Fourteen Years

14th anniversary

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years ago, we set up shop. People didn’t think we were crazy for doing it, they just didn’t know what it was. “You started a business selling kites? Internationally?” people would ask, acting out a little kid holding the single string of a paper kite and running into the wind. “Yep. We sell kites.”

Of course, we had ulterior motives. After having spent a few years in the sport, we knew we wanted to make kiteboarding a big part of our lives.  So we negotiated rental space next to a bike/ski/skate shop, scraped together enough funds to place our first order, and started working like crazy to build the company.

2004 Kiteline Logo early logo - from 2004

Our tribe grew from the small band of people we rode with, to an amazing community of kiters living all over the world. Our customers called from New Jersey and New Zealand. We made friends on the water and more online. And we’ve never looked back.

How do we say thank you? How do we keep meeting new kiters? How do we keep this momentum going forward?  We’ve completely redesigned our website with new features that make it easier for you to find the perfect gear. It’s been a long haul, with hours and hours of revisions, testing, and loading all of the newest gear onto the site.  And now that it’s up and running we’re ready for a special Thank You.

Starting this Friday, we're running a special sale.  We’ll be offering 14% off your entire purchase. Plus, you’ll still earn your loyalty points!  So be sure to check out package dealskites,  boards,  accessories, and everything else you need to rip.


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