• Kiteboarding FAQ: You ask. Michael Answers.

    2014 Slingshot Kites

    Whether you're a seasoned kiter or a just getting into the sport, you've got questions. "How does the 2014 model compare to the 2013?"  "What board should I get?" or "Can you get this very specific replacement part for me?"

    We've started a new series of Kiteboarding Frequently Asked Questions.  Because... You asked, Michael answers.

    FAQ #1: Can I get replacement lines or parts for my kite?

    Heck ya! We've got lines and replacement parts for almost any kite. Not sure what you need.


    What-happens-when-the-kite-hits-the-waterFAQ #2: What Happens When The Kite Hits The Water?

    Kite crashes happen to every kiteboarder. Your kite will go down at some point. Luckily, you can re-launch LEI kites from the water. They have inflated struts that give the kite structure as well to keep them well afloat when they crash. You need to know the proper and quick way to re-launch your kite when it goes down. It doesn't take a ton of strength, only finesse and knowledge. Take a lesson. Spend time practicing. It will give you the confidence to advance as a kiteboarder.

    FAQ #3: Do You Have To Be Strong To Kiteboard?

    You don't have to be as strong as most people think you need to be to kiteboard. The kiteboarding harness that is hooked to the kite takes most of the load. Your arms are mostly there to steer and control the kite, not to hang on for the ride.

    That said, the more fit you are, the more you'll be able to advance as a kiter and the safer you'll be if something goes wrong and you have to swim. Try some kiteboarding specific exercises, like these from Sarah Ellis.


    FAQ #4: What's the difference between Inflatable Kites and Foil Kites? 

    There are benefits and drawbacks to both kites. Leading Edge Inflatables (LEIs) are the most common kite you see on the water. Some of the benefits are: They relaunch easily, are easy to fly, and have LOTS of wind range. Also, most kiters will understand how to help launch/land an LEI. The downside of LEIs can be holes in bladders and general rip maintenance.

    Foils are the true original kiteboarding kite and also used for land and snow. They pack down easily, are very light weight. Over the years they have improved drastically and offer equally large wind ranges to LEI’s and are also easy to relaunch and fly. They have no bladders so there isn’t as much down time fixing things. However many foils have extensive bridles and take some line maintenance.

    FAQ #5: I'm 60 Years Old, Can I Still Learn?

    Yes! You can still learn. We have customers of all ages learning how to kiteboard.

    Got a kiteboarding question?

    Michael has answers. Email or call to get answers.

  • It's time for our annual Spring Trade in Special!

    Spring-Trade-InYou know you want a new kite and now's the best time to do it! Trade in your functioning old kite (with bar & lines) and pick out a brand-spankin'-new 2014 kite. If you select a new kite that is 12m or larger, we'll give you $425 credit for your old gear. *If you select a kite smaller than 12m, we'll give you $300 trade in value.


    • -Place an order online for any 12m or larger 2014 kite with a bar/line set.
      (Does not include 2014 kites on sale, closeout or demo)
    • -In the "Comments" section at checkout just tell us you are doing the trade-in deal
    • -Send us ANY functioning kite with bar/lines
    • -When we receive your old kite and bar/line set we'll apply the $425* discount to your credit card or PayPal account.
    • -Send your gear with your name to:


    2148 NW 5th St.
    Bend, OR 97701

  • A look at Crazyfly Kiteboarding: 2014 Crazyfly Kiteboards

    When I was a kid, I was pretty much obsessed with Mr Rogers. Except that puppet, Lady Elaine, totally creeped me out. (Really, that was supposed to be a lady??)  I couldn’t get enough of the field trips they took to find our how things were made. Remember? They’d visit factories and tell you how things like fortunes cookies, crayons, guitars... you name it… were made.  I miss those shows. Maybe I should bring it all back - but I’m ditching Lady Elaine and taking better field trips.

    Today, on Mr. Giebelhaus’s Neighborhood, we’re going to take a visit to the Crazyfly Kiteboarding Factoring and see how the 2014 Crazyfly kiteboards are made. Then we’ll talk you through the different construction methods and looks at their newest 2014 boards. Come on! It’ll be fun!

    At the Crazyfly Factory video

    Carbon Fiber and Wood Core Kiteboards:

    Crazyfly carbon and wood core kiteboards are exceptional. These boards are temperature balanced with a lamination process that uses heating, so the product durability is excellent. Because Crazyfly handles all of the board production in-house, they have exceptional quality control and yet, somehow, are an inexpensive choice compared with other carbon boards on the market.

    Carbon fibers are ultra light and at the same time extremely strong. It's a very dynamic material that returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed. That translates to loads of pop in your kiteboard. The wood core maintains wood's natural flex properties and is also incredibly light. It's a double whammy of lightness and pop.

    2014 crazyfly raptor pro kiteboardThe 2014 Crazyfly Raptor Pro Kiteboard

    One of the carbon wrapped, wood care kiteboards is the 2014 Crazyfly Raptor Pro. It’s a high performance freeride board that you can push hard for powered freestyle tricks.

    UD KEVLAR and wood core kiteboards:

    UD (Uni-directional) Kevlar wrapped, wood core boards gives you a high strength, low weight board with and freestyle and wakestyle pop. These boards are thin, light, and rock solid.


    2014 Crazyfly bulldozer kiteboardThe 2014 Crazyfly Bulldozer Kiteboard

    The 2014 Crazyfly Bulldozer Kiteboard is a freestyle/wakestyle crossover board with Quattro concave shape which makes for unbeatable edging and dreamy-soft landings.

    Multiaxial Fberglass and wood core kiteboards:

    Multiaxial fibers give these boards more torsion flex and strength because the fibers reinforce it in multiple directions.


    2014 Crazyfly allround KiteboardThe 2014 Crazyfly All Around Kiteboard

    The 2014 Crazyfly All Around Kiteboard is an incredibly comfortable board with soft flex, great upwind ability and a decent amount of pop. The Allround is ideal for a wide range of riders from beginner through to intermediate.

    Want to see more of the 2014 Crazyfly Lineup:

    2014 CrazyFly Cruiser Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Cruiser Pro Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Girls Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Girls Pro Kiteboard 
    2014 CrazyFly Nuke Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Pro Tour Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Shox Custom Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Shox Green Kiteboard
    2014 CrazyFly Skim Kiteboard
    See more Crazyfly boards, kites, and bags.


  • Looking forward to the 2013/2014 Snowkite Season

    Photo Credit: The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA) Photo Credit:
    The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA)

    Ready or not, winter is on its way.  We know that a lot of our readers begrudgingly put on a puffy jacket and patiently (or not) await the next warm day at the beach. But some of readers are throwing open their arms - welcoming the storm clouds and dropping temps because snowkite season is almost here!

    Connect with the Snowkite Community:

    Want to find all the best beta on snowkite spots? Looking for buddies to rally with? Or just looking for stockpiles of videos and kite news? Connect with the Snowkite Community.  Depending on where you live, you’ll find SNowkite Meetups, Yahoo groups, and google hangouts. Also, check out for forums, news, videos, and events.

    Flyoming video

    Snowkiting Gear

    Of course we’ve got an opinion on snowkite gear.  The 2014 Ozone Frenzy is the most popular, all-around snow kite in the world. You really can’t go wrong with it. Order one from us and we’ll give you a FREE Ozone Access Snow Kite Harness with your order.

    Snowkiting FAQ

    The most Frequented asked of all the FAQs is “What size do I need?” Generally, you need an 8-9m kite for 15-25mph winds.  Snow conditions effect which kite you’ll want to use. It also depends on whether you’ll be using skis or a board, the incline of the slope, etc.   We recommend having roughly a 3m gap in your quiver of snowkites.  If a 6m is your ideal highwind or hardpack/ice kite, then a 9m will be great for lower wind or deeper/heavier snow.   We are always happy to answer your specific questions, so just give us a call. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ll gladly help you figure out what will be the best gear for you.

    Snowkiting Films

    Ozone Snow Kiting

    Looking for a way to pass the time while you wait for the snow to get here? We recommend popping in a killer Snowkite Film while you tune your skis or board. Beer can sometimes make this even more fun, but it’s not a requirement.

    For the Newbie: How to Snowkite

    This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. There are chapters on terminology, equipment, location and conditions, kite flying basics, using foil kites, using tube kites (each kite chapter includes information on setup, safety systems, launching and landing, relaunching, and even packing), riding basics (like edging, turning, and going upwind), back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping.

    For the Adventurer: Project Cloud 9 

    A group of snowkiters load into a tiny RV for a month-long trek across the Rocky Mountains. Filmed on location in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, Project Cloud 9 showcases the daily adventures from riders who travel in search of wind, snow, and the ultimate natural terrain. From deep powder near the Kansas border, to roadside jibbing and climbing steep hills in the backcountry, this documentary will inspire anyone who loves kiting in the winter.

    For the Trickster: 20/10

    From the deep champagne powder and natural terrain of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah to the rails and kickers of Colorado this one will have you trashing your lift tickets this year.




  • Trade in your old kiteboarding gear and get $425 off a new Kite

    2014-naish-ridingDude, you’re planning the kite vacation of the century but you’re gonna bring that old ratty thing? Say it isn’t so!

    Oh, wait… You’re trying to tell us (and convince yourself) that your kite really isn’t that old. You know what they say about denial…

    Here’s the kite deal:

    For a Limited Time....Trade in your old kiteboarding gear (any LEI kite and bar/lines) and we’ll give you $425 off any Kite and Bar/Line Set listed below.

    2013 Slingshot RPM

    2014 Slingshot Rally

    2014 Naish Park

    2014 Naish Fly2

    2014 Naish Ride 2


    How to claim your deal:

    old kite gear1. Place an order online for any of the kites above with a bar/line set.  In the "Comments" section at checkout just tell us you are doing the trade-in deal

    2. Send us ANY old kite with bar/line set.

    3. When we receive your old kite and bar/line set We’ll apply the $425 discount to your credit card or PayPal account.

    Send your gear with your name to:

    2148 NW 5th St.
    Bend, OR 97701

  • Free Cabrinha Wakeskate with these 3 Kiteboards

    weekly-Sidebar-WakeskateYou're ready for something a little different; we can feel it. So get this: We're giving you a Cabrinha Wakeskate for free when you purchase of any of these boards already marked for clearance (only listed sizes).

    Quantities are very limited, so click on these boards for details and to make your purchase.


    2013 Cabrina Tronic 133 cm


    2013 Cabrinha Spectrum 133 cm

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick

    2013 Litewave Carbon Kick 144cm

    AND you'll earn 5% cash back with our Loyalty Points, even on sale items.

  • Kite Repair: How-To and With-What

    You might be surprised to know that as purveyors of new kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  we want you to know all the ins and outs of repairing your kite. We want you to know how to fix your kite gear and what to fix it with for one simple reason: We want you to be happy – and the more time you get to spend kiting, the happier you’ll be

    cryingSo you slammed your kite against the beach so hard that you could feel it way down in your stomach? Or the surf turned nasty and your epic wave session went horribly wrong and you’ve found yourself looking down at a ball of florescent fabric that used to be a kite? It’s even worse when it’s the first day you’ve taken your kite out of the bag.  (Trust us, we know this one.) Don’t get all huffy and start crying. You can fix it!

    Kite Bladder Repair:

    If the issue is with your kite bladder, it doesn’t matter if you have a hole in the leading edge  or in one of the struts, you can replace the punctured or torn bladder. This video from Naish is humorously and painfully retro, but the principles are the same. Give it a watch.  You can do this!

    Naish how to repir a bladder

    Full kite bladder replacement is not always realistic. Traveling far from home? Let’s hope you’re the type of McGyver to be prepared for kite trauma when you’re kitesurfing at some secluded beach. Punctures and small holes can be fixed on the spot with adhesive patches  - included in many kite-surf repair kits.

    Replacing Your Kite Valve

    Yes… it seems like every brand has a different type of kite valve.  But don’t let that deter you. Start by checking out the multi option valve  which fits almost every kite. Replacing a valve is a completely doable process. This video from Fix My Kite is really helpful:

    kite valve video

    Sail Rips:

    Again… we like to think that our customers are prepared and always have a basic kite repair kit on hand. Most kits come with a sail patch that is quick and easy to install.

    Call the Pros:

    If you’re overwhelmed by the extent of damage to kite, call us.  We can help you find the kite repair professionals best suited for your particular dismaying circumstance.

  • Rider FAQ: Finding the Right Light Wind Kiteboard

    After spending the last couple decades kiteboarding and running a kiteboarding supply company, we’ve been asked thousands of questions about kite gear, kite destinations, and kiteboarding in general.  We’re always happy to help folks find what they looking for, so if you have some nagging question about the sport, or just need a quick tip toward the gear that fits your style, don’t be shy. Ask us!

    Flysurfery Flydoor Light Wind Kiteboarding

    Light Wind Kiteboarding

    In the past few years, there have been so many advancements in kites and kiteboards for light wind conditions that it’s hard to sort through the huge assortment to find the best. Just yesterday, we had a customer call us with a question:

    "I have an older board that I ride in light wind conditions, but it’s not that much fun. Are new light wind boards any better? What would you recommend?"

    Light wind boards have come a long way over the years.  Early boards were extremely flat with no rocker and very small fins. They were very efficient but due to their "flatness" they were boring and sometimes difficult to ride. The other issue with older light wind boards is catching an edge and pearling the board if the water has any chop in it at all.

    Light wind kiteboards today have a decent amount of rocker and will flex your weight, increase/decrease in wind and the pull of the kite.  It means you can use the board in higher winds and choppier waters while still having fun doing tricks and riding waves.

    Our favorite Light Wind Kiteboards:


    Lightwave Wing KiteboardThe Lightwave Wing Kiteboard


    The Litewave Wing is a very light weight, thin, and flexy kiteboard. The board has a unique 'parabolic sidecut' outline that helps you plane quickly and rocket upwind. It’s also got wider tips that give you unbelievable "load and pop.” Because the reality is that you’re looking for fun. If you wanted to slowly “mow the lawn,”  you would have stayed home.



    2013 FLYSURFER FLYDOOR4 KITEBOARDFlysurfer Flydoor

    The Flysurfer Flydoor is probably one of the most popular light wind boards in the world. Flydoor boards have a reputation as amazing light wind boards. But unlike many other light wind specific boards, the Flydoor has a huge wind-range and kill it, even in extremely gusty conditions.

    “Just wanted to drop you a line to say I got the XL FB4 .... It's absolutely nothing short of completely amazing. What a light wind weapon - in just 8-9 kts with a 21 m speed 3 I was jumping and being catapulted off the water with no effort. Love the board soooo much. Wish I'd bought one sooner."
    -Kite-line Kiteboarding Customer

    Have more questions about Light Wind Kiteboarding? We're here for you. Call us. Email us. Live Chat. Facebook. Or Twitter.

    ... And don't forget to keep an eye on our Clearance Kites, Kiteboards, and Kite accessories. You can always find reduced prices on new products!




  • Real Luggage for Your Kite and Surf Travels

    Crazyfly_Single_Board_BagYou’ve seen it before: the dude at the airport who is obviously too cheap to buy real luggage.  He’s got his mom’s old beach tote and a nylon gym bag with blown out zippers and a small hole where it got stuck in the door of his ‘87 Chevette.  This guy is a mess. His crap is barely staying in his bags: headphones dangling – almost ready to snag on the baby stroller next to him, one nasty old flipflop nestled disgustingly close to a partially opened, gas-station burrito.

    Did you shake your head as you watch this guy head to baggage claim to retrieve his kiteboard wrapped in cardboard? Did you cringe a little when you saw the crack in his board?  But before you get all high-n-mighty, look down at your own luggage. How’d your gear fair on your last vacation?

    Here’s the thing… God wouldn’t have made real luggage if he didn’t want you to use it. Don’t worry. We’ve can help you see the light. We’ve got the best prices on travel bags, kiteboard bags, surfboard bags, and golf bags, and even tackle bags that are non-denominational.  They’re durable and they’re built to protect your stuff.

    Call us, Email Us, or just go online and get all the bags you need for your next aweseom vacation.


  • 2014 Stand Up Paddle Boards

    Slingshot Space Pickle SUPDude…  I never say that. Really. I don’t ever talk like that. (It's sort of obvious when you see me in real life - pictured left.) I haven’t said “sick” or “like, totally” in the past 20 years.  But, Dude… SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is pretty freakin’ spectacular – and the 2014 Slingshot SUP boards available now are worth a closer look.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for epic surf sessions, an afternoon on the lake with your dog, or a full-body workout on the river after a stressful day at the office – you''ll find the perfect board for your SUPing dreams within the 2014 lineup from Slingshot.

    2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board

    2014 Slignshot Nitro SUP race boardAvailable sizes: 12’6 | 14’0”

    The Nitro is ideal for paddlers looking for stability, maximum speed, and glide.  Looking to go fast? This is the board for you.

    This board has a ‘hatchet nose‘ that slices through the water to minimize drag and maximize glide.  Slingshot’s also created an innovative, double concave, planning hull for amazing stability and control.

    2014 Slingshot Rant SUP Board

    2014 Slingshot Rant SUPAvailable sizes 8’4” | 8’8” | 9’0”

    Want a surf style board? The Rant is it. This board has the stability of a big board and the performance of a short board. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entry level rider or an advanced paddler, you'll love the Rant.

    This board is flat under foot for tracking, but the “v” spine also allows you to carve. You to ride everything from a point break to a blown out beach break. The wood veneer sandwich construction (wvs) controls the durability and flex of the board and the result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board.

    2014 Slingshot Crossbreed SUP Board

    2014 Slingshot Crossbreed SUPAvailable size: 11’0”

    As you may have guessed from the name, the Crossbreed is cross between an all-around and performance touring board.  It’s the perfect SUP Board for paddlers who want to use one board in a variety of conditions.  This board gives you flatwater speed and medium sized surf carving.  33” wide, with a volume of 231 liters, the Crossbreed is as stable and forgiving as they come.

    2014 Slingshot Space Pickle SUP Board

    2014 Slingshot Space Pickle SUPAvailable Sizes: 8’6” | 9’4”

    The Space Pickle SUP board, no matter which size you choose, is ideal for catching waves early, shredding behind your boat, or cruising over flat-water. The board’s wide tail and kicked-up nose make the Space Pickle unique.  Built with wood veneer sandwich construction (wvs), the Space Pickle is lightweight and impact resistant.


    Will you indulge me just once more, because there is no better way to say it? Dude... Inflatable SUP boards are sick. They’re phat. Seriously, inflatables are rad.  That said, don’t be mistaken. We are not  talking about floaty-toys from Walmarket.  Modern inflatable SUP boards are very puncture resistant. They are durable, easy (and light) to carry, and easily stored in apartments, the overhead compartments of planes, or in the back of your car. Inflatable SUPs can also take a more beating than most solid SUPs can endure, so you can say good bye to that stomach-turning nausea that comes from dropping your board, or running into the dock.

    2014 Slingsot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP Board

    2014 Slignshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUPAvailable size: 11’0”

    The Inflatable Crossbreed is just as versatile as its rigid counterpart with the same name.  It’s perfect for paddlers looking for a single board to use in a variety of water conditions, plus it has the convenience of an inflatable.

    2014 Slingshot Space Cake Inflatable SUP Board

    2014 Slingshot Space Cake Inflatable SUPAvailable size: 7’10”

    The shape of the Space Cake makes the 7’10” feel more stable than most competing 10’ boards thanks to its width at the tip, midsection and the tail. This is the board for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking for an inflatable to have fun on the water.

    Want to know more? We have the best SUP and Kiteboarding customer service.  PLUS – we’re offering free shipping  in the US on all SUP orders.

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