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  • Choosing your New Gear for the Season

    Every year, choosing your gear for the new season means reading reviews, cruising kite shops, talking to your buddies, and agonizing over which kite will be the best for you. But it’s a beautiful agony, isn’t it? We’re here, to help you make that choice and get out on the water. Right now, we’ve got a huge selection of the newest gear.

    2013 Cabrinha Velocity

    The Velocity is based on a bow kite and has a super high power to drag ratio. It’s got amazing upwind capability and can fly on all points of sail.

    2013 Cabrinha Velocity

    2013 North Fuse

    The Fuse is an amazing Freeride and Wave  style kite. The 4 line bridle can also be set up as 5 line. The system is ultimately precise, making this kite adaptable even in the lowest wind ranges

    North Fuse 2013 Ozone Zephyr

    The Zephyr is an amazing light wind kite, with plan form, profile and sail tension that control the surfaces of the kite, giving it a more cohesive feel. Plus, this kite has some seriously floaty boost.

    Ozone Zephyr2013 North Dyno

    The Dyno is incredibly efficient and one of the best race kites on the market. It’s incredibly light weight with a deeper profile making it an ideal kite for light wind. And because it gets going really early, it’s a great freeride kite too – perfect for boosting some huge floaty airs.

    North Dyno

    2013 Slingshot RPM

    The RPM is an aggressive freestyle kite with and progressive crossover performance.  Low profile wingtips increase turning speed and reduce drag, while the custom attachment points optimize kite performance and deliver complete tuning from freestyle to wakestyle in seconds.

    Slingshot RPM

    2013 North NEO

    The newest kite in the North lineup, the NEO is THE kite for wave riding this season. It has a clean, three-strut design, which gives it phenomenal responsiveness and smooth power throughout the turning arc of the kite. The Neo sits a little further back in the window, so it can drift, rather than flying backwards. This kite performs as well when it’s depowered as when it’s fully juiced.

    North NeoNaish Ride 2

    The Ride is ideal for the everyday kiteboarders. It’s slightly flatter arc gives it punch when sheeting in and makes for easy jumping. It’s also extremely easy to relaunch on the water. It’s the ideal, all-around, Freeride kite.

    Naish Ride

    Give us a call and let’s get your new kite on it’s way!

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