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  • The New FX Crossover Kite from Cabrinha

    Hooked or unhooked, unpack all of your freaky-freestyle tricks and pump up the newest kite from Cabrinha. If you're looking for something between a competition freestyle kite and a performance/freeride kite, get the Cabrinha FX Crossover Kite. Then, call the air traffic controllers and request clearance, because the FX is ready for big, big air.

    Cabrinha FX KiteThe Cabrinha FX Kite

    Like C kites, the FX kite has stellar freestyle capabilities, yet it has a wider wind range and more stability, like a crossover kite. Its expanded “C” shape arc allows for aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. And it doesn't hurt to have utterly predictable handling, super-quick recovery, and amazing upwind performance. But what the FX is really about is insane vertical boost with feather-light bar pressure

    .Cabrinha FX Kite Sky-Red-Blue_ClearCabrinha FX Kite -Sky-Red-clearCabrinha FX Kite -Sky-Yellow-clear

    Cabrinha has a long history of serving up quality crossover kites



    Like the FX, the Cabrinha Switchblade has butter-smooth power delivery, predictable handling, upwind performance, and serious hang time. The Switchblade is a solid performance freeride/crossover kite.2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

    The Cabrinha Radar Kite is a versatile freeride/crossover kite and right now it's on SALE as a package deal with spectrum board!


  • The Best Kiteboarding Gear of 2015 from Our Favorite Brands

    With product from more than twenty of the world's best kite and kiteboards companies, we have plenty of options to choose from.  Here's a list of some of favorites for 2015.

    (Click on each photos to see more detailed information.)

    Blade Trigger

    This is a user friendly kite, and an ideal choice for riders who don’t consider themselves just one type of rider. the 2015 Blade Trigger Kite

    Cabrinha Switchblade

    This crossover/freeride kite has amazing control with a minimal bar touch - offering power in light wind conditions as well as remarkable handling in strong winds.
    2015 Cabrinha switchblade kite

    Cabrinha Ace

    This board is perfect for freestyle riding! It is super fast, smooth, and remarkably responsive.

    2015 Cabrinha ACE kiteboard

    CrazyFly Raptor

    The Raptor is a high performance freeride board, ready to pushed hard for freestyle tricks.

    2015 CarzyFly Raptor Kiteboard

    F-One Bandit

    This kite is crazy comfort - inspiring confidence while riding through a huge wind range.

    2015 f-one bandit Kite

    F-One Trax HRD Carbon

    This is a smooth riding board that planes early and drives upwind.

    2015 Trax HRD Carbon board

    Flysurfer Peak 2

    This single-skin kite is a go-to for land and snow kiting on snow, sand, grass or asphalt.

    2015 Flysurfer Peak2 Land and Snow Kite

    Naish Pivot 

    This kite is a favorite all-around freeride/wave kite for a wide range of riders and styles

    2015 naish pivot Kite

    Naish Monarch

    Unbeatable grip, dynamic flex and directional stability - this kiteboard has all three in spades.

    Nobile Separa Flying Carpet Split Board

    This light-wind split board packs small and reveals a punch for freeriders traveling the globe.

    2015 Nobile SEPARA Flying Carpet Split

    Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

    This kite serves up incredible flight stability with a massive wind range. It's the ideal choice for kiters looking for the perfect freeride or wave kite.

    2015 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite

    Ozone Zephyr

    This kite has unmatched light wind performance, with so little drag you can be powering upwind in almost glass smooth conditions.


    Slingshot Rally

    This kite's construction is renowned for it's incredible durability and performance - intensely versatile, it's a kiter's kite.

    2015 Sliingshot Rally Kite

    Slingshot Misfit

    Any rider will love the engineered flex and pop of the Misfit, providing a consistent, controllable ride.
    2015-Slingshot-Misfit Kiteboard

    Spleene Door High Tech

    Phenomenally clean, this light wind board planes early and delivers comfort beyond your expectations.

    2015 Spleene door high tech lightwind kiteboard

    Of course, the perfect board and kite are unique to every kiter - considering your budget, skill level, typical weather in your area, and the kind of riding you want to do. Give us a call, we're happy to help find the perfect gear for you.

  • 4 Kites You Should Grab Now from Slingshot, Cabrinha, Naish

    This time every year, the kiteboarding industry comes out with the next year’s product lines. With the industry releasing new products to meet rider-trends, refined designs, and current graphics, it’s easy to forget that performance and awesomeness of last season. But – as retailers make room for 2015 product, it’s a great time for you to take advantage of the 2014 goodness at a hugely reduced price.  We’ve picked 4 kites that you should grab NOW – before they’re sold out. Take a look at the top sellers from Slingshot, Cabrinha , and Naish:

    2014 Slingshot Rally

    2014 Slingshot Rally Kite

    The Slingshot Rally Kite is incredibly versatile. It’s got top-end performance in surf conditions or freeriding, with an amazing wind range. And it’s super stable.

    Get it now, with bar and lines, for as low as $1249.

    2014 Cabrinha Switchblade and 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Siren

    2014 Cabrinha Switchblade KiteThe Cabrinha Switchblade offers precise, direct control. It’s the ultimate performer with super-easy handling. The Switchblade is unbeatable with its staggering wind range and has been one of the industry’s top selling kites for 8 years.

    Get it now with bar and lines for as low as $1327.

    2014 Naish Draft

    2014 draft

    The Draft Kite is a high performance kite for freeriders looking to kill-it with hooked-in riding, big hang time. This kite is super stable and has mega glide – for big floaty airs.

    Get it now for as low as $799.

    Curious about the 2014/15 Draft Kite? It’s in stock now.

    2014 Naish Fly

    2014 Fly on IG

    The Naish Fly kite, a light wind kite, has amazing low-end power and is extremely lightweight. This freeride/freestyle kite has a 2 strut design and is easy to water relaunch – even in light wind.

    Get it now for as low as $1140.

    Curious about the 2014/15 Fly Kite? It’s in stock now. 

  • Winter Pairing: Kitesurfing Videos & Kitesurfing Gear


    Kitesurfing Video HawaiiHawaii: A Kitesurfing Short Film

    Of all the kiteboarding videos out there right now, this is the one that will make you want to quit everything, grab your gear, and spend the rest of your life schralping massive swell.  Filmed on the North shore of Hawaii, this video is 11 minutes of stellar footage with Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Moona Whyte, and Pete Cabrinha.


    The Kitesurfing Gear


    Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear

    We can’t promise that having the same gear will make you as rad as Moona or Reo, but the good stuff can’t hurt, right?  Pete Cabrinha’s been making unbeatable kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  since 2000 and as you can see in the video, he knows what he’s doing.


    The Most Versatile Kite in the World


    The 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite is, hands-down, the most popular and versatile kite in the world. Can you say BOOST? Plus, the 2014 Switchblade has Park and Ride Stability. It’s got more power and aerodynamic efficiency than any other kite, and it has utterly precise and direct control.


    High performance Kitesurfing Boards


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard is the top of the line performaning kite surfboard. Pete's personal board had to prove itself as both a surfboard and kiteboard. Excellent performance in knee high to double overhead surf, this board is E-P-I-C.


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard is a wider, fuller board that is lively and light under your feet in all types of conditions.  Ride it with or without straps. This board is a fun-hog.


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard has a straighter outline and quad fin so you can maintain your edge during high speed surfing. This board is stable down the line drive and perfect for massive swell (or kneehigh if you can’t make it to the Northshore just yet).

  • Back from SurfExpo 2013

    2013 Surf Expo

    In the scheme of things, kiteboarding is a small part of last weekend’s Surf Expo in Orlando (only about 11% of the attendees are there for wind related stuff). But we go every year because we always walk away with something we didn’t have before – an actual visual on the newest gear, a sense of the vibe for the upcoming season. And of course it’s great to hang with the people we email and call on the phone for the other 51 weeks each year.

    A lot of this product isn’t available yet, but you can contact us before September 15 to place an early order and get’s the goods first.

    Lots of great stuff to look forward to but a few products stood out.

    We’ve already posted a few times about Cabrinha’s 2014 line. Seeing it all in person confirmed our enthusiasm.  It’s gonna be GOOD! The Flysurfer Cronix looks kickass. And F-One is ready to knock it outa the park with this year’s boards.

    You’re gonna want this stuff. Trust us.

  • The New Line-up from Cabrinha Part 2: 2014 Cabrinha Boards

    The 2014 Cabrinha kiteboards and kite-surfboards / waveboards are on their way and you're going to want to take a good look at what they've got to offer. Cabrinha's giving us a lot to choose from and it's all pretty freakin' good.  This year's line of boards include basalt & carbon fiber twin tip layups, cork & bamboo sandwich surfboards, Hydra Series footstraps, and the Siren collection - engineered for women.

    2014 Cabrinha Kiteboards

    Here's the low-down. Look it over and contact us if you have any questions.

    2014 Cabrinha Custom CBL Kiteboard

    Wakestyle / Cable Crossover Made with volcanic basalt Carbon reinforcments Kite/Cable crossover Easy landings Excellent on kickers and sliders Huge pop Smooth ride in choppy water Compatible with H1 & H2, Boots recommended

    2014 Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard

    Wakestyle/Freestyle, Classic Wakestyle Makes rolling into inverted tricks a snap Turns choppy water into your personal skate park Easy landings Huge pop Great upwind capability Handle insert Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha XO Siren Kiteboard

    2014 Cabrinha XO Siren KiteBoardWomen’s FreeStyle / Freeride Smooth ride in a variety of conditions Women specific flax pattern Early plaining Great pop Easy landings Appropriate sizes and widths for women comfortable stance options

    2014 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard

    FreeStyle / Freeride Big air Smooth ride in a variety of conditions Great carving Credible edge hold for boosting Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard

    Excellent entry level board that evolves with your riding level Early plaining Easy landings Complete with Hydra foot straps, fins, and handle

    2014 Cabrinha Wakeskate

    Wake style Designed with Jason Stone 3D Molded EVA top pad Fun and challenging Ultra Bond urethane rail

    2014 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

    Lightwind / Freeride Excellent performance in light wind Extra wide outline for early plaining Low drag fin design LOW DRAG FIN DESIGN Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots 2 New sizes for ultra lightwind or race

    2014 Cabrinha Alias Kiteboard

    lightwind Freeride Increases the bottom end wind range on any kite quiver Excellent light wind performance Internal grab handle Excellent for distance and downwinders Great for downwind Slalom race courses Ships with H1s footstraps and 25CM /23CM G10 fins

    2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber Kiteboard

    FreeStyle Explosive pop Smooth fast ride and early plaining Maximum upwind drive Stable high speed landings Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots 2014 Cabrinha Kiteboard

    2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber Signature Model Kiteboard

    Competition FreeStyle Full Carbon Explosive pop Fast rocker for early plaining Excellent upwind drive Stable high speed landings Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha Subwoofer Kite-surfboard

    Small waves / lightwind Eco cork-bamboo construction Winged Squash Tail Outline Excellent performance in flat to shoulder high surf Wide outline for early planing and lively feel in surf High volume for bigger riders Excels in light wind or onshore conditions 4 progressive flex fins Custom cut EVA pod pads Can be ridden with or without straps

    2014 Cabrinha Trigger Kite-Surfboard

    All wave sizes / Lightfooted surfing Eco cork-bamboo construction Tuned flex for Max Performance 3 fins for exc ellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads Can be ridden with or without straps

    2014 Cabrinha s-Quad Kite-Surfboard

    All wave sizes / Power surfing Eco cork-bamboo construction Excellent in knee high to double overhead surf Handles well in a variety of conditions Stable down the line drive Can be ridden with or without straps 4 fins for exc ellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads

    PC Signature Kite-Surfboard

    Medium/big waves / Pure surf Excellent performance in knee high to double overhead surf. Handles well in a variety of conditions. Excellent for down the line surfing Designed to be ridden without straps. No inserts 4 fins for excellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads

    2014 Cabrinha Skillit Kite-Surfboard

    Small waves / Freestyle / Skate style Eco cork-bamboo construction Excellent in flat to head-high surf Concave deck cradles your feet Skate feel Custom cut EVA pod pads 3 progressive flex fins Can be ridden with or without straps

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