Looking forward to the 2013/2014 Snowkite Season

Photo Credit: The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA) Photo Credit:
The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA)

Ready or not, winter is on its way.  We know that a lot of our readers begrudgingly put on a puffy jacket and patiently (or not) await the next warm day at the beach. But some of readers are throwing open their arms - welcoming the storm clouds and dropping temps because snowkite season is almost here!

Connect with the Snowkite Community:

Want to find all the best beta on snowkite spots? Looking for buddies to rally with? Or just looking for stockpiles of videos and kite news? Connect with the Snowkite Community.  Depending on where you live, you’ll find SNowkite Meetups, Yahoo groups, and google hangouts. Also, check out for forums, news, videos, and events.

Flyoming video

Snowkiting Gear

Of course we’ve got an opinion on snowkite gear.  The 2014 Ozone Frenzy is the most popular, all-around snow kite in the world. You really can’t go wrong with it. Order one from us and we’ll give you a FREE Ozone Access Snow Kite Harness with your order.

Snowkiting FAQ

The most Frequented asked of all the FAQs is “What size do I need?” Generally, you need an 8-9m kite for 15-25mph winds.  Snow conditions effect which kite you’ll want to use. It also depends on whether you’ll be using skis or a board, the incline of the slope, etc.   We recommend having roughly a 3m gap in your quiver of snowkites.  If a 6m is your ideal highwind or hardpack/ice kite, then a 9m will be great for lower wind or deeper/heavier snow.   We are always happy to answer your specific questions, so just give us a call. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ll gladly help you figure out what will be the best gear for you.

Snowkiting Films

Ozone Snow Kiting

Looking for a way to pass the time while you wait for the snow to get here? We recommend popping in a killer Snowkite Film while you tune your skis or board. Beer can sometimes make this even more fun, but it’s not a requirement.

For the Newbie: How to Snowkite

This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. There are chapters on terminology, equipment, location and conditions, kite flying basics, using foil kites, using tube kites (each kite chapter includes information on setup, safety systems, launching and landing, relaunching, and even packing), riding basics (like edging, turning, and going upwind), back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping.

For the Adventurer: Project Cloud 9 

A group of snowkiters load into a tiny RV for a month-long trek across the Rocky Mountains. Filmed on location in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, Project Cloud 9 showcases the daily adventures from riders who travel in search of wind, snow, and the ultimate natural terrain. From deep powder near the Kansas border, to roadside jibbing and climbing steep hills in the backcountry, this documentary will inspire anyone who loves kiting in the winter.

For the Trickster: 20/10

From the deep champagne powder and natural terrain of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah to the rails and kickers of Colorado this one will have you trashing your lift tickets this year.