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  • The 2015 Kiteboard Collection from Nobile


    Life is Better When You’re Kiteboarding

    Saudade a Portuguese word that can be translated to a longing suspended between nostalgia and joy caused by an encounter with someone or something with which we are emotionally bound. Nobile interprets is as a yearning for sun, wind, water, and kiteboarding. Are you experiencing saudade?

     Twin Tips, Wave Boards, and Split Boards

    If you long for more time on the water, harnessing the best the wind and water have to offer, you definitely need to check out Nobile kiteboards.  The Polish manufacturer’s boards are widely regarded as some of the best boards around, in part because of their drive to support human capabilities with comfort and safety. Nobile boards are designed to take your riding to the next level.


    Nobile Kiteboards for Beginners 

    Uniao is a line of boards for beginners and amateurs for whom it is often the first encounter with this sport. If you’re just starting, consider the Uniao T5, the Uniao NBL, or the Uniao Flying Carpet.


    Nobile Kiteboards for Advanced Riders

    The Pró line offers strength, agility and beauty to experienced kiters. From surf style to freeride, this line from Nobile is truly worthy of the term Pró. Check out the speed of Pró 2HD, the smoothness of the Pró 50/50,  the high end performance of the Pró Carbon NHP and Pró NHP, and the maneuverability of their wave board – the Pró Infinity.


    Nobile Split Kiteboards 

    The Separa line is ideal for traveling or kite spots that are a little off the beaten path. When you can pack you board, without compromising performance, inside your backpack – you’ve got a great thing. Ride the waves with the Separa Carbon Infitity Split or the Separa Infitity Split.  Freeriders looking for massive pop will dig the Separa Carbon NHP Split or the Separa NHP Split. Nobile even offers a split lightwind board, the Separa Flying Carpet Split.


    Nobile Kiteboards for Women 

    Nobile’s Beleza line is beautiful and performance driven. The Beleza NHP  and the Beleza T5 are designed for female freeriders looking for intense pop, speed, and control.

  • 2015 Kiteboarding Gear: Kite & Board Favs

    A new season of kiteboarding gear is upon us and with all the hype, you’re most likely wondering, “What’s the best?” Our favorites? We looked for the best gear for the most varied conditions. Whether you kite in the surf, the river, or big lakes, here’s what we like (so far – there are still many new models to be released through the end of this Fall).

    The 2015 Season Kiteboarding Gear Favorites:

    The 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 

    2015 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite

    The 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade is again, one of the best kites on the market. This kite is a high performing, all around kite offering great control. Plus, it’s easy on the bar. From light wind power to high-wind power-dumping, this kite has a huge range.

    The 2015 Cabrinha Drifter

    2015 Canrinha Drifter Kite

    The 2015 Cabrinha Drifter is ideal for surfriders. Specifically designed as a kitesurfing kite, the Drifter offers intensely fast turning, lots of depower, and slack line drift. Plus, more so than other kites, the Drifter is fast to relaunch, getting you out of the ocean-fury and back on-board. The wide wind-range makes this a waverider’s go-to kite.

    The 2015 Slingshot Rally

    2015 Slingshot Rally Kite

    The 2015 Slingshot Rally is most definitely a user friendly kite, no matter what style of riding you like to do. With a huge wind range, and great low-end power, the Rally offers incredible maneuverability and efficiency. Plus, like all Slingshot kites, the durability and quality construction is legendary.

    The 2015 Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus 

    2015 Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Kite

    For foil fans, the 2015 Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus is an amazing choice. Whether your on the low end or powered up, the Speed 4 Lotus stays stable in the sky. It’s got phenomenal turning speed and is great for jumping. And relaunching is a cinch.

    The 2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow

    angry swallow kite board

    The 2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow is the most unique surfboard shape in kiteboarding, with a truncated nose that reduces swing weight. It’s parallel outline minimizes the drag and optomizes water speed. The angry swallow is about air, spins, tricks, and stable, upwind performance.

    Need to know more about 2015 Kiteboarding Gear?

    KiteLine offers a huge range of options, including the newest product and the best deals. With our price match guarantee, you can be confident that you’re getting the very best price for everything we carry. Contact us for help choosing the right size, the best combo, and with any questions.

  • Take a look at Axis Kiteboards

    The Team at Axis Kiteboards is a kooky bunch, claiming to have a secret testing facility on the moon and Darth Vader as a team rider. But the reality is, this crew makes some really amazing kiteboards. With wood core and carbon fiber boards, they are cranking out some of the most responsive boards around. While still a relative small company, Axis has been around since 1998 and we’re stoked to be an official Axis Kiteboard dealer.

    2014 Axis Limited KiteboardAxis boards deliver. Take the 2014 Axis Limited Kiteboard, for example. This high-end, wood core and carbon fiber board is a precision machine with great power and big pop.

    2014 Axis Vanguard Kiteboard

    For freestyle riders, the 2014 Axis Vanguard Kiteboard is more flexible than a lot of boards. It’s fast and light, with a rocker design that makes it glide over the water and land smoothly after you go big.

    Check ‘em out. They say some crazy things, but at the end of the day, Axis Kiteboards are solid.

  • 2014/15 Naish Kites: Draft, Fly, Ride, & Trip

    Take a look at the new 2014/15 Kites from Naish: the Draft, Fly, Ride, and Trip.  These fresh designs offer more boost, longer glides, and amazing control. And they’re available now.

    2014 15 Naish DraftThe 2014/15 Naish Draft

    High Performance Freeride/BigAir/Race

    The 2014/15 Naish Draft kite’s airfoil design makes it ideal for hooked-in riding, impressive upwind performance, and speed that’s… well… turbo. They’ve reduced the leading edge taper, giving the Draft amazingly precise bar feel. Serious kiters deserve a serious kite.

    2014 15 Naish Fly

    2014/15 Naish Fly
    Light Wind Freeride

    If you’re looking to learn new tricks, take some chances, and up your up your all around game, give the 2014/15 Naish Fly kite a good, hard look. This is kite is smooth and powerful, even in marginal wind conditions. The swept-back wingtip and anti-stiction window make water relaunching easy.  So go on!  Ramp-up your boost-age and take your kiting to the next level.

    2014 15 Naish Ride2014/15 Naish Ride
    All-around Freeride

    The two-strut design of the 2014/15 Naish Ride kite makes it incredibly lightweight and the fuller center section makes this kite a king when it comes to low-end performance. If you like to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the Ride’s flatter arc packs a punch when sheeted-in. So power-up and get after it.

    2014 15 Naish Trip

    The 2014/15 Naish Trip

    Planning a kiteboarding or kitesurfing vacation? The 2014/15 Naish Trip is the kite for you. It’s got the wind range of a larger kite and the quickness and turning precision of a smaller kite. Designer for intermediate to advanced riders, this kite is more than a sky-mall gimmick. It’s the real deal. The Trip strutless design means it packs down to a size 30% smaller than a comparable kite with struts.

  • Here comes the New Ozone Edge

    2015 Ozone EdgeAvailable May 1st: The New Ozone Edge

    Get ready for the newest Kite from Ozone: The new Ozone Edge has built a reputation as a win-races-fast kite as well as a launch-you-like-mad free-ride kite. This year's new design includes all the speed and big air capabilities from the past and makes them even smoother and more stable.

    The new wing panel gives you more control when you've got it loaded. The improved strut position allows the wingtips to flex - reducing steering forces and quickening handling.

    Only a select few have had the chance to take this kite out of the bag. Early reports say: "Very nice for cruising. Stable, and shoots upwind like crazy." "Best flat water race kite I’ve flown."

    Pre-Order Now

    Want to get your hands on one ASAP? Contact us now to pre-order your new Ozone Edge in Black & Orange. Purple will be available in the second wave of product release. *Remember, you can use your $425 Trade-In towards one of these kites.

    2015 Edge Wind Chart

    More Kite Sizes

    Ozone has added three new sizes to this kite, including smaller sizers for smaller riders and foil board racers, so you can pick your quiver-perfect kite: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10, 11m, 13m, 15m, 17m, or 19m.

  • The 2014 Line of Nobile Kiteboards

    2014 Nobile 50Fifity KiteboardNobile is a small company making low production, incredibly high quality kite boards. Based in Poland, the 2014 Nobile kiteboards are some of the best out there. We’re glad to be carrying them again and we’ve got the full line-up ready for you.

    2014 Nobile 50/FIFTY

    If you’re looking for gigantic pop with incredibly smooth landings, the 2014 Nobile 50/FIFTY Kiteboard is worth taking a closer look at.  This board is ideal for new-school kiters looking for solid performance. The 3D flex engineering makes this board perfect for aggressive riders. So, go huge. Maximize your float time. Then, land like it was nothin’, man. Nothin’.

    2014 Nobile NHP Kiteboard

    The 2014 Nobile NHP Kiteboard  is a performance oriented, all conditions freestyle machine. If you’re looking for mega POP, sweet-as-pie landings, and serious grip, this is your board. Cut through chop like you’re that dude on the Ginsu-Knife commercials and then boost bigger than you thought you could.

    2014 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard

    Nobile 2014 NHP Split Kiteboard

    The 2014 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard is the freestyle board ideal for travelers, wind-chaser, and drifters.  This board delivers all the crazy pop, amazing grip, and stellar upwind performance of the NHP, and then it splits in two. Rip it up, then split the board and pack it in your standard sized luggage (or slide it under the seat of your camper van). It’s super easy to disassemble and reassemble yet still delivers phenomenal performance.

    Check out the rest of the 2014 Nobile Kiteboarding line here. And, as always, just ask us if you have any questions.

  • More Time Having More Fun: The 2014 Slingshot RPM is Here!

    Some weekends are just more fun than others, and on the Mondays after the fun days… Well, everything just hurts a little more. Work hurts the most of all. But that doesn’t stop us, nor should it. Life is for the living, Right? Even if it means you have to buy those giant bottles of pan reliever at Costco.

    Now, if you’re 20 and reading this, you probably don’t understand what I’m talking about. You can drink tequila all night. Sleep for 15 minutes. Kite all day. And Repeat. If you have an inkling of what I mean, you’re probably closer to 30. And hell, if you’re 40 or older, you routinely buy the giant bottles of pan reliever in 2-packs, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. But aside from the added expense for us older kids, we’re all still looking for the same thing:

    2014 Slingshot RPM in Green

    More time having more fun.

    And that’s where the 2014 Slingshot RPM Kite comes in handy. This kite is amazing! It’s ideal for the powered up, unhooked insanity you’re unleashing on your local kite scene. The designers at Slingshot explain it best when they say this kite will help you “travel further. Land hotter.” And seriously, don’t you want “fast and solid landings” when you’re pulling aggressive moves?

    The RPM has been one of our most popular sellers since Slingshot launched the design, and each year’s update has benefited from Slingshot’s dedication to rider-tested functionality, their solid craftsmanship, and their drive to advance the sport of Kiteboarding.

    2014 Slingshot RPM VIDEO

    More Goodness from Slingshot

    Looking for from Slingshot? The 2014 Slingshot Rally Kite  is one of the most versatile kites ever produced.  This high-end kite is perfect for surf conditions or freeriding and has amazing wind range. It’s updated airframe (patented Splitstrut construction) makes the Rally one of the most stable kites on the market.

  • Winter Pairing: Kitesurfing Videos & Kitesurfing Gear


    Kitesurfing Video HawaiiHawaii: A Kitesurfing Short Film

    Of all the kiteboarding videos out there right now, this is the one that will make you want to quit everything, grab your gear, and spend the rest of your life schralping massive swell.  Filmed on the North shore of Hawaii, this video is 11 minutes of stellar footage with Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Moona Whyte, and Pete Cabrinha.


    The Kitesurfing Gear


    Cabrinha Kiteboarding Gear

    We can’t promise that having the same gear will make you as rad as Moona or Reo, but the good stuff can’t hurt, right?  Pete Cabrinha’s been making unbeatable kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear  since 2000 and as you can see in the video, he knows what he’s doing.


    The Most Versatile Kite in the World


    The 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite is, hands-down, the most popular and versatile kite in the world. Can you say BOOST? Plus, the 2014 Switchblade has Park and Ride Stability. It’s got more power and aerodynamic efficiency than any other kite, and it has utterly precise and direct control.


    High performance Kitesurfing Boards


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha PC Signature Kite Surfboard is the top of the line performaning kite surfboard. Pete's personal board had to prove itself as both a surfboard and kiteboard. Excellent performance in knee high to double overhead surf, this board is E-P-I-C.


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard:


    The 2014 Cabrinha Sub Woofer Kite Surfboard is a wider, fuller board that is lively and light under your feet in all types of conditions.  Ride it with or without straps. This board is a fun-hog.


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard


    The 2014 Cabrinha S Quad Kite Surfboard has a straighter outline and quad fin so you can maintain your edge during high speed surfing. This board is stable down the line drive and perfect for massive swell (or kneehigh if you can’t make it to the Northshore just yet).

  • The New Line-up from Cabrinha Part 2: 2014 Cabrinha Boards

    The 2014 Cabrinha kiteboards and kite-surfboards / waveboards are on their way and you're going to want to take a good look at what they've got to offer. Cabrinha's giving us a lot to choose from and it's all pretty freakin' good.  This year's line of boards include basalt & carbon fiber twin tip layups, cork & bamboo sandwich surfboards, Hydra Series footstraps, and the Siren collection - engineered for women.

    2014 Cabrinha Kiteboards

    Here's the low-down. Look it over and contact us if you have any questions.

    2014 Cabrinha Custom CBL Kiteboard

    Wakestyle / Cable Crossover Made with volcanic basalt Carbon reinforcments Kite/Cable crossover Easy landings Excellent on kickers and sliders Huge pop Smooth ride in choppy water Compatible with H1 & H2, Boots recommended

    2014 Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard

    Wakestyle/Freestyle, Classic Wakestyle Makes rolling into inverted tricks a snap Turns choppy water into your personal skate park Easy landings Huge pop Great upwind capability Handle insert Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha XO Siren Kiteboard

    2014 Cabrinha XO Siren KiteBoardWomen’s FreeStyle / Freeride Smooth ride in a variety of conditions Women specific flax pattern Early plaining Great pop Easy landings Appropriate sizes and widths for women comfortable stance options

    2014 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard

    FreeStyle / Freeride Big air Smooth ride in a variety of conditions Great carving Credible edge hold for boosting Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha Spectrum Kiteboard

    Excellent entry level board that evolves with your riding level Early plaining Easy landings Complete with Hydra foot straps, fins, and handle

    2014 Cabrinha Wakeskate

    Wake style Designed with Jason Stone 3D Molded EVA top pad Fun and challenging Ultra Bond urethane rail

    2014 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard

    Lightwind / Freeride Excellent performance in light wind Extra wide outline for early plaining Low drag fin design LOW DRAG FIN DESIGN Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots 2 New sizes for ultra lightwind or race

    2014 Cabrinha Alias Kiteboard

    lightwind Freeride Increases the bottom end wind range on any kite quiver Excellent light wind performance Internal grab handle Excellent for distance and downwinders Great for downwind Slalom race courses Ships with H1s footstraps and 25CM /23CM G10 fins

    2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber Kiteboard

    FreeStyle Explosive pop Smooth fast ride and early plaining Maximum upwind drive Stable high speed landings Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots 2014 Cabrinha Kiteboard

    2014 Cabrinha Xcaliber Signature Model Kiteboard

    Competition FreeStyle Full Carbon Explosive pop Fast rocker for early plaining Excellent upwind drive Stable high speed landings Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

    2014 Cabrinha Subwoofer Kite-surfboard

    Small waves / lightwind Eco cork-bamboo construction Winged Squash Tail Outline Excellent performance in flat to shoulder high surf Wide outline for early planing and lively feel in surf High volume for bigger riders Excels in light wind or onshore conditions 4 progressive flex fins Custom cut EVA pod pads Can be ridden with or without straps

    2014 Cabrinha Trigger Kite-Surfboard

    All wave sizes / Lightfooted surfing Eco cork-bamboo construction Tuned flex for Max Performance 3 fins for exc ellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads Can be ridden with or without straps

    2014 Cabrinha s-Quad Kite-Surfboard

    All wave sizes / Power surfing Eco cork-bamboo construction Excellent in knee high to double overhead surf Handles well in a variety of conditions Stable down the line drive Can be ridden with or without straps 4 fins for exc ellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads

    PC Signature Kite-Surfboard

    Medium/big waves / Pure surf Excellent performance in knee high to double overhead surf. Handles well in a variety of conditions. Excellent for down the line surfing Designed to be ridden without straps. No inserts 4 fins for excellent drive Custom cut EVA pod pads

    2014 Cabrinha Skillit Kite-Surfboard

    Small waves / Freestyle / Skate style Eco cork-bamboo construction Excellent in flat to head-high surf Concave deck cradles your feet Skate feel Custom cut EVA pod pads 3 progressive flex fins Can be ridden with or without straps

  • Flysurfer’s first LEI Kite: the Cronix

    Flysurfer Cronix KitesWhen we heard that Flysurfer was releasing the Cronix - their first LEI (leading edge inflatable) kite, we braced ourselves for epic goodness.  Flysurfer has been dedicated to innovation and phenomenal quality for the last 10 years. German engineering and an intense passion for kiting means this company’s first step into LEI kites is destined to be a good one.

    Some folks are leery of a company’s first stab at a product – we are too. But don’t be timid of Flysurfer’s move into the LEI arena.  It’s not their first rodeo.  Flysurfer’s X-GLOO division has years of experience in building and designing inflatable constructions.

    These folks are no clowns; they take the bull by the horns. Each individual line and each small piece of cloth in the canopy is thoroughly tested. They replaced pulleys on the front lines with maintenance-free, durable low-friction rings, and their Free Flow Valve makes pumping easy.

    The Cronix has an Adaptive Airfoil System which generates a considerable increase in low end power. When you power up, the trailing edge bridle gives you more lift through the curvature of the kite profile and it only takes a few seconds to adjust it to your riding style.

    The Cronix has a huge wind range and has an ultimately-fast and sporty flight feel. It’s a super-smooth and uncomplicated kite to fly. In the words of the company, “Relaunching is easy for novices even in the lightest winds, cruisers will immediately feel at home with the Cronix and wake & freestylers have the ultimate drug at their disposal.”

    Watch the Cronix Video:


    Check out all the kites from Flysurfer.
    Find more LEI kites.


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