s power production in light winds. The 2015 Cabrinha Contra is designed to be a light wind extension to any kite in our range.


    The 2015 Cabrinha Contra delivers distinctly sharp and precise turning that makes generating power and speed a snap, while maintaining the agility of a smaller kite. It’s this type of performance that has widened the scope of what is possible in light winds. 

    2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite Rider Profile: Any rider looking to extend their game into the light wind arena.


    2015 Cabrinha Contra Kite Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Contra Wind Range


    2015 Cabrinha Contra Technology


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  4. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    Price From: $1,179.00

    Why You Will Love your new 2015 Cabrinha Chaos

    • Podium proven competition performance
    • C-Shape arc for excellent freestyle and wakestyle performance
    • Engineered specifically for unhooked tricks
    • Carries power through turns for massive kiteloops
    • High aspect forward sitting kite that edges out well
    • Direct steering
    • Tuned profiles to quickly generate board speed


    With the 2015 Cabrinha Chaos, you can throw a kite loop with the tightest arc possible, and the kite will hit the zenith with plenty of time to cushion your landing.


    The 2015 Cabrinha Chaos freestyle kite is a highly technical freestyle / wakestyle kite capable of winning world class freestyle competitions. Everything put into this design is aimed at performing at the highest level of freestyle. This high aspect C shape is exactly what is needed for bursts of speed and the ability for the lines to slacken when unhooked. 


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Wind Range


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Chaos Technology

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  5. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Drifter

    2015 Cabrinha Drifter

    Price From: $1,179.00

    Why You Will Love the 2015 Cabrinha Drifter

    • Podium proven surf performance
    • Slack line drift

    • Crazy fast turning speed

    • High depower

    • Moderate arc shape

    • Direct steering

    • Fast relaunch

    • Works in a wide range of conditions



    The 2015 Cabrinha Drifter delivers a perfect blend of the best elements of surfing and kitesurfing. The Drifter’s special design allows it to drift downwind and stay aloft even when the lines are slackened. This phenomenon, first developed by Cabrinha is known as drift stability. 


    The 2015 Cabrinha Drifter surf kite is a kite with a purpose. This kite is dead set on being there for you when you need it and getting out of the way when you don’t. You see, kite surfing is an act of taking power from the kite when you need it and dumping the power altogether when you don’t. This high depower kite allows the rider to drop in, accelerate, then dump the power completely to snap or carve their turns. 


    2015 Cabrinha Drifter Kite Rider Profile: Specially designed to be the absolute best kite for surfing and surf freestyle.

    2015 Cabrinha Drifter Wind Range


    2015 Cabrinha Drifter Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Drifter Technology

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  6. Kite Line 2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite

    2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines


    Special Price: $1,145.00

    The Cabrinha Chaos Kite delivers on all fronts. The 2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite is perfectly tuned to perform when unhooked which also makes it the kite of choice for hitting rails or throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats. The Chaos has a light weight, yet durable build using our Skeletal frame technology and our all new 2DR double rip stop material. Only one thing matters in the high stakes world of competition freestyle, and that's getting onto the podium. In order to do so you need a kite capable of performing at its best when riding unhooked. You need a kite which generates power through its turns. You need a kite that delivers bursts of speed and pop. While not made for your average rider, the 2014 Cabrinha Chaos kite will give you the fighting advantage in competition. Just ask Alby Rondina, one of the PKRA freestyle superstars and the technical advisor behind the 2014 Cabrinha Chaos development. 


    2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite Highlights
    • Podium Proven Competition Freestyle Performance
    • Direct Steering, FAST Response
    • Carries power through turns for massive kiteloops
    • Freestyle specific bridle design slacks for handle passes
    • Compact Arc Shape with Dynamic Arc - Quick Turning and Fast RELAUNCH
    • Works in a wide range of conditions
    2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite Colors

    Please Specify Color When Ordering


    2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite Features

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  7. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Velocity

    2015 Cabrinha Velocity

    Price From: $1,109.00

    Why You Will Love Your New 2015 Cabrinha Velocity

    • Podium proven race performance
    • True bow kite optimized for efficiency
    • High speed profiles
    • High aspect ratio for optimum upwind performance
    • Huge wind range
    • Thin bridling with no pulleys on the front lines
    • Light weight construction
    • Rides trim with relatively low rear line tension
    • IKA registered



    The 2015 Cabrinha Velocity delivers the most power per square meter of any kite in our range. It is perfect for boosting huge jumps or racing around a course.


    The Velocity is our most efficient performance freeride/ race kite. The Velocity’s ultra high performance comes from a combination of its high aspect outline, flatter arc, and high performance profiles. 


    2015 Cabrinha Velocity Kite Rider Profile: Designed for riders who want the ultimate power source for racing or high end freeriding.

    2015 Cabrinha Velocity Wind Range


    2015 Cabrinha Velocity Technology



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  8. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha FX Kite

    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite (Kite Only)

    Price From: $1,099.00

    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Rider Profile: 

    A rider who mixes hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks. Loves huge jumps and kite loops. Likes to surf powered with a kite. 

    The all new 2015 Cabrinha FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite. The expanded “C” shape arc allows for aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. Its positive and direct steering as well as its quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. The new three strut, highly responsive platform gives riders the much needed power for explosive acceleration and the perfect amount of boost for huge lofty airs. 

    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Features

    • Explosive pop and great hang time
    • Great line slack for unhooked riding
    • Forward pull for kiteloops
    • Excellent for vertical boosts
    • Highly responsive and direct steering
    • Smooth power delivery
    • More drive than a traditional C shaped kite
    • Predictable handling
    • Quick recovery
    • Good upwind performance


    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Technology


    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Style Selector



    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Wind Range



    2015 Cabrinha FX Kite Colors



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  9. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade

    2015 Cabrinha Switchblade

    Price From: $1,079.00


    New for the 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 
    • Most versatile performance kite
    • 5 struts for standout stability and performance
    • Enhanced profiles optimize the low end power
    • Park and ride stability
    • Direct steering
    • Light bar pressure
    • High hang time
    • Easy relaunch
    • 10 years of proven performance


    The 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade provides maximum control with a light bar touch. The SB’s high performance profiles deliver the power needed in light winds and the ability to dump the power in strong winds. This gives the 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade the type of range needed to extend your sessions when the winds are up and down. The five strut design holds the canopy true to its shape regardless of the wind condition or angle of attack.

    After ten years of refinement, the 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade kite from Cabrinha is held as the benchmark for which all crossover/freeride kites must aspire to. Its success lies in its uncommon blend of high performance and ease of use. The 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade will easily crossover from freeriding to freestyle to surf on any given day. The common element in each of these riding styles is precise handling; and this is where the Switchblade shines. 

    Why You Will Love the 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade

    • Most versatile performance kite
    • 5 struts for standout stability and performance
    • Enhanced profiles optimize the low end power
    • Park and ride stability
    • Direct steering
    • Light bar pressure
    • High hang time
    • Easy relaunch
    • 10 years of proven performance


    2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite Rider Profile: The discerning rider who will crossover from freeriding to freestyle to surf on any given day. High performance, versatility, and build quality are at the top of their list.

    2015 Cabrinha Switchblad Colors


    2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Technology




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  10. Kite Line 2015 Cabrinha XCaliber

    2015 Cabrinha XCaliber Signature Model



    The 2015 Cabrinha XCaliber is our competition freestyle pro model. Designed together with PKRA star, Alby Rondina, the XCaliber is designed to provide quick bursts of speed, incredible pop, and the upwind ability to keep your performance right in the box. The 2015 Cabrinha XCaliber's pop comes from our wood core and full carbon laminate. The extensive use of carbon allows this board to be our lightest, most technical twin tip. 


    2015 Cabrinha XCaliber Rider Profile:  A premium competition freestyle board designed for the high end competitor.


    Why You Will Love Your 2015 Cabrinha XCaliber 

    • Designed with PKRA star Alby Rondina
    • High reflex double bias carbon construction
    • Explosive pop
    • Excellent upwind drive
    • Stable high speed landings
    • 40mm GFN Hex flow fins


    2015 Cabrinha XCaliber Style

    2015 Cabrinha XCaliber Technology


    2015 Cabrinha XCaliber Sizes

    132 x 40  - 135 x 41 - 138 x 42 - 141 x 43


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