Kite Repair: How-To and With-What

You might be surprised to know that as purveyors of new kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  we want you to know all the ins and outs of repairing your kite. We want you to know how to fix your kite gear and what to fix it with for one simple reason: We want you to be happy – and the more time you get to spend kiting, the happier you’ll be

cryingSo you slammed your kite against the beach so hard that you could feel it way down in your stomach? Or the surf turned nasty and your epic wave session went horribly wrong and you’ve found yourself looking down at a ball of florescent fabric that used to be a kite? It’s even worse when it’s the first day you’ve taken your kite out of the bag.  (Trust us, we know this one.) Don’t get all huffy and start crying. You can fix it!

Kite Bladder Repair:

If the issue is with your kite bladder, it doesn’t matter if you have a hole in the leading edge  or in one of the struts, you can replace the punctured or torn bladder. This video from Naish is humorously and painfully retro, but the principles are the same. Give it a watch.  You can do this!

Naish how to repir a bladder

Full kite bladder replacement is not always realistic. Traveling far from home? Let’s hope you’re the type of McGyver to be prepared for kite trauma when you’re kitesurfing at some secluded beach. Punctures and small holes can be fixed on the spot with adhesive patches  - included in many kite-surf repair kits.

Replacing Your Kite Valve

Yes… it seems like every brand has a different type of kite valve.  But don’t let that deter you. Start by checking out the multi option valve  which fits almost every kite. Replacing a valve is a completely doable process. This video from Fix My Kite is really helpful:

kite valve video

Sail Rips:

Again… we like to think that our customers are prepared and always have a basic kite repair kit on hand. Most kits come with a sail patch that is quick and easy to install.

Call the Pros:

If you’re overwhelmed by the extent of damage to kite, call us.  We can help you find the kite repair professionals best suited for your particular dismaying circumstance.