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  • Sure, it’s about riding…

    the tribe on the beach

    Every spring, some of the very first kiteboarders we met roll through our town on their way north after a winter in Baja. Our friendship was built around riding, but our kiting season hasn’t kicked in yet. So instead, we ride bikes or drink beers, or both. Sometimes we put them to work in the kite-line shop – making them earn their seasonal schwag. Mostly we laugh.

    This morning, while trolling the interwebs, I stumbled across this video and it got me thinking. What is kiteboarding all about? Sure, it’s about riding. Yes, it’s about wind and waves and boosting – all huge and floaty. But it’s also about years and years of having the best time ever with my friends.  It’s about recounting near misses over dinner. It’s about ribbing each other about pulling the same ol’ back roll over and over and over.

    Yes, absolutely, this sport about the feeling of flying, the awesome sensation of wind and water and weightlessness. But I also love this sport because it’s taken me to so many new places and introduced me to so many amazing people. It really is more than just a ride.

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