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  • 2017 Star Kites - Most Affordable - Best Value

     Kite-Line is proud to announce not only a new kite brand to our line but one that is truly unique in their approach and products. After a little research,  we were pleasantly surprised  to not only find a brand that is established, but one that maintains some of the lowest MSRP prices on the market with gear that could easily rival any of the elite brands.

    With deep roots in Cabarete and Miami, we learned Starkites prides themselves not on profits but great designs that are affordable for all those who need to kite! While having been around for 10 years, they have simply focused on kiteboarding and not marketing. And while you may have only seen their organic popularity in Europe, Cabarete or Miami we see the brand as one that cant help to explode with their approach. We all know being affordable is huge, but also being of quality; is a slam dunk! We also like their very smart 2 kite line to keep things simple in a freeride kite that does it all called the TAINA and a crossover for freestyle named the SIRIUS.This is way less confusing for entry level/intermediates and becomes something you can count on for all the pros.

    With years of refinements, we are very excited to see Starkites assume a new spot in our line that is all about Value where lowest prices meets exceptional design. Please see the innovative tech and exceptional pricing below:

    In its 6th generation, the TAINA is our best seller. After four years of refinements we’ve created the ultimate wind machine to satisfy all styles, all levels, in all conditions.


    The Taina reacts very well to bar input, can be steered one-handed, and has a very precise feel allowing riders to position the kite anywhere in an instant. The kite’s excellent depower gives riders the option to surf with or without kite power. There is no need to look at the kite to know where it is allowing riders to completely focus on the wave.


    This all-round beast turns sharp, jumps high, has incredible grunt, and catches well during mega-loops. Due to its great depower, sending the kite in overpowered conditions without losing your edge is easily achieved. Its power delivery is exponential giving the kite a superb vertical lift.


    The Taina has incredible upwind performance and the ability to fly on all points of sail. With small wingtips, a big projected area, and only 3 struts, we have achieved the highest power to drag ratio making the Taina a top competitor for racing on water and snow.


    The Tania’s performance also excels in its user-friendly characteristics. Its profile is shaped in a way that makes the kite virtually impossible to stall and re-launches effortlessly. Due to the Taina’s total depower ability; this kite is very safe and easy to use.
    Since 2014, we’ve added the Taina 17 meter to our collection. This size gets riders going in as low as 6-7 knots of wind! We made sure the turning speed and feel stayed similar to the smaller sizes. In 10 knots this kite will have you ride fully powered and offer incredible hang time.
    With over 200 windy days a year, our test center in Cabarete demands a kite that can last in surf wipeouts, heavy shore break, strong winds, school use and very frequent sessions. To satisfy this demand, we’ve gathered the best canopy material, one pump system/valves, and bridle lines currently available in the trade.

    The 4th generation TAINA 2017 comes in 4 color options, kite bag, and repair kit.

    LIGHT WIND (T14 & T17 only)

    Because the practice of our sport in light wind does not requires the same kites characteristics than the other wind range, the Taina 14 and 17 were developed in the idea to extend the low range compares to the rest of the collection for that. We first change the complete shape of the kite by adding another strut to keep the kite rigid and bring more stability. We opted for a non-pulley connection for a more direct feeling and more reactivity.

    In the first years of the TAINA, with our idea to develop the kite as light as possible we removed the one pump system and the reinforcement that were useless for light wind. As not only light wind riders but also the heaviest of us using the 14 as a freestyle kites, we decided this year to add the necessary Dacron reinforcement for this type of use. The proven effectiveness in light wind added to the demand of a one pump system by most of our customers, the 2017 Taina 14 and 17 models received our single inflation system.


    (based on a 75 kg rider on a 135 twintip)
    17 M = 6 – 14 Knots (with single inflation system)
    14 M = 8 – 18 Knots (with single inflation system)
    12 M = 10 – 22 Knots
    10 M = 12 – 25 Knots
    9 M = 16 – 30 Knots
    7 M = 18 – 35 Knots

    5.5 M = 23 – max Knots


        School / All-round / Wave riding
        New school Hybrid
        Clean and Simple Bridle System
        Heavy duty one-pump System
        Customizable bar pressure / kite feel
        Direct on-demand steering


  • Foil Boarding is Here

    Foil Boarding is Here

    It's the biggest thing hitting the kite world right now. What began as an experts-only niche experience has exploded into a world-wide phenomenon.

    The sport lets you go beyond choppy and rough riding conditions, take a higher angle into the wind, and go faster in lower winds.

    Get in on it! Whether you're looking for a short and playful board, something for the waves, or even SUP - there is a foil board for you!

    Call or email us for help finding the perfect foil set up for you.

    Slingshot brings their high-end construction to foil boards with a series that includes the ideal board for all-around freeride foiling: the Slingshot Dwarfcraft 4'6", plus the Slingshot Converter 5'4"- a one-board-for-all foil board, and the "Hot Rod" of the lineup - the Slingshot Hypermiler 4'8".

    Foil boards that travel? Yes! Both the 2017 Nobile Zen Split Foil Package and 2017 Nobile Infinity Split Foil offer stellar riding and easy packing. Looking for the perfect board to enter the hydrofoil world? Check the 2017 Nobile Skim Foil Package.

    F-One has pulled out the stops serving up Foil SUP, Surf, and Convertible foil boards like the 2017 F-One Magic SUPFoil, the 2016 F-One Mitu Convertible Pro Model Surf, and the 2017 F-One Papenoo Convertible SUPFoil/Windfoil.
    Shop for the perfect foil board!
    We've got foil boards, mast upgrades, and packages from Naish, F-One, Nobile, Slingshot, Cabrinha, and Axis!
  • 2016 Slingshot Wave Kite and Surfboard Sale

    SAVE on this surf-specific package! Pair the 2016 Slingshot Wave SST Kite(10m or 12m) with a 2015 Tyrant, Screamer, or Angry Swallow surfboard.
    Offer is only good while supplies last!
    Get Stoked for Spring!
    SPRING SURF PACKAGES! Purchase a 2016 Wave SST Kite and choose the board that's right for you:
    • The 2015 Screamer has a thumb tail and truncated nose, making it super fast and ready for any airs, spins, and flip tricks you want to throw.
    • The 2015 Tyrant has a rounded, thumb tail and deep single to double concave, making it a stable, driving, all around surfboard.
    • The 2015 Angry Swallow is a shorter board, so it's easy to take with you. Plus, you can easily configure the fin setup to fit conditions and your riding style.
    HOW to get the savings? It's easy! Place your order and we will manually adjust the price to match the package price (see below) when your order comes through.
  • Check out the 2016 F-One Bandit, twin tips and kitesurf boards.

    The 2016 F-One Bandit hold true as an ultra high performance "all-around" kite, performing great in the wave, flats, chop, etc.   The F-One Bandit works well for un-hooked riding and has great hangtime and pop.  The smaller sizes of the F-One Bandit have been tuned for wave riding.

    F-One has also released their 2016 twin tip and surfboard lineup:

    2016 F-One Trax
    The 2016 F-One Trax HRD Carbon series kiteboard Carbon Construction gives it improved strength and a lighter weight ratio, combined that with it's unrivalled shape and you get an unmatched smooth riding, increadible drive, earlier planning, huge comfort, and forgiving ride.

    2016 F-One Next

    2016 F-One Acid HRD
    The 2016 F-One Acid HRD Lite Tech Kiteboard has optimized the rocker and concave shape dedicated to New School Freestyle resulting in a better speed control and pop, combined with the improved deck making it more stress resistant.

    Find the rest of the 2016 F-One Kiteboarding Kites, Kitesurfing boards and accessories here:

  • The 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade kiteboarding kite is here.

    Ready to rock your world with the most versatile, user friendly, all-around kite out there?  The 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade is your kite!  It's the proven choice for freeriding, riding surf, freestyle, etc.  

    2016 Cabrinha Switchblade


    The full draft-forward, rounded entry, aerodynamic profile really sets it apart from the competition. The wide range of attack angles give the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite the incredibly powerful, predictable pull it’s famous for while maintaining maximum control and responsiveness. The Switchblade remains true to the spirit of kiteboarding, making it the industry’s first choice for a high performance all around kite.



    With enhanced profiles to optimize the low end power production and a bit of fine tuning, the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite delivers the type of spot on performance its fans have come to expect. The five strut design has distinct segments that hold the canopy true to its intended shape increasing performance no matter the wind conditions or angle of attack.



    2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Features


    • Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
    • Smooth power delivery
    • Predictable handling
    • Great upwind performance
    • Ridiculously high hang times
    • Distinctly sharp and precise turns
    • Easy relaunch
    • Great for huge, lofty jumps
    • Featherweight control ensures less work for a nimble,light in the hand effect
    • Amazing relaunch



    2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Technology



    2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Specs.



    2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Colors (Please Specify Color when Ordering)


  • The all new 2016 Ozone Reo v8 kitesurfing kite is here

    Check out the new 2016 Ozone Reo v3 kitesurfing kite.


    Hooked or un-hooked the 2016 Ozone REO V3 Kite performs to any given task in the waves. Simply trim in with the de-power cleat before unhooking and the Reo V3 will fly and float in unison with your riding movements. If you prefer to ride unhooked often we suggest connecting the back lines to the longer knot position. To customize bar pressure and turning speed use the rear tabs on the wingtips where the back bridle lines attach. As with all Ozone products, we pride ourselves with top of the line manufacturing in our own factory, using the highest quality materials suited for the job. The Ozone Reo V3 kitesurfing kite is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron providing a crisper feel and a stronger kite. The Reo V3 is designed tough without the need of unnecessary cosmetic items that only add weight and drag which reduce performance.



    The relatively low aspect kite design combined with fast direct handling generates consistent power to get around sections in a wave. Finely tuned profiles and wing shaping offer unmatched drifting characteristics - as you ride down the line the Reo will float allowing more concentration lining up the next section. De-powering the 2016 Ozone REO V3 Kite is smooth and efficient, canopy luff is progressive which means the kite maintains positive bar pressure and handling throughout the de-power throw range, making the kite very reactive at all angles of attack.



    The 2016 Ozone REO V3 Kite is the same kite design as the much loved Reo 2015 model, with fresh new colors and our new Contact-Water Control System with soft bar ends to help protect your surfboard against knocks from the bar. The Reo V3 is advanced in design yet simple to let you focus on surfing the wave. Versatile performance makes all conditions, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks, fun and easy.



    2016 Ozone REO V3 Performance Features


    • Versatile performance in any wind and wave conditions.
    • Direct handling - turns on a dime.
    • Mega de-power range.
    • Excellent float and drift characteristics.
    • Easy back line re-launch.
    • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems).
    • Comparable feeling throughout the size range.
    • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup.
    • High volume Boston inflate/deflate valve.
    • Multiple trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure.
    • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors.


    2016 Ozone REO V3 Construction Features


    • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials.
    • Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material.
    • Teijin Dacron for the L.E. & Struts.
    • Internal reinforcements for improved durability with double layer Dacron inside the LE closing seam.
    • Double stitched bonded seams.
    • Dacron reinforced tip area for load distribution.
    • Reinforced leading edge and struts in high stress areas.
    • Reinforced trailing edge.
    • Light weight & low profile aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads.
    • Unique bladder construction with double layer section in wear areas.
    • Anti line-snag tip deflectors.


    2016 Ozone REO V3 Range of Use



    2016 Ozone REO V3 Wind Range



    2016 Ozone REO V3 Colors (Please Specify Color when Ordering)


    Green-Black-Yellow                                      Red-Black-Blue                                        Blue-Black-Orange


    Get yours at KiteLine Kiteboarding here:  2016 Ozone Reo v3 kitesurfing kiteRyland-Reo-Slash-840x560

  • New 2016 Slingshot Kites, Boards and Bindings

    Check out some of the new 2016 Slingshot products (2016 Slingshot Rally, 2016 Slingshot SST Wave Kite, 2016 Slingshot Misfit and 2016 Slingshot Refraction)

    2016 Slingshot Rally Kite
    Touted as the most versatile and user-friendly kite in Slingshot’s lineup, the Rally has continued its dramatic rise to the top since introduced to the market in 2011. Available in sizes 5-12 and 14 so kiters can build their perfect quiver, the 2016 Slingshot Rally incorporates an open Delta-C profile, a direct-connect pulley-less bridal system, beefed-up surf-tough seams, fine-tuning attachment points and a number of other unique feathers to make this the ultimate all-around weapon of choice for kiters across the spectrum. Never before has one kite appealed to so many different styles of riding.

    2016 Slingshot Wave SST kitesurfing Kite
    Although built specifically for surf, the 2016 Slingshot Wave SST is also an outstanding kite for easy-going strapless riders and the rapidly-growing faction of foil boarders due to its incredible depower, feather-light feel and unrivaled turning characteristics. For customized performance, the kite features three trailing edge attachment points which result in more or less bar pressure and sensitivity depending on which point is chosen.

    2016 Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard

    Geared toward the freeride kiter looking for a solid board that will deliver consistently in all wind and water conditions, the 2016 Slingshot Misfit incorporates a mix of cutting edge technology with tried-and-true American manufacturing to bring one of the best and most durable all-around boards on the market. Available in 132, 136, 142 and 146 sizes, this crossover wood-core board has moderate rocker and a stiff flex, making it an ideal all-terrain vehicle for riders of all levels.

    2016 Slingshot Refraction Kiteboard

    Modeled after Slingshot Wakeboarding’s popular Whip board and then tailored to the specific needs needs of both Sam and Karoina, the Refaraction was born. Garnering DNA and influence from the most progressive riding from each aspect of kiteboarding the 2016 Slingshot Refraction is the peak of true twin-tip performance.

    See all of the new 2016 Slingshot Kiteboarding Kites and Boards here:

  • New Kites for June: Ozone & Flysurfer

    June is going to be a good month for kites! Ozone and Flysurfer both have new LEI and foil kites to take you to the next level.

    Ozone Edge V8

    The Ozone Edge V8 delivers the smoothest bar feel and unbeatable handling for freeriders and racers.  This all-around big performer is predictable with amazing upwind capabilities.

    Ozone Edge V8 Kite

    Ozone R1

    For a growing number of foil riders the Ozone R1 Kite is hard to resist. This super stable and remarkably fast race kite will blow you away on water, land, or snow (not recommended for waves).

    Ozone R1 Foil Kite

    Flysurfer Boost

    Freeriders, hydrofoilers, and air stylers will go gonzo over the Flysurfer Boost. It's got insanely huge lift and hang time, and it's a super speedy racing machine. With a full range of sizes, the Boost also comes in Light Wind editions.

    Flysurfer Boost KiteFlysurfer Sonic

    The Flysurfer Sonic is and high aspect ration, ram-air kite that is a formidable race wing.  The Sonic is a top performer for hydrofoiling and snow kiting alike, with amazing control and efficiency.

    Flysurfer Sonic Foil Kite

    Not sure what you really want? Give us a call, email us, or use our online chat. We've got knowledge  support and offer unbeatable prices.

  • The New FX Crossover Kite from Cabrinha

    Hooked or unhooked, unpack all of your freaky-freestyle tricks and pump up the newest kite from Cabrinha. If you're looking for something between a competition freestyle kite and a performance/freeride kite, get the Cabrinha FX Crossover Kite. Then, call the air traffic controllers and request clearance, because the FX is ready for big, big air.

    Cabrinha FX KiteThe Cabrinha FX Kite

    Like C kites, the FX kite has stellar freestyle capabilities, yet it has a wider wind range and more stability, like a crossover kite. Its expanded “C” shape arc allows for aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. And it doesn't hurt to have utterly predictable handling, super-quick recovery, and amazing upwind performance. But what the FX is really about is insane vertical boost with feather-light bar pressure

    .Cabrinha FX Kite Sky-Red-Blue_ClearCabrinha FX Kite -Sky-Red-clearCabrinha FX Kite -Sky-Yellow-clear

    Cabrinha has a long history of serving up quality crossover kites



    Like the FX, the Cabrinha Switchblade has butter-smooth power delivery, predictable handling, upwind performance, and serious hang time. The Switchblade is a solid performance freeride/crossover kite.2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

    The Cabrinha Radar Kite is a versatile freeride/crossover kite and right now it's on SALE as a package deal with spectrum board!


  • Slingshot's New Alien Air FX Board

    Slingshot has just released the 2015 Alien Air FX Board - with all the performance of any slingshot board and the alluring qualities of foilboarding.  This is an all-around amazing board. Whether you're just learning to ride a hydrofoil, or you're looking to freeride, ride waves, or race, this board is it.

    2015 Slingshot Alien Air FX Foil Kiteboard

    Why Foilboarding?

    Foiling is a unique experience - everything is silent and smooth. It's like gliding, with no sensation of contact with the water. It's fast, quiet, and very addicting. The reduced drag of a foil board makes it a supreme choice for light winds, while the floating feel of the board makes riding chop an otherworldly experience. Add to all this the Alien Air FX's quick maneuverability, and you've got a board that will undoubtedly surprise and delight you.

    What's so Special About Slingshot's Alien Air FX Board?

    While most foils generally look the same, the reality is that subtle details make all the difference.  Slingshot's partnership with Lift Foils has spared nothing in order to ensure that these foils have the proper strength, weight, and deflection characteristics. This video will give you some idea of what Slingshot is putting into the Alien Air Fx:

    Slingshot 2015 Air Foil FX Board Video


    Get your Alien Air FX here! 

    We're known worldwide for offering unbeatable customer service. We've got the best prices and even offer a price match guarantee. Add our Loyalty Points to this awesome mix, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a reason to shop anywhere else.

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