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  • The Naish 2014 Line-Up

    2014 naish wake-style

    Naish is all about innovating the time you spend in the wind, water and waves. They are a leading force in the kiteboarding world as well as windsurfing and stand up paddling, with multiple world championship titles in each sport and tens of thousands of sails, kites, and boards under their belt. That’s why we always look forward to their new season’s gear, and this year is no different. Right now, we’re taking pre-season orders, so call or email to get the details.

    2014 naish Kites

    2014 Naish Kites

    The Naish line-up of 2014 kites is solid. From freeriding and wave riding to light wind and women’s specific kites, they’ve got you covered.

    For high Performance freeriding/racing check out the Draft Kite. Looking for a pro-performance kite? It's the Torch. The Park is your best bet for high performance free ride, freestyle, and wave riding. The Ride is a great all around performance kite. The Fly is ideal for light wind, and the Trip is just that - a travel kite ready for your trip somewhere with endless wind and water.

    2014 Naish AlanaThe 2014 Women’s Specific Line from Naish 

    The 2014 Alana series is designed for women riders looking for an all-around kite with freeriding, freestyle and wave riding versatility. Check out the Alana Kite, the Alana Board, and the  Alana Harness.

    2014 Naish twin tip kite boards2014 Naish Twin Tip Kiteboards

    With seven 2014 Twin Tip kiteboards to choose from, there is sure to be an ideal Naish board for you. The line runs the full gamut, form the Antic, a wakestyle/cable hybrid board, to the Hero, an all-around freeride board. See them all:

    2014 Naish Waveboards2014 Naish Waveboards

    Naish has four Wave riding specific boards for 2014, including: two strapless waveboards: the Custom LE waveboard, and the Skater Waveboarda light wind board, the Fish Waveboard, and a performance board, the Global Waveboard.

    2014 Naish Harnesses

    Naish has a full suite of seat and waist harnesses:


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