Real Luggage for Your Kite and Surf Travels

Crazyfly_Single_Board_BagYou’ve seen it before: the dude at the airport who is obviously too cheap to buy real luggage.  He’s got his mom’s old beach tote and a nylon gym bag with blown out zippers and a small hole where it got stuck in the door of his ‘87 Chevette.  This guy is a mess. His crap is barely staying in his bags: headphones dangling – almost ready to snag on the baby stroller next to him, one nasty old flipflop nestled disgustingly close to a partially opened, gas-station burrito.

Did you shake your head as you watch this guy head to baggage claim to retrieve his kiteboard wrapped in cardboard? Did you cringe a little when you saw the crack in his board?  But before you get all high-n-mighty, look down at your own luggage. How’d your gear fair on your last vacation?

Here’s the thing… God wouldn’t have made real luggage if he didn’t want you to use it. Don’t worry. We’ve can help you see the light. We’ve got the best prices on travel bags, kiteboard bags, surfboard bags, and golf bags, and even tackle bags that are non-denominational.  They’re durable and they’re built to protect your stuff.

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