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  • Let us help you hand-pick the sweetest package deal

    Perfect Gear at the Best Price: Package Deals!

    Let us help you hand-pick the sweetest kiteboarding, kitesurfing, snowkiting and landkiting kite+board+accessories package! We cut through the research hassle so you can get what you want for an unbeatable price, without wasting time that you could spend kiting!

    Our kiting experts thoroughly test all of the gear we offer in our packages so you can rest assured that not only are you getting a great deal, but the kite, board, and everything else will work flawlessly together.

    Each kiteboarding package is unique We build each package deal specific to you based on your ability, location, riding style, and goals, with gear from Ozone,Cabrinha, Slingshot, Naish and more.  Call or email us to put together the perfect deal.

    From all-around performers to split boards and strutless kites, we'll help you put together the best gear for your big trip or nomadic lifestyle. We can help you find the right, light-weight and top performing gear that meets airline requirements for easy travel and perfect days on the water.
    We'll help you decide between boards with reduced swing weight for easier airs, spins and flip tricks or boards better for strapless riding, lower wind, smaller swell, and larger riders. Pair your board with the perfect kite, bar, bag, and you'll be ready to rip.
    Whether you're teaching a friend, family member, or learning yourself, getting the right entry level gear is key to making it a fun and safe experience. We'll get you set up for success with a full kite and board package, or a trainer kite and the tools you'll need to understand the conditions.
    Contact us now for your personalized set up.
    Freeriders, light wind junkies, snow kiters, and more! Call or email us to put together the perfect deal.
  • Kiteboarding Gear Packages

    kiteboarding gear packages

    Want to save money on a bundle of gear? Want to find the perfect gear for your weight, winds, conditions, experience level, and goals? We have kiteboarding gear packages and make custom set-ups because we’re pretty sure that your answer to these questions is yes.

    Save Money on Your Kiteboarding Gear

    The quick and easy trick is to hit up our Package Deal section. We’ve got special gear packages for All-Around kiting conditions,  Light Wind, for the travel season, and even the very freshest beginner.  We combine kiteskiteboards, and accessories that work together - and at the very best price.


    Looking for a very special set up? That’s cool. We’d love to get you set up and ready to kite. And YES, it is absolutely cheaper when we build you a custom package than if you purchase each piece separately.


    Assembling the Perfect Kiteboarding Gear

    Thinking you want a kite from Cabrinha and possibly a board from Slingshot? Or maybe a Crazyfly board and the sweetest kite from Ozone? Or maybe you just don’t know…


    We can put together a kiteboarding gear package that’s perfect for your weight, the typical winds you find yourself in, your experience level, and your goals. Whether you’re a wave riding fiend or looking to get your feet wet for the first time, we’ll spend the time with you.


    Get Your Package Deal

    But how? It’s easy. Call Michael. Email him. Use the live chat link on our website.  All roads point to the answers and package deal that you want.

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