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  • Kiteboarding Vacations: Perfect Packing

    The temps are definitely changing and that fall/winter kite vacation is eagerly waiting for you. Getting there, with all your gear can be a challenge. Bringing the right stuff can feel like a crap-shoot. But it doesn’t have to be. Check out these pack-perfect and super-shred setups for your kiteboarding vacation.

    Kiteboarding Sunset

    All-Around Gear for Your Kiteboarding Vacation:

    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.09.08 AM

    Travel light and be ready for everything. The 2014/15 Naish Trip Kite has a wide wind range, delivers speed and power, and packs small. And once you’ve shaved weight and space from you kite, why not get the most compact and packable boar on the market? The Flysurfer Split Kiteboard is lightweight, great in light winds, offers solid performance, AND splits in half to pack small. Take some of the guess work out of kiting in a new area with a Skywatch wind meter. Then, pack it all up - your kite, board, and extra gear - in the Crazyfly Golf Bag. It’s just the right size for airline requirements and the wheels make it extra handy.

    Travel Gear for Wave Riders

    angry swallow

    Planning to spend as much time at the beach and on the water as possible on your kiteboarding vacation? The 2015 Slingshot Rally Kite  is as versatile as they get. With a huge wind range, excellent handling, and power, this kite will have you covered. Add the 2015 Slingshot Angry Swallow Kite Surfboard is a shorter board with excellent stability and all the performance you need for airs and tricks. The Crazyfly Surf Travel Bag has thick padding on all sides with super-tough rubberized padding on the nose. And just to be on the safe side, pack a Kitesurf Repair Kit to keep you riding you riding should you encounter hazards while riding in a new scene.

    Package Deals for Kiteboarding Vacations?

    You only get a few weeks of vacation every year, right? Make sure you have the dreamiest set-up possible. We’re happy to build a custom kiteboard gear package for you and wrap it all up with perfect pricing. Call, email, or use our online chat and Michael will help you out.

  • Kiteboarding Gear Packages

    kiteboarding gear packages

    Want to save money on a bundle of gear? Want to find the perfect gear for your weight, winds, conditions, experience level, and goals? We have kiteboarding gear packages and make custom set-ups because we’re pretty sure that your answer to these questions is yes.

    Save Money on Your Kiteboarding Gear

    The quick and easy trick is to hit up our Package Deal section. We’ve got special gear packages for All-Around kiting conditions,  Light Wind, for the travel season, and even the very freshest beginner.  We combine kiteskiteboards, and accessories that work together - and at the very best price.


    Looking for a very special set up? That’s cool. We’d love to get you set up and ready to kite. And YES, it is absolutely cheaper when we build you a custom package than if you purchase each piece separately.


    Assembling the Perfect Kiteboarding Gear

    Thinking you want a kite from Cabrinha and possibly a board from Slingshot? Or maybe a Crazyfly board and the sweetest kite from Ozone? Or maybe you just don’t know…


    We can put together a kiteboarding gear package that’s perfect for your weight, the typical winds you find yourself in, your experience level, and your goals. Whether you’re a wave riding fiend or looking to get your feet wet for the first time, we’ll spend the time with you.


    Get Your Package Deal

    But how? It’s easy. Call Michael. Email him. Use the live chat link on our website.  All roads point to the answers and package deal that you want.

  • 4 Kites You Should Grab Now from Slingshot, Cabrinha, Naish

    This time every year, the kiteboarding industry comes out with the next year’s product lines. With the industry releasing new products to meet rider-trends, refined designs, and current graphics, it’s easy to forget that performance and awesomeness of last season. But – as retailers make room for 2015 product, it’s a great time for you to take advantage of the 2014 goodness at a hugely reduced price.  We’ve picked 4 kites that you should grab NOW – before they’re sold out. Take a look at the top sellers from Slingshot, Cabrinha , and Naish:

    2014 Slingshot Rally

    2014 Slingshot Rally Kite

    The Slingshot Rally Kite is incredibly versatile. It’s got top-end performance in surf conditions or freeriding, with an amazing wind range. And it’s super stable.

    Get it now, with bar and lines, for as low as $1249.

    2014 Cabrinha Switchblade and 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Siren

    2014 Cabrinha Switchblade KiteThe Cabrinha Switchblade offers precise, direct control. It’s the ultimate performer with super-easy handling. The Switchblade is unbeatable with its staggering wind range and has been one of the industry’s top selling kites for 8 years.

    Get it now with bar and lines for as low as $1327.

    2014 Naish Draft

    2014 draft

    The Draft Kite is a high performance kite for freeriders looking to kill-it with hooked-in riding, big hang time. This kite is super stable and has mega glide – for big floaty airs.

    Get it now for as low as $799.

    Curious about the 2014/15 Draft Kite? It’s in stock now.

    2014 Naish Fly

    2014 Fly on IG

    The Naish Fly kite, a light wind kite, has amazing low-end power and is extremely lightweight. This freeride/freestyle kite has a 2 strut design and is easy to water relaunch – even in light wind.

    Get it now for as low as $1140.

    Curious about the 2014/15 Fly Kite? It’s in stock now. 

  • 2014/15 Naish Kites: Draft, Fly, Ride, & Trip

    Take a look at the new 2014/15 Kites from Naish: the Draft, Fly, Ride, and Trip.  These fresh designs offer more boost, longer glides, and amazing control. And they’re available now.

    2014 15 Naish DraftThe 2014/15 Naish Draft

    High Performance Freeride/BigAir/Race

    The 2014/15 Naish Draft kite’s airfoil design makes it ideal for hooked-in riding, impressive upwind performance, and speed that’s… well… turbo. They’ve reduced the leading edge taper, giving the Draft amazingly precise bar feel. Serious kiters deserve a serious kite.

    2014 15 Naish Fly

    2014/15 Naish Fly
    Light Wind Freeride

    If you’re looking to learn new tricks, take some chances, and up your up your all around game, give the 2014/15 Naish Fly kite a good, hard look. This is kite is smooth and powerful, even in marginal wind conditions. The swept-back wingtip and anti-stiction window make water relaunching easy.  So go on!  Ramp-up your boost-age and take your kiting to the next level.

    2014 15 Naish Ride2014/15 Naish Ride
    All-around Freeride

    The two-strut design of the 2014/15 Naish Ride kite makes it incredibly lightweight and the fuller center section makes this kite a king when it comes to low-end performance. If you like to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the Ride’s flatter arc packs a punch when sheeted-in. So power-up and get after it.

    2014 15 Naish Trip

    The 2014/15 Naish Trip

    Planning a kiteboarding or kitesurfing vacation? The 2014/15 Naish Trip is the kite for you. It’s got the wind range of a larger kite and the quickness and turning precision of a smaller kite. Designer for intermediate to advanced riders, this kite is more than a sky-mall gimmick. It’s the real deal. The Trip strutless design means it packs down to a size 30% smaller than a comparable kite with struts.

  • 5 Things to Make Kiteboarding Better This Spring

    Spring KiteboardingDepending where you are, Spring kiteboarding conditions can be flukey, crazy-powerful, or incredibly light. Being prepared for a variety of conditions with gear that offers spot-on performance means you can be out on the water and working the winter-kinks out sooner.

    1 -  Versatile Gear

    Our go-to recommendation this season includes the 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite, the 2014 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard, and the 2014 Dakine Pyro Harness. With the Switchblade, you’ll get amazing handling and control on the top end and power on the low end. The Tronic is great for all types of riding and conditions, whether you’re in choppy water or hucking massive airs. If you want the best-fitting waist-harness that will be comfortable with or without your wetsuit, the Pyro is your best bet.

    2 -  Adjustable Footstraps

    When you choose foot straps or bindings, consider whether you’ll be wearing booties this spring and whether you’ll be kiting barefoot later this summer. We recommend foot straps that offer the adjustability so you’re not changing them out half-way through the season. Check out the NSI Ratchet Foot Straps or the Dakine X-Lace Wave Footstraps.

    The NSI design has an integrated ladder strap and ratchet buckle that accommodates a wide range of adjustment. The Dakine foot straps have lace-up tensioners that form to your foot and easily adjust to the perfect size. Both of these models make it easy to change footwear and still use the same straps.

    3 -  A Great Drysuit

    DrysuitStaying warm in really cold water means staying dry. Having some decent foul weather gear when you’re hanging around the launch is also kinda nice. The Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit is both. When worn in “full dry” mode, the Ignite is 100% dry and one of the best drysuits on the market. If conditions back off or you’re taking a break between sessions, you can easily converted to “standby mode” by unzipping the dry zip and removing the neck seal.

    4 -  Warm, Dry Clothes to Change Into

    Keep a warm change of clothes to change into after an awesome session. The Slingshot Payload Duffle is a huge volume 35" x 19" x 19" gear bag built with super durable, water resistant materials and zippers.  And, shoot, why not keep your feet  comfortable in the process with the 2014 Slingshot Folding Changing Mat.

    5 -  Get a Package Deal Price

    If you’re looking at buying a few items from this list, contact us for a custom package deal. Whether it’s help choosing the right gear, offering the best prices, or giving you Loyalty Points, we take care of our customers!

  • Kiteboarding Gear Package Deals: Hand-picked Sweetness

    Kiteboarding gear package deals

    Just yesterday, I found myself in front of an overwhelming selection at my local bottle shop. It seems it’s become commonplace to find yourself trying to decide between upwards of a 50 beers, all exceptionally brewed, all with raving reviews from the aficionados who all contradict each other.  I found myself pacing, even sweating a little.  Argh!!!  TOO MANY CHOICES!  Luckily, the nicest, beer-lovingest, bottle-shop owner came over to help.  After a few deep breaths and a quick Q&A, I walked out the door with a stellar mixed-pack, and saved a little dough in the process with the shop’s 6-12 pack deal.

    That got me thinking.  It should be the same with kites.  Why not have an expert help put together the right kiteboarding gear package deals (kitesurfing, snow kiting, land kiting) for you?  And why not save a LOT of money while you’re at it?  With a KiteLine gear package, you’re not only getting a great deal, but the kite, board, and everything else will work flawlessly together.

    Here are some kiteboarding and snowkiting packages we have created.

    We’ve also got a few more recommendations to start you thinking:

    2014 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Package Deal Combo:

    2014 Cabrinha Switchblade Kites - 9m and 12m Combo and 2014 Cabrinha Tronic Kiteboard
     Pair the most popular all-round kite in the World with a great riding, do-it-all board, and you have a package that will keep you going for years and years.

    2014 Slingshot Kiteboarding Package Deal Combo:

    2014 Slingshot RPM 9 and 12m combo and 2014 Slingshot Misfit.
    The 2014 Slingshot RPM is a hardcore freestyle/crossover kite.  It's full of power and no fluff.  Combined with the Slingshot Misfit and you're ready to take on all the new freestyle tricks.

    Want more customization? We can do that too.

    You get a multiple/quiver kite discount and we’ll help you make the perfect product and size selections for the kind of riding you love to do.

    Contact us for your best pricing and package/multiple kite discounts.



  • 3x2 Sale: Black Friday kiteboarding Deals

    Kite Line Black Friday kiteboarding deals

    Looking for unhooked, Black Friday kiteboarding deals and big floaty sales on Cyber Monday? We’ve got ‘em!

    3x2 Kiteboarding Sale

    Get double your cash back for three days! Starting at midnight PST this Thursday, November 28, through Monday, December 2 at midnight PST, we’ll give you 10% (instead of 5%) back on every purchase through our Loyalty Points program.

    To take advantage of this offer, write "double points" in the “comments section” when you checkout.

    This offer is good on ANY purchase made during the 3x2 Sale – even sale items!

    Our favorite Boosted Sales

    SAVE $110 on the 2013 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard
    SAVE $300 on the 2013 Slingshot RPM Kite
    SAVE $300 on the 2013 Slingshot Fuel Kite 
    SAVE $250 on the 2013 Slingshot Darko Kiteboard

    SAVE $325 on the 2013 Naish Torch Kite
    SAVE $594 on the 2013 Naish Ride Kite
    SAVE $260 on the 2013 Naish Park Kite
    SAVE $430 on the 2013 Naish Bullet Kiteboard



  • 2014 Kiteboarding Gear: Our picks from Ozone

    2014 is offering up some stellar choices in kiteboarding gear - wave riding heavy hitters, all-around superstars, low wind gems. Check out our favorites from Ozone - the 2014 REO, Catalyst, and Zephyr - and we’ll give you $175 back!

    Enter "FREE $175 KiteLine Credit" when you checkout and we will put it in your account.  PLUS, you’ll still earn your 5% loyalty points. It’s a double-win.

    2014 Ozone REO

    The 2014 Ozone REO is the ultimate kite for wave riding. This kite has huge depower, smooth fast direct handling, float when slack-lined and perfect drift for ripping down the line and onshore riding.

    Kiteboarding Video 2014 Ozone REO

    2014 Ozone Catalyst

    The 2014 Ozone Catalyst is an all-around superstar.  It has crazy-easy flight characteristics, simple re-launch and progressive de-power – making it an ideal entry level kite. This is not a kite that will leave you wishing you’d gone bigger. Even advanced riders report the Catalyst does it all to a very high level.

    Kiteboarding Video 2014 Ozone Catalyst

     2014 Ozone Zephyr

     The 2014 Ozone Zephyr is a phenomenal light wind specific kite that delivers both performance and handling. The Zephyr has a crisp powerful feeling and a very direct positive bar feel, with instant power delivery.

    Kiteboarding Video 2014 Ozone Zephyr video

     Remember to  enter "FREE $175 KiteLine Credit" when you checkout and we will put $175 store credit in your account. PLUS, you’ll still earn your 5% loyalty points. 

  • Looking forward to the 2013/2014 Snowkite Season

    Photo Credit: The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA) Photo Credit:
    The International Snow Kiting Association (ISKA)

    Ready or not, winter is on its way.  We know that a lot of our readers begrudgingly put on a puffy jacket and patiently (or not) await the next warm day at the beach. But some of readers are throwing open their arms - welcoming the storm clouds and dropping temps because snowkite season is almost here!

    Connect with the Snowkite Community:

    Want to find all the best beta on snowkite spots? Looking for buddies to rally with? Or just looking for stockpiles of videos and kite news? Connect with the Snowkite Community.  Depending on where you live, you’ll find SNowkite Meetups, Yahoo groups, and google hangouts. Also, check out for forums, news, videos, and events.

    Flyoming video

    Snowkiting Gear

    Of course we’ve got an opinion on snowkite gear.  The 2014 Ozone Frenzy is the most popular, all-around snow kite in the world. You really can’t go wrong with it. Order one from us and we’ll give you a FREE Ozone Access Snow Kite Harness with your order.

    Snowkiting FAQ

    The most Frequented asked of all the FAQs is “What size do I need?” Generally, you need an 8-9m kite for 15-25mph winds.  Snow conditions effect which kite you’ll want to use. It also depends on whether you’ll be using skis or a board, the incline of the slope, etc.   We recommend having roughly a 3m gap in your quiver of snowkites.  If a 6m is your ideal highwind or hardpack/ice kite, then a 9m will be great for lower wind or deeper/heavier snow.   We are always happy to answer your specific questions, so just give us a call. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ll gladly help you figure out what will be the best gear for you.

    Snowkiting Films

    Ozone Snow Kiting

    Looking for a way to pass the time while you wait for the snow to get here? We recommend popping in a killer Snowkite Film while you tune your skis or board. Beer can sometimes make this even more fun, but it’s not a requirement.

    For the Newbie: How to Snowkite

    This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. There are chapters on terminology, equipment, location and conditions, kite flying basics, using foil kites, using tube kites (each kite chapter includes information on setup, safety systems, launching and landing, relaunching, and even packing), riding basics (like edging, turning, and going upwind), back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping.

    For the Adventurer: Project Cloud 9 

    A group of snowkiters load into a tiny RV for a month-long trek across the Rocky Mountains. Filmed on location in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Colorado, Project Cloud 9 showcases the daily adventures from riders who travel in search of wind, snow, and the ultimate natural terrain. From deep powder near the Kansas border, to roadside jibbing and climbing steep hills in the backcountry, this documentary will inspire anyone who loves kiting in the winter.

    For the Trickster: 20/10

    From the deep champagne powder and natural terrain of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah to the rails and kickers of Colorado this one will have you trashing your lift tickets this year.




  • Traveling with Kiteboarding Gear: 2013 Tips and Picks

    2014-naish-ridingFor those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it’s time for a kiteboarding vacation. You’ve done the research and you’re stoked for a week (or three) of epic kiteboarding in Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, or some secret locale you’d rather we didn’t publicize. Starting your vacation hassle-free is key. Don’t let extra fees and the wrong gear harsh your mellow.

    Kiteboarding Gear - Picks:

    Choosing gear that will work in a variety of conditions is essential when you travel, unless you have an entourage of people to help you haul it all.  We like to take a great surf kite, like the Ozone REO and an excellent travel board like the Slingshot T-Rex surfboard.

    The REO has huge depower, smooth fast direct handling, float when slack lined and perfect drift for down the line and onshore riding. It’s a tough kite, without cosmetic items adding weight and drag.

    The T-Rex was developed for a new breed of riders focusing on aerial tricks and fun, poppy changes in direction. The smaller sizes make it easier to take with you to those favorite wave destinations and fits in a wider variety of travel bags. Every size rides like a larger board without the weight and hassle.

    Traveling with Kiteboarding Gear – Tips:

    1. Look like a golfer.

    Traveling with kiteboarding gear can be easy as cake.  Our first recommendation is to use a golf style bag like the CrazyFly Golf Travel Bag without wheels or Golf Travel Bag with wheels.   Why use a golf bag? Because many airlines allow you to check golf equipment without incurring an oversize fee.  It’s important to check with your airline for details, but this little trick still works most of the time. Looking more like a golfer than not doesn't hurt.

    2. Keep it under 50lbs

    Weight matters and you can easily over-pack your golf bag. Make sure to keep it under 50 lbs – the standard cap-weight for most airlines.  The CrazyFly Golf Bag without Wheels is heavy duty without being overly heavy and ditching those wheels saves you an extra 5 lbs.

    If you’re checking another bag, don’t put all your stuff in the golf bag.  Put fins, hardware, kite bars and other heavy things in your regular luggage.  If you only have a carry on and your travel bag then leave the fins in the "golf" bag so the airport security doesn't confiscate them as “sharp objects.”

    Another weight saving technique is to ditch the kite bag that comes with the kite and use stuff sacks. You can get a set of 4 Dakine compression sacks for $70, or grab one or two CrazyFly kite compression bags for $18 ea.   This will save a lot on weight.

    3. Protect your Board

    We highly recommend using a travel bag specific to your board You can also add a little extra cushion by wrapping the tip and tail of your board with some of your clothes.

    We want your holiday to be stellar, and we’re here to answer questions. If you’re still wondering what to bring, give us a call!

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